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Chapter 47: All Members Are Eliminated

More than 20 bronze tier warriors chatted in groups of twos and threes outside the Blackmoon Castle; they looked nervous.

All of them had gifts. Some had magical beasts, and some had armors and weapons. Some even had carts filled with meat and wheat. It was not an exaggeration to say that some carts had dismantled beds, tables, and chairs on them—perhaps they had torn down their furniture and brought them there.

Most of the bronze-tier experts within a ten-kilometer radius were there.

Three old men, who had also applied for the job last time, were also there; they chatted with each other.

“I brought four people this time. Young Master promised me four Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs,” one of them said.

“Hey, it’s too early for a celebration! Young Master Watson said that it’s not enough to just bring people here. We still have to pa.s.s the test. Even though I only brought three people, they are already bronze tier warriors in their 30s. They had a lot of room for development in the future. They’ll definitely get three eggs,” another person said.

While everyone talked, Watson brought Wendy outside of the castle.

As she stood behind Watson, Wendy looked at the guards curiously. She wanted to prepare a bath for Watson, but he rejected her offer. He told her to go and familiarize herself with the recruitment process instead. He said that he would let her handle all the recruitment matters in the future.

Watson looked at the more than 20 bronze tier warriors in front of him, as well as the gifts they carried with them, and smiled in satisfaction.

He had a simple idea when he brought Wendy there. After the two recruitment rounds, those bronze tier warriors who wanted to join him would definitely be there. The rest of the group were either below the bronze tier or fine on their own, so they did not need to go there. He believed that fewer people would apply for the job next month. He also had too much to do, so he could not continue the recruitment process in person.

Zeke and Zenoah had urgent things to attend to, Scarlet was still too young, and his eldest brother was busy with his cultivation. So the only one he could trust and also qualified for the job was Wendy.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to partic.i.p.ate in Blackmoon Castle’s recruitment process. As long as you pa.s.s the a.s.sessment, you will receive three Rainbow Phoenix Chicken eggs a day! If someone has brought you here, please let me know who it is. Your guide will also get an egg if you pa.s.s the a.s.sessment,” Watson said to the people in front of him.

“Just as we expected, we can get a Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken egg—wait, did Young Master say a Rainbow Phoenix Chicken egg?”

The man rubbed his hands excitedly when he heard that. Suddenly, he sensed that something was wrong and cried out in surprise.

Did they not say that it was the Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken? So how did it become the Rainbow Phoenix Chicken?

The Rainbow Phoenix Chicken was a gold tier magical beast at a higher level than a Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken. Had a Rainbow Phoenix Chicken appeared in the Blackmoon Castle? The crowd’s eyes became more fervent when they thought about that—the reward had exceeded their expectations.

Those who were there to try their luck were determined to get into the Blackmoon Castle. There were also those who were doubtful of the situation. Even a great n.o.ble would not have a magical beast like the Rainbow Phoenix Chicken. It was only one short month, and Watson had changed the Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken as a reward, so they did not know if he was lying.

“If you’re ready, let’s start the test.” Watson was very satisfied with everyone’s expression. He waved to Wendy. “Go and get the captain of the guards, Alan, and ask him to bring a basket of Rainbow Phoenix Chicken eggs.”

Maybe some people did not believe him, but it did not matter. He would act to dispel their doubts.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Wendy nodded respectfully before she turned around and walked into the castle. In just a short while, Alan came out; he was wearing armor and riding a liger.

The majestic liger, his grand armor, the guardian sword that hung at his waist, and his long and elegant blue hair—the combination made him look heroic. The crowd breathed heavily and looked envious when they saw him.

Soon, everyone’s eyes moved from Alan toward the basket filled in his hand—it had many colorful eggs in it.

The eggs flickered in seven colors and emitted a delicate fragrance. Just one look and one could tell that those were not ordinary eggs. The smell increased their blood flow and their combat aura strength—and that was only the smell. If they were to eat it—well, no one doubted Watson’s words anymore.

“Greetings, Young Master. What is your command?”

Allen jumped off the liger, and he knelt in front of Watson. The basket of eggs was still in his hand.

“Allen, get up. You are the captain of the guards, so you will be the examiner for the next test! You don’t have to do anything. If they can force you to take a step backward, then it means that they pa.s.s.”

Watson walked forward and helped Allen up. After he set the same rules as the previous test, he lowered his voice and said, “Don’t feel burdened. Just do your best. It doesn’t matter even if no one”

“Don’t worry, Young Master Watson. I won’t let you down.”

Allen rolled his eyes and turned to face bronze tier warriors in front of him. “Which one of you would like to be the first?”

It seemed that Young Master Watson wanted to use him to establish his authority. He was an intelligent person, so he immediately understood what Watson wanted to do.

Watson hoped that he could show those candidates some authority and make them understand the strength of the guards in Blackmoon Castle. Even if someone pa.s.sed, they should not be arrogant and undisciplined after they joined the team; it would make them easier to manage.

Allen had only joined Blackmoon Castle the previous month. Even if the guards had improved, it would not have been much. However, his improvement was the fastest—he was already at the peak of the bronze tier. Since his armor, long sword, and jewelry were also from the same tier, those warriors would not be able to make a move against him easily.

“I’ll go first.”

“I’ll go first!”

As soon as he said that, a few people walked out from the crowd. They could feel the combat aura that Alan emitted. He was only a bronze tier warrior. Even if they could not defeat Alan, could they make him take a step backward?

The rules that Watson had set were too simple. It was clear that he had looked down on them—that was what some of them thought.

However, the reality was cruel.

It only took one minute for a few candidates to retreat with an ugly expression. They had used all of their might, but Allen did not budge. On the contrary, their fists landed Alan’s armor, and it had hurt.

Alan crossed his arms and looked at them disdainfully. “Anyone else? Let’s continue!”

The rest of the candidates gritted their teeth as they rushed forward.

Ten minutes later, there was no one left beside Allen; all of them had failed.

“I didn’t expect that none of you could make Allen retreat. According to the rules, if no one the a.s.sessment, then all of you can go back.” Watson pretended to be disappointed and sighed. The crowd’s expression changed; some of them had torn down their houses because they wanted to join the Blackmoon Castle. They had brought all of their properties there, so they would not have a place to stay when they returned home.

That was especially true for those old men who had partic.i.p.ated in the test before that. They thought that the test was easy and that they would pa.s.s as long as they brought gifts with them. However, the result had been different, so some of the candidates were resentful.

The three old men also had a bitter expression on their faces. They thought that they would get the eggs as long as they brought some people to partic.i.p.ate in the test. That was what had happened the last time. Who knew that Watson would change his routine? That was great—their eggs were gone. Their candidates would definitely think that they were swindlers.

If no one pa.s.sed the test, then would those applicants not think that they had been scammed?

Then, Watson spoke.

“Well, logically speaking, everyone should be eliminated, but don’t worry, I’m a soft-hearted person! If you’re below 50 years old, then I can be swayed to keep you here.”


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