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Chapter 132 – Liu Mang and Co. vs Supercla.s.s General

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Liu Mang cannot attend to his Urban Army brothers who are currently severely wounded for he has much more important things to do.



“SHA, SHAAA!!!!” Pitiful voices of being people slaughtered were getting louder and louder. The smell of blood was very heavy.

Liu Mang quickly rushed towards the West Wing. When he arrived, all of his ladies were still alive. He Yu, Yuan Fang and Lu Lingqi are all alive. Liu Mang’s mother-in-laws are also present and accounted for; Madame Yan, Madame Cao and Madame Ren (Diao Chan).

Near Yuan Fang, there is a middle-aged man protecting her, that person is Yang Hong who was currently winded breathing very heavily while holding bloodied long sword.

They are living!

Liu Mang thought, as he breathed a sigh of relief. If any of them were harmed, Liu Mang would never be able to forgive himself.

In the West Wing, there were two groups of people opposing each other.

One side had Black Flag with its imposing leader. These guys are elites of elites.

One the other side, there contained his Urban Army who was currently protecting his families.

Liu Mang saw from the 100 troops that he sent, less than 50 people survived. These are veterans who had sworn brotherhood with Liu Mang by saying “Together, we live or die; together, we share riches and honor!!!”

Liu Mang was very sad if even one of them died. At the conclusion of Battle of Mt. Bagong, Liu Mang kept kneeling before the 432 Urban Army corpses for a long period of time. He did not eat, he did not drink, and he was in such a daze that he needed Lu Bu to snap him out of it.

Now from the 100 elites, left less than 50 troops were now present. How can that not make Liu Mang really sad? Most of them died under The Black Flag’s attack. The Urban Army’s skill is lower than that of Black Flag, so they can only defend themselves.

The only reason they were able survive so long was because there is a replica of Lu Bu wearing Lu Bu’s original armor and was now swinging her halberd similar to a Valkyrie, killing those Black Flags. That Valkyrie was Lu Lingqi.

Liu Mang never questioned Lu Lingqi’s strength. From Xiapi, Lu Lingqi had rescued Liu Mang’s life from Song Xian. Then on the way to Langye, she dislocated both of Liu Mang’s arms effortlessly. Afterward, when Liu Mang was determined to learn martial arts, Lu Bu appointed Lu Lingqi as her mentor.

During his training, Liu Mang could not see the depth of Lu Lingqi’s real strength, but now he completely understood. This woman was truly beautiful. The girl who used to quarrel with Liu Mang daily, was the embodiment of a Valkyrie.

If the Urban Army was able to block the Black Flag, then The Black Flag would die from Lu Lingqi’s several moves.

At her side there was a thin young man, in his hand there was a two-edged sword already full of blood. Although his complexion is pale, but his skill was not weak. In one blow, he had killed three Black Flag soldiers at once.

That young man is Huang Xu, Huang Zhong’s son. His pneumonia was cured completely, but Liu Mang feared that that pneumonia would be a chronic disease. Therefore Liu Mang a.s.signed Huang Xu in Administration Office to train and guard Lu Bu’s family.

Unexpectedly, by stationing Huang Xu in Administration Office, Huang Xu was able to save Lu Bu’s entire family.

Lu Lingqi and Huang Xu fought against that imposing man to a standstill. Although it is two versus one, the man’s strength was supercla.s.s general.

Although his strength is much lower than Lu Bu or Huang Zhong, this man was valiant general. Liu Mang had witnessed this before when Lu Bu was fighting Li Dian, Xu Chu and Xu Huang to a standstill.

The strength of this imposing man was higher than Li Dian and Xu Huang. One can say, he is at the same level with Xu Chu.

Xu Chu was considered as Cao Cao’s number two valiant general. The number one spot going to the late Dian Wei. Such a valiant general, Sun Ce a.s.signed him on an He is truly reckless beyond belief.

“THIS ZHOU TAI TRULY UNDERESTIMATEED BOTH OF YOU!!!” That imposing man retorted coldly toward Lu Lingqi and Huang Xu. In the man’s hand, he held a serpent spear with the same design as Cheng Pu’s spear.

This kind of spear when piercing into a human body will make you die on the spot. Seeing other people come toward their fight, he suddenly feinted a thrust toward Lu Lingqi and Huang Xu to make them open an escape path.

TL: Cheng Pu is one of Sun clan’s general. He is known for his expertise with serpent spear.

His gaze then focused again toward the people who came. After seeing that their outfit was the same clothes as Lu Bu army, he deduced that those people are enemies.

“Eh, Zhou Tai?!” Sun Ce sent Zhou Tai as an! Zhou Tai, his courtesy name is Youping. He is a native of Xiacai County of Jiujiang Commandery. Although his fame is little compared to Liu, Guan and Zhang, his strength is higher than them.

Historically, during the Battle of Hefei. Cao Cao’s appointed Commander-in-Chief Zhang Liao routed Wu Army. At that battle, Sun Quan was surrounded with no hope of retreat. However, due to the valiant efforts of Zhou Tai, he unexpectedly pierced through the enemy’s formation with all of his might to rescue Sun Quan personally. After Sun Quan was secured, he marched again toward the enemy to rescue the surrounded Xu Sheng.

