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Chapter 26: Growing Fused Wheat

“The attic was destroyed by that downpour a few days ago, and your father and I worked very hard to fix it. Now another big hole appeared in your bedroom! Watson, our house is not as strong as you think. The next time you want to experiment, please look for someplace where no one is around.”

In the hall downstairs, Catherine poured a cup of tea for Watson and said with some bitterness.

“Mother is right. I’ll definitely pay attention next time.”

Watson replied tactfully and picked up the teacup to take a sip. His expression was very awkward.

He had not expected the ancient heroic spirit to be so strong. Moreover, after coming out, it launched an attack without saying a word, leaving him no time to react at all.

One swing of the heroic spirit’s sword was comparable to that of a Gold-tier warrior. However, it only had the power of one sword after charging for an hour, thus making it a little troublesome. Watson’s Phoenix Wings attack was comparable to that of a top-tier Bronze-tier warrior, and if it was an attack by a Silver-tier warrior, it would probably only take a few minutes for the sword to be fully charged.

Watson made up his mind to deposit the armor with Golden Flash. Golden Flash was a Gold-tier magical beast. If he were to hit the armor twice, the speed of charging would definitely be faster.

“Did you really create this, Watson? The quality and hardness of this armor makes it impossible to be forged without going through millions of strikes. Although I don’t know what method you used, other blacksmiths would definitely cry and lose their jobs if they were to find out about this.”

Zeke tapped Watson’s black armor with his finger and had a face full of amazement.

He knew that Watson had a master, and the kind of magic that could produce defensive equipment without forging must have been learned from that master.

Aside from Zeke, his older brother Vincent also stood to one side. He looked at Watson’s armor, then looked at the Thornvest on his body, and shook his head.

“This armor is Gold-tier at least.”

Comparing goods and people was a futile exercise.

Previously, Vincent was in high spirits for many days after obtaining the Bronze-tier defensive equipment, and even his father coveted it. At that point, the Bronze-tier defensive equipment looked just like trash.

Scarlet also used her small hands to touch Watson’s body. Her eyes turned red, and she pursed her mouth, “Watson, you promised to forge a longbow for me. Why didn’t you keep your word? Now that Big Brother has bronze equipment while Zeke and Zenoah also ate Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng before coming back, I’m the only one who doesn’t have anything.”

She had stayed at home with Vincent the past few days and was nearly driven mad with greed when she saw his Bronze-tier equipment. She thought that Watson would be able to fuse a longbow for her after Watson returned from the manor, allowing her to show off her might as well.

Watson immediately ran to his bedroom after returning home, and Scarlet suspected that Watson had forgotten about their agreement. She had been sitting downstairs absentmindedly, listening to Zeke’s account of the past few days. When she heard that her two older brothers had been captured and tortured, Scarlet’s heart tensed up, but after finding out that Watson had single-handedly destroyed Miles and rescued them, Scarlet once again heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, Scarlet was informed that Zeke and Zenoah’s injuries had recovered so quickly thanks to the Seven Treasures Glazed Ginseng that Watson had found in Miles Manor. Her thoughts then came alive once again.

Her eldest brother had received benefits, and so did her Zeke and Zenoah. Her turn ought to have come.

In the end, Watson had only fused one piece of armor for himself.

“Watson, you big liar. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Scarlet’s small fists knocked randomly on Watson’s chest, making him feel somewhat helpless. It wasn’t that he had forgotten his agreement with his seventh sibling. The fact was that he needed a longbow as a consumable item if he wanted to fuse a longbow. Miles Manor only had armor and swords, so he could not do anything about it.

“I don’t have any suitable materials right now, Scarlet. But I managed to get a few hundred gold coins, so don’t worry. In two days, I’ll definitely forge a suitable weapon for you.”

In a comforting gesture, Watson patted his sister’s soft forehead. Only then did Scarlet break into a smile from her tears and said, “It’s a deal.” She did not even bother with Watson’s less-than-polite act.

“You guys are really insensible. Watson has just returned. He must be very tired! You only know how to ask him for things. Don’t you know to let him rest?”

