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Chapter 444 – Augustus Wants To Turn The Tables

The matter between Watson and Rose played out like a small movie for the many students of the Royal Academy. Soon, the surrounding spectators dispersed and continued to discuss the expansion of the Dragon Knights. Meanwhile, Watson led his friends to the warrior department.

“Watson, when I heard that you were the strongest genius in the kingdom, I was worried that you were an arrogant fellow. It seems like you are quite approachable! Don’t worry; you let me off with your kindness. I will definitely repay you in the future. Oh, right! The potion you gave me? Since it wasn’t created by you but was a product of an ancient ruin, do you have any more on you? I want to eat another one. Perhaps my strength will become stronger.”

As they walked down the road, Stella and Watson put their arms around each other’s shoulders as if they were good friends.

“Sister, how could you do that? Watson gave us Blessings from the G.o.ds and Demons. It’s already a considerable investment. The Abedor family should have paid for that. Watson didn’t ask for payment from us, so how could you ask for more precious potions from him?”

“What’s the big deal?”

Stella opened her mouth and tightened her grip on Watson’s shoulder. “I’ve already said that Watson will use my strength. If I become stronger, won’t it be of greater help to Watson? Furthermore, you said that you wanted the reward. The Abedor family already has a reward—you. After all, you’re the most outstanding potion-maker in our family. You’ll always be able to compensate for the loss of the Blessings from the G.o.ds and Demons if you work hard for Watson. Maybe if you sell your looks, you’ll have more room to make up for it.”

After knowing that Watson did not create the potion, Stella did not respect Watson that much anymore.


Rose Weiser’s tone became more serious. She raised her eyebrows, and her face was as red as an apple.

Watson smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, stop teasing me! I’ll find a pen and paper and write down the formula for you. The formula that can turn people into angels is very complicated. If you continue to disturb me, don’t blame me if I write the wrong one. “

Rose and Stella did not dare say anything else. They nodded and followed him into the warrior department. Only Christina stopped and looked at Watson with a strange expression. She shook her head and followed him.

She knew that Watson was just trying to scare them. With Watson’s ability, even if he miswrote it, it would probably have more powerful effects than ordinary potions.

“It’s only been one day since the start of school, and Watson has already roped in a genius from the Royal Academy and gained the support of a family. What a monster! The Abedor family is the strongest in the kingdom’s potion-making industry. Even if the industry is not doing well in the Holy Dragon Kingdom, gaining the support of an entire family is still not a small effort. “

After learning that Watson would overthrow King Landhar III, Christina and Antonio, like Reid, had always been worried about that. However, she realized that she did not need to do anything because Watson could handle all of that independently.

When they entered their cla.s.s, they did not notice that two pairs of eyes were staring at them nearby.

The owner of the first pair of eyes was huge. His hand was stuffed with chicken drumsticks and hamburgers, and he was throwing them into his mouth. It looked like a small mountain of meat.

“Duke Piggy, what do you think of Watson’s behavior just now? It seems like Young Master Watson is pretty interested in roping in the kingdom’s geniuses. When His Majesty held the compet.i.tion at the Royal Academy, we thought that he would obtain the future throne. It was just a gimmick. But now, it seems like he would really become the future king. Compared to the three princes, there is no doubt that Watson’s ability is more outstanding. I wonder if you are interested in joining him.”

A beautiful woman with sky-blue hair stood next to the man who looked like a mountain of meat. Her voice was as beautiful as a sea fairy, making people unable to stop listening to her.

The man called Duke Piggy did not stop putting food into his mouth. He shook his head. “My ability is to eat and show what I’ve eaten. That is a rather useless ability. And because of that ability, I need to eat a lot of food every day. No one would want to rope in a good-for-nothing like me, who can only eat! Even if Watson wants to rope me in, it’s definitely not because of my strength. It’s because of my family.

“If Watson is really doing that, then it means that he’s not as bright as I thought. The possibility of him becoming a future king is also very slim. Looking at the actions he displayed at the academy’s entrance, he doesn’t seem like a brainless person! After all, I don’t believe a single word he said about obtaining the potion from the ancient ruins.”

The sky-blue-haired girl raised her right hand. Her fingers gently twirled her hair, revealing a charming smile. A few pa.s.sing students were so engrossed in her that they even b.u.mped into the wall.

“Duke Piggy, I’ve told you many times that your ability is not as weak as you think! I’d really like to see if Watson would take the initiative to rope you in. If Watson can recognize your strength, there’s no doubt that he would be the best person for us to serve. As a member of the Royal Academy, we would have to choose a prince to serve in the future. If we can choose the King’s successor, then we’ll earn a lot of money. Therefore, we must choose a side in advance. Let’s wait and see.”