In Cao Cao’s army, although he had only a few, valiant generals were not lacking. He had Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren, Cao Hong, etc.

Although their strength did not reach super-cla.s.s, they were first-cla.s.s commanders who can lead effectively. They are like Zhou Tai who was able to break through enemy lines in order to rescue their intended target.

So he was like Zhao Yun, Zhao Zilong who was able to pierce the enemy line just in order to rescue Liu Shan (Liu Bei’s son), at that time called A Dou, in Chang Ban.

The soldiers that are protecting Lu Bu’s family to the death is one part of his Phalanx Formation. They did not have warhorses, but it did not hinder their combat capabilities. Seeing Liu Mang return, suddenly they formed the phalanx formation again.

The Urban army is lacking in terms of elite, but they are able to work as one. Once the Urban Army regrouped, its strength can even fight heavy cavalry. Even if they are defeated, it is impossible for the opposing army to not pay a heavy price.

“Oh, you came back!” Lu Lingqi said lightly. She was in love with the man she hated.

She Love him because he was really amazing. He can conjure up food out of thin air, he even brought back warhorses and sets armor set out of nowhere. Because of those feats, he piqued Lu Lingqi’s interest. In addition, he had saved his father, saved their entire Lu family and army. Therefore Lu Lingqi held extreme grat.i.tude for Liu Mang.

This gratuitous feeling and interest, as well as Lu Bu’s engagement with him gave Lu Lingqi very good impression of him as her future husband.

However, those positive points mentioned above did not hinder her hate toward Liu Mang. This lecher has touched her bosom without her permission once, now he also took Yuan Fang as his sister wife. Regarding Yuan Fang, her mother already explained that this is for a great cause, so her father can receive the Imperial Seal formally, so she reluctantly accepted. But regarding He Yu, she was unable to accept it.

She will not accept any explanation from that lecher. Also she is also angry, because the Urban Army needed to separate their forces in order to protect that lecher’s concubine.

Lu Lingqi thought “He had not yet married, but he already had a concubine!! I will pinch his d.i.c.k on our first night!!!” That thought was further reinforced due to fact that He Yu was as beautiful as she is.

“Hanyang, Hanyang, do you know about my husband?!” Madame Yan quickly opened their conversation. They are tired of fleeing. They had finally begun to settle down, when their residence was disturbed once more. This battle at the Administration Office made them worry that they would become wanderers again.

“Honorable Mother-in-law Yan, please do not worry. Honorable Father-in-law is eliminating the enemy in battle. When they took over Shucheng County, they will immediately return!” Liu Mang told Madame Yan to ease her worry.

“Little lord, cough, cough. Greetings to you!” Huang Xu coughed two times. Liu Mang knew that his chronic disease is. .h.i.tting him again. When he fought Zhou Tai, he exerted many moves, so many that he injured himself.

“Huang Xu, your martial arts has already reach what degree?!” Liu Mang asked Huang Xu who is currently holing two-edged sword with jealous tone.

“Little lord, since I was little boy, my physique was weak. Therefore I am one step behind from my father, currently my strength has not yet reached supercla.s.s!!” Huang Xu said while coughing.

He is truly grateful to Liu Mang. Because Liu Mang helped cure him, he was able to taste the battlefield. Usually he can only take a wooden knife to practice wushu, but now, he can put his practice into actual combat, and able to kill several enemies.

Only one step behind with his father, yet his strength right now was not yet supercla.s.s? But Huang Xu is already so strong. He was on par with Zhou Tai. Does this mean one of Huang Xu’s skill is already of supercla.s.s status?

That is correct, this is what Huang Xu meant. Although his current strength has not yet reached supercla.s.s general, his archery skill however is already at supercla.s.s.

“Oh, Shucheng County was defeated?!” Zhou Tai talked to himself slowly. “The Zhou clan was also defeated?!” When he moved to Zhou Cheng’s mansion, it had already been quite some time. Now Wancheng city and Shucheng County are lost. If that is so, then the only solution is to kill these people ASAP, otherwise if Lu Bu’s army gathered again here, Zhou Tai will not be able to escape.

“Playtime is over!!!” Zhou Tai removed his armor, boots and armguard.

“What the h.e.l.l did he want to do?!” Liu Mang was stunned. In war, how can you fight barefooted? Before long, Liu Mang understood, on Zhou Tai’s arm and legs there were rings of black weights that served as his limiter.

What… Is this DBZ?!

Liu Mang was stunned, Zhou Tai was going to release the limiters on his body.

“Clang, clang, clang!!!” Zhou Tai destroyed his limiters one by one. One of those black rings weighed at least 50 kg. During battle with Huang Xu and Lu Lingqi, Zhou Tai did not remove his limiter.

“HAHAHAHA!!!”Zhou Tai laughed, and pointed at Liu Mang “You are that Prince of Shu right? You will die here along with all of your family today!!!”


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