Edward sat across them. His eyes were filled with fatherly love as he looked at Watson. As his words fell, the brothers and sisters around Watson felt a little ashamed.

These days, not only had Watson displayed his great talent, but he had also grasped the magical ability to fuse weapons and defensive equipment. They had almost forgotten that Watson was only a ten-year-old child.

“Watson, you just fought with someone yesterday, and it’s our fault for not being considerate enough! We’ll talk about these things later. You should go to sleep first,” Zeke said in unison with Zenoah.

Scarlet also pulled Watson’s arm weakly, with her gaze lingering on Watson’s armor. “Are you tired, Watson? Do you want me to give you a ma.s.sage later?”

“It’s okay, I’m not tired.”

Watson waved his hand. Although his body was that of a ten-year-old child, there was still no way the average adult could be on par with him since he had eaten so many Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs.

“Even if you’re not tired, you still have to rest. Now is the time for you to grow up. Do you know how worried your mother and I will be if you fall sick from exhaustion?” Edward stood up and walked to Watson’s side.

The surrounding people nodded to themselves. They all felt that Edward was really concerned about Watson, but at that moment, Edward continued, “Since you have to lie down and rest, you shouldn’t be wearing any clothes, especially since this armor has so many spikes. The bed cannot be damaged! I’ll bear the pain and help you lighten the burden. Lend me this armor for two years.”

Not two days, but two years?

Vincent and the others looked at each other. They were sure that they had heard correctly.

Edward stretched out his hand. Before his evil-intentioned grip could go near Watson, Catherine rolled her eyes and angrily pulled his ear. “You’re even going to s.n.a.t.c.h the child’s things. You lack morals.”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. I was just joking…” Edward screamed while being taken away.

Seeing that his father was still as unreliable as before, everyone present—including Watson—rolled their eyes.


On the Watson family’s farm.

The six farmers from Miles Manor were waving their sickles and cutting off the weeds on the ground. They were all panting from exhaustion, but no one stopped to rest. Instead, they were discussed amongst each other with glowing faces.

“The weeds in this farm are really tall. They’re almost as tall as a person. Lord Watson’s land is indeed different from the others,” A farmer wiped his sweat.

“Of course. Just look at Lord Watson! The weeds aside, this land had black soil and is different from the surrounding areas. I’ve been farming for so long, but I’ve never seen such fertile soil before.” Another farmer reached out and grabbed some soil.

Unfortunately, the area was too small.

The farmland was only ten acres. If they had a few hundred acres of land like Miles Manor, they were confident that they could double the output of the crops they planted.

“Everyone, you’ve worked hard. have some water.”

Not far away, Watson came over with two water bottles and placed them in front of the farmers.

He had originally planned to fuse with the hundred longswords that he had obtained after fusing the Ancient Knight Armor, as it would certainly create a Gold-tier weapon. Unfortunately, fusing the Gold-tier armor alone had caused such a huge sensation, and his family might just collapse if he fused another Gold-tier longsword.

After some thought, Watson decided to come to the farmland and have a look first.

For the time being, he was not lacking in strength. What he lacked was gold coins. The reason he increased his strength was for the sake of earning money and services.

“Bring over the wheat seeds you have and show them to me.”

Seeing that the farmers thanked him, took a few sips from their water bottles, and were about to start sowing the wheat seeds along the area where the weeds had been cleared, Watson stretched his hand out. Before planting officially commenced, he had to do something to the wheat. If he only wanted to plant ordinary wheat, there was no need to waste such a small amount of land.

If he wanted to plant wheat, he would plant only the good ones.

Two people handed over a handful of wheat seeds to Watson. Watson took a look.

[Ordinary wheat seeds]

[Effect: the ability to resist disasters is weak. Each acre of land can produce 100 catties]

“A yield of 100 catties is too low. Fuse it for me, System.”

Following Watson’s words, the wheat seeds in his hand immediately turned into a stream of light and merged with each other, followed by an even more dazzling burst of color.


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