The sky-blue-haired woman revealed a mischievous smile as she watched Watson leave. “I heard that His Majesty will be coming to the Royal Academy today. He will be accompanied by several important figures from the Dragon Clan! His Majesty is here to select 90 recruits for the Dragon Knight Legion. He must choose someone from a duke’s family; you know that, right?”

“That’s right. My father told me about that yesterday and told me to get one of the spots at all costs. However, for a good-for-nothing like me, even if I fought with others, it would still be difficult for me to get the qualification to become a Dragon Knight, right? “

“That might not be the case. The Dragon Knight Legion emphasizes the compatibility between humans and dragons. After all, in terms of strength, a platinum-tier or even diamond-tier dragon is more powerful than a human. Since it’s better to get a dragon, why do you have to spend so much effort training a Dragon Knight? That’s because humans have intelligence and are more disciplined than dragons. When humans and dragons work together, they can be more effective. That is the essence of the Dragon Knight Legion. You and I might have a chance too.”

If that were the case, that would be great.

“Be optimistic. We have to be prepared for everything. If Watson is not the genius we expected, then it would be good to become a Dragon Knight. That way, we’ll have more ways to survive in the future kingdom. “

While the two were chatting on the other side…

Watson had brought the two Abedor family members into the cla.s.s. He took out a parchment and a quill pen from his seat. Watson wrote down the materials used for the Blessing of the G.o.ds and Demons and handed them to Rose.

During that process, Rose was like a devout pilgrim. Her hands trembled as she took the parchment. Her gaze focused on it as she carefully read every word written by Watson.

Soon, she read the contents of the parchment, and her expression became excited. She muttered to herself, “So, that’s the formula that can make people advance to platinum-tier angels. Just as I thought, that potion has no side effects at all. That is the level I’ve been dreaming of. No, that has already surpa.s.sed the tier I’ve been longing for. If I had not seen this formula, I might never have thought that that potion could be made in this way.

“Isn’t that an exaggeration? Rose, let me see what’s written on that paper.”

Stella leaned over. She only saw two lines of words. She screamed, “What’s going on? Does that potion really need the Spring of Life? That’s the Elven Kingdom’s most precious treasure in the Forest of Eternity. No wonder that potion could raise one’s strength to platinum-tier without any side effects. That’s what it needs!”

The only person who had drunk from the Spring of Life was Antonio. That allowed him to obtain eternal life. Everyone wanted to drink from the Spring of Life.

Compared to Rose’s shock, Stella was more disappointed. She did not expect such a magical platinum-tier potion to need such a precious thing. She had hoped to rely on that potion to make money, increase the reputation of the Abedor family, and make potion-maker the most sought-after profession in the kingdom. Unfortunately, she knew that that wish could not be fulfilled.

That was because they could not obtain any water from the Spring of Life. Even if they did, it would be at a sky-high price. It was very likely that the price of the potion would not be as high as the cost. As the saying went, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. That was Stella’s state.

As if sensing her disappointment, Watson smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Miss Stella. Since I can create the Blessing of the G.o.ds and Demons, it means that I have water from the Spring of Life. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the sources! Of course, I obtained water from the Spring of Life from the ancient ruins. It’s not unlimited. Therefore, the Abedor family has to pay a certain fee when using it.”

“I see. Then I’m relieved! As long as the materials are enough, we’re willing to pay, no matter how much it costs.”

Rose nodded, then glanced at her sister. “Sister, you’re making a fuss out of nothing. It’s too embarra.s.sing. If we want regular potions to achieve magical effects, then we will have to use powerful materials. Without any special precious herbs, it’s impossible to make those potions. The essence of a potion is to use the herbs to fuse and neutralize any useless impurities and increase the potency of the potion. “

“The Blessing of the G.o.ds and Demons created by Young Master Watson is quite textbook in potion-making techniques. The side effects of the Spring of Life water are very strong. Even though you can gain eternal life after taking it, your strength will be frozen at that moment forever! Young Master Watson can cancel out that side effect and also raise one’s strength to platinum-tier. That is the reason I praise him.”

“Rose Weiser, when it comes to potions, you’re like a different person! I know that the potion is potent. I was just mocking it. Watson, if it’s convenient, can you tell me how many potions you can produce with the water from the Spring of Life?”

“The Spring of Life will not be exhausted. If you use it carefully, it won’t be a problem to keep producing it.”

“Keep producing it. Why didn’t you say so earlier, Watson? I thought I could only make a few Blessing of the G.o.ds and Demons. You frightened me.”

