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Chapter 72: A Crisis

“Master Wilber, is my question so difficult to understand? Why aren’t you saying anything?

Folson fixed his eyes on Wilber as he asked in puzzlement.

‘You want me to say something, but what can I say?’

Wilber was so angry that his mouth was crooked. Folson had sacrificed those people including the 100 elite members that he and the other manor owners had jointly found. All of them were iron-tier warriors with warhorses and a complete set of iron-tier armor each.

In the blink of an eye, all of them were gone.

Those 500 men had been devoured. The ocean that Folson had summoned did not even stimulate a single wave. One could see the armor and weapons as they floated on the ocean surface. They seemed to have been eroded as well, with blue cracks on them.

The money that Wilber had invested in that army was worth at least thousands of gold coins, but it had been wasted just like that.

He had heard of powerful mages who would capture vagrants or people without statuses to research magic. However, that was the first time he had seen them use men like guinea pigs for experiments.

He was not the only one. The other manor owners were also very dissatisfied with Folson.

Wilber was not the only person who worked hard on their troops; the manor owners put in the same effort. Other than them, Nightingale, who stopped peeling the Rainbow Phoenix Chicken, also looked at Folson with killing intent.

As a Shadow Guard, her hands were also stained with the blood of others, but all those people were evil. Folson was different—he had killed 500 men just to break into Blackmoon Castle.

“Now is not the time to think about these things, and it is not a good time to blame me! But, if you were to lose this battle, have you ever thought about what would happen to you?”

It was as if he had sensed the dissatisfaction of those manor owners, so Folsen explained with a smile, “It’s just like how you broke into Blackmoon Castle, and you won’t let go of the castle’s master. That same master would never let you off either, including me! Therefore, we are now in the same boat. You should not blame me, but thank me instead.”

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard that. They knew what Folson said had made sense.

Folson had sacrificed 500 men. If they could defeat Blackmoon Castle, they would still make a profit. If they failed, not only would their subordinates be captured, their a.s.sets would also be confiscated, and even their lives would be lost.

Even though they understood, their hearts still ached.

“Folson is right. We have no way out now,” Zangwill said with a fierce look on his face; Folson was his old friend.

Wilber took a deep breath as he seemed to have made up his mind. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Elder Folson, you did the right thing. But, of course, I wasn’t thinking straight. We are at war, so any action is done for the final victory. It’s a small price for more rewards—I can accept that. However, are you sure that this magic can destroy Blackmoon Castle in one fell swoop?”

The ocean that Folson had released and the silver snake that in destructive waves were very powerful. However, Blackmoon Castle also had a gold-tier magical beast and warriors. The outcome was still uncertain.

“Master Wilber, you should know that a mage of the same level is equivalent to ten gold-tier warriors! With my current magical power, I can release another silver snake on the surface of that violent sea. The price is to sacrifice those 1,000 men who had surrendered to Blackmoon Castle. Even a gold-tier warrior would not be able to withstand the bombardment of two spells of the same level, not to mention that Blackmoon Castle can’t have too many gold-tier warriors—”

Folson did not finish his words, but everyone understood what he meant and s.h.i.+vered.

It was a large castle, and those warriors must have families. Those powerless people would be swallowed in an instant in the face of such a terrifying sea. If Watson wanted to protect his family, he might get hurt too. If he did not do anything, then he would be the alone one in his command.

Then, Folson asked, “Do you have any other opinions?” No one answered him.

“Elder Folson, I have something to say.”

Nindy stood up from where she sat with the mages. Her face was pale. Indix was next to her, and she tried to pull her down, but she would have none of it.

“Elder Folson, I forgot to tell you. I am a member of the Garry family. My family built Blackmoon Castle! I implore you to recall your magic and end this battle. I am willing to pay for that.”

Nindy’s eyes were filled with fear and uncertainty. She did not expect an elder from the Mage Guild would be such a cold person.

She was worried about the fate of Blackmoon Castle. At that moment, she had no hesitation. She had to stand up for the sake of her family.

“Nindy, are you crazy? Sit down. You can’t talk about such things.”

Indix gave Nindy a crazy look. Even if Nindy were from Blackmoon Castle, it would be useless to say it then. Instead, she would put herself in danger. Unfortunately, Nindy had ignored her hint.

“Elder Folson, as long as you are willing to recall your magic, I am willing to be your servant! I heard that there are Rainbow Phoenix Chicken eggs in Blackmoon Castle. I will persuade my family to give you 100, no, 1000—”

Nindy looked at Fulson; she almost begged him.

“Nindy? Nindy Garry!”

Folson murmured, “I can’t believe that the mages I randomly picked from the Mage Guild would have a relations.h.i.+p with Blackmoon Castle. Two mages in a family is really a blessing from the G.o.ds! If it weren’t for me, this place would very likely become a famous n.o.bleman’s house at the border. What a pity!”

Folson turned around to look at Wilber. “Master Wilber, Miss Nindy has promised to give me 1000 Rainbow Phoenix Chicken eggs. What do you think?”

“Elder Folson, if we can defeat the Blackmoon Castle, I promise to give you 2000 eggs and 2000 gold coins!”

Wilber could only grit his teeth and agree when Folson raised his fee.

“Unfortunately, the manor owners’ offer is more attractive to me. Men, keep an eye on Nindy!” Folson flicked the dust off his body and stretched his hand. The three male mages immediately stepped forward and pressed Nindy to the ground. Then they bound her with ropes.

Nindy’s pale face brushed against the ground, and tears streamed down her face. The male mage whispered in her ear, “Nindy, don’t talk nonsense for now. We’ll help you plead for mercy later.” Unfortunately, she could no longer hear him.


At the Blackmoon Castle.

“It’s over; we’re finished.”

“The manor owners had allied with the mages to attack us. They’ve already abandoned us!”

The 1000 soldiers who had surrendered knelt on the ground in the castle as they looked at the enormous waves. They were terrified, and they had lost the courage to escape. They had seen how their 500 colleagues had been devoured by magic, and it looked like they were about to meet the same fate.

In the castle, Edward and Catherine held each other’s hands. They stood at the highest level with pale faces as they looked down at the cras.h.i.+ng waves.

“Perhaps the Blackmoon Castle will be destroyed today. My dear, are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid. Well, I’m just lying to myself, but we can’t become a burden to Watson! He was the reason we are living a good life. I never thought that I could live in such a big castle. The G.o.ds will bestow blessings on us, and they will also receive rewards. So no matter what the outcome is, I won’t complain. Really, I don’t have anything to complain about.”

As Catherine spoke, she closed her eyes and held Edward’s shoulders tightly.

Behind them, Wendy clenched her teeth as she looked at her masters, who had spoken so dejectedly. Then, she calmