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Chapter 7: I Want to Eat Chicken!


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The bullet of the Karabiner 98k penetrated the death row prisoner’s head. His body fell to the ground, and his brain fluid and blood mixed together and covered the floor.

He killed someone!

Xiao Zhou looked at the dead body lying on the ground. His entire body froze right where he was.

Even in the nightmare, he resisted killing people a little. This was the instinct of a person.

Killing was wrong. Killing was wrong…

This thought circled in Xiao Zhou’s mind for a while, then another death row prisoner rushed into the warehouse with a gun.

“Brother Yong! How dare you kill my brother? I’ll kill you, kid!”

The eyes of that prisoner turned red when he saw his brother’s corpse. He ran towards Xiao Zhou with the gun in his hand.

Don’t force me!

Facing such a situation, Xiao Zhou didn’t even have room for consideration.

Xiao Zhou’s survival instinct made him raise the Karabiner 98k in his hands again. He aimed at that guy’s head and pulled the trigger.

The bullet shot out of the Karabiner 98k crushed the guy’s head. This man had become the second dead body lying straight on the ground before his yell even faded away.

He… He had killed again!

Xiao Zhou almost cried when he looked at the two dead bodies lying in the warehouse.

He truly opposed killing people, even in nightmares.

However, before Xiao Zhou could blame himself and cry because of killing someone, another death row prisoner raced into the warehouse after hearing gunshots.

“Brother Yong! Brother Bo! You kid! I’ll f.u.c.king—”

Before the death row prisoner finished his sentence, Xiao Zhou lifted the Karabiner 98k in his hand as he held back his tears.

He pulled the bolt, aimed, and squeezed the trigger in one go.

“Bang!” Another thunderous sound rang the death of one more prisoner. The third dead body lay inside the warehouse.

I told you not to force me!

Xiao Zhou thought desperately in his mind. Just as this thought was occupying his mind, the last person of this group of death row prisoners also entered.

“Brother Yong? Brother Bo? Brother Song? Wait, brother, let’s talk—”


Following another gunshot of the Karabiner 98k, the fourth dead body fell at the warehouse entrance.

Those four brothers, who had violated the rules and formed a team, all turned into boxes of ashes at the entrance of the warehouse, becoming the dead souls under Xiao Zhou’s gun.

Boohoo… Why do you have to force? I don’t want to kill at all!

Xiao Zhou’s heart was filled with remorse. He was about to cry.

While shedding tears, he also noticed a wooden box next to each of these people’s dead bodies.

When Xiao Zhou killed the first man and the wooden box appeared, he only thought that it was a coincidence the wooden box was there.

However, after killing the fourth person, Xiao Zhou was sure that the wooden box had “exploded” out of the dead bodies of the prisoners.

Why would a wooden box appear next to the death row prisoners when they were dead?

Curiosity helped Xiao Zhou hold back the nauseous feeling towards the dead bodies. He directly got closer to one of the wooden boxes.

He opened the wooden box easily.

A shotgun and some bullets were lying quietly in the wooden box. There were also some medical supplies like bandages and painkillers, and a dog tag.

Wasn’t this the shotgun that the death row prisoner used just then?

Xiao Zhou recognized that this shotgun didn’t just show up out of nowhere. It was the one this death row prisoner had used to go after him back then. It was now quietly lying in the wooden box.

These were things that originally belonged to that death row prisoner.

And now, this gun… and things in this box all belonged to him?

Xiao Zhou still wasn’t quite sure. He was a bit resistant to taking the things that once belonged to the dead.

Suddenly, a bullet flashed past his cheek!

There was someone else!

Xiao Zhou’s pupils shrank. He lifted the Karabiner 98k in his hands, aiming outside of the warehouse.

“I came here following the gunshots. I never thought I’d find such big gains!”

A death row prisoner holding an AK47 was standing nearby.

Xiao Zhou instinctively pulled the trigger of the Karabiner 98k in his hands.

But this time, he missed. The bullet hit a wooden wall eight meters away from that death row prisoner!

Xiao Zhou pulled the bolt again. He was about to aim and pull the trigger once more. Then, he found that there weren’t any bullets left.

He had already used all five bullets in the magazine of the Karabiner 98k.

The death row prisoner holding the AK47 also noticed it.

“You’re out of bullets? Then die!”

The prisoner similarly didn’t have great shooting skills, so he rushed towards Xiao Zhou with the AK47.

Xiao Zhou was anxiously trying to load bullets into the magazine. At that moment, he saw that shotgun in the wooden crate next to him in the corner of his eyes.

Why wasn’t this shotgun his?

He had killed these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. All these things should belong to him!

This thought filled Xiao Zhou’s head. He grabbed the shotgun in the wooden box and directly pulled the pump, aiming at that death row prisoner who was running towards him.

At the moment the muzzle of Xiao Zhou’s shotgun pointed right at that death row prisoner, his thought was…

Once I kill you, your things will be mine as well!

All the lead bullets shooting out of the shotgun hit the death row prisoner’s body. That prisoner dropped to the ground and turned into a new wooden box.

Xiao Zhou looked at the wooden boxes on the ground with the shotgun in his hand and suddenly chuckled gently.

Was this the rule of this nightmare? Or should he say the fun?

Losers lost everything while the winner won everything that once belonged to the losers!

Xiao Zhou looked at the wooden boxes next to him again. The excitement of being a winner and a powerhouse filled his heart.

As he started to collect all kinds of supplies from the wooden boxes, this excitement became even stronger.

Especially when he found the dog tags representing the death row prisoners in the wooden boxes, he felt like some kind of impulse in his mind had been awakened.

An impulse called greed.

The dog tags had the mark of the Lord of Nightmare.

The Dream Explorers and death row prisoners all knew… what this mark represented.

It was a kind of “coin,” which they could use to exchange for many benefits from the Lord of Nightmare.

These benefits were also the reason why the death row prisoners kept exploring the Nightmare Dungeon.

There was even a specialized manual in the prison that was used to promote what kind of good stuff they could get from the Lord of Nightmare with these “coins.”

Xiao Zhou had certainly read that manual. He would usually just drool when looking at the various types of treasures. He dared not to go inside because of his fear of nightmare.

But it was different now!

Xiao Zhou pulled off the other four dog tags from the dead bodies of those four death row prisoners.

After that, he put on the ballistic vest and helmet he found in one of the wooden boxes. Xiao Zhou loaded the bullets in the Karabiner 98k in his hand one by one.

Once Xiao Zhou finished everything, he sat on the stairs of the warehouse and pulled the bolt of the Karabiner 98k, which was covered in blood, again.

He held the brim of the bullet-resistant helmet and silently gazed at the flag that wrote “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” on the billboard of a warehouse far away.


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