Stella became excited again. At the same time, she sighed inwardly at Watson’s good luck. Why could the Abedor family not have such luck? If they could also find ancient ruins and obtain formula and water from the Spring of Life, they would have long pushed the kingdom’s potion-making industry to another peak. At the very least, as professional potion-makers, they could do better than Watson.

While Watson was discussing the Blessing of the G.o.ds and Demons with Stella, Augustus kept looking at the formula in Rose’s hands with a sinister gaze. He owed 900 holy relics because of Watson, and he could not repay them. However, Watson was excitedly discussing the matter of the potion with the Abedor family. That made him feel as if the gap between him and Watson was getting wider and wider.

He had heard about Stella’s becoming a platinum-tier angel. He also knew that the formula in Watson’s hands was the one that could produce platinum-tier potions.

‘If I can obtain that formula and sell it to the n.o.blemen in the kingdom, I might be able to collect 900 holy relics! You’ve caused me so much trouble, Watson, but you’re still thinking about making money. How can there be such a good thing in the world?’ Augustus thought about it.

A magical potion that could turn a person into an angel was much more valuable than a mere holy relic. After all, a holy relic could only make a person stronger. However, obtaining that potion could allow a person to create a platinum-tier army of angels. At a glance, it was clear which was more precious.

“I believe that even His Majesty would be moved after learning of that formula.”

Augustus was thinking about how to find an opportunity to s.n.a.t.c.h that formula from Rose Weiser. Everyone in the kingdom knew that King Landhar III had suddenly become rich, and the salaries of all the ministers had been raised three times. If he could give such a unique formula to the King, he would probably not be stingy with his rewards. Perhaps he could even earn a small profit after repaying the 900 holy relics that he owed Watson.

Before he could decide on the time to act, a person with a heavy sword on his back suddenly walked into the cla.s.s. That was the warrior department’s teacher, Blue.

Blue looked at Watson and smiled at him. After all, Watson had donated tens of millions of gold coins to the academy two days ago, and as Watson’s teacher, Blue had also received recognition from the

After looking at Watson, he noticed Stella, who was standing not far from Watson. He was stunned for a moment. “This person is not a student of the warrior department. Who is she? Forget it. Now is not the time to talk about that.”

“Everyone, put down the things in your hands immediately. Stop what you are doing and follow me! His Majesty is about to arrive at the Holy Dragon Academy. You are fortunate today. His Majesty will select 90 recruits from the Dragon Knight Legion from our academy! Once you join the Dragon Knight Legion, even if you are just a student, you will still be able to enjoy your life as the kingdom’s soldier. You will be paid ten gold coins a month. Not only that, but you will also receive military equipment, provided by His Majesty, for free, and train with the strongest army in the kingdom.

“There is no requirement for strength. It all depends on your compatibility with the dragon. A Dragon King will personally select the recruits who meet the requirements. In other words, it is not about having an advantage if you are stronger. Even if you are not strong, or even if you have no strength at all, you can still be chosen by a dragon. It is all up to your luck.”

All the students in the hall were in an uproar.

“Is that true? So the rumor that spread this morning is true. Can I be chosen too?”

“Didn’t you hear what the teacher said? As long as we have high compatibility with the dragon, we can do anything regardless of our strength. Even for an elite like Watson, it’s useless if he doesn’t have compatibility with any of the dragons. In other words, we might have a chance to surpa.s.s the kingdom’s strongest genius!”

“There is no limit to our strength and our cla.s.s. It doesn’t matter if you’re a warrior, mage, archer, or priest; you can become a Dragon Knight! I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to become one of the recruits.”

Some of the students were silently praying. Some of them had already stood up abruptly, their eyes s.h.i.+ning as they prepared for the upcoming selection of recruits for the Dragon Knight Legion. Augustus was one of them, and his eyes were s.h.i.+ning as he looked at Watson’s reaction. He clenched his fists silently.

“Dragon Knight’s recruitment? Interesting. If I am selected as a recruit and Watson is not selected, or if the dragon that Watson is matched with is not as good as mine, doesn’t that mean I have won? “

Augustus had repeatedly lost to Watson. He was already mentally scarred. He needed a victory to prove himself. However, he knew that he was not a match for Watson. However, it was different. That time, it was not a compet.i.tion of strength but luck. He did not believe that Watson could still defeat him.

“Watson, maybe I have a way to defeat you this time.”

As he decided to put aside the potion’s formula, Augustus grinned, revealing a smug look. He had already imagined that he would successfully match a dragon and become a glorious Dragon Knight, and Watson would be eliminated.. He would grovel at Augustus’ feet with a dejected look on his face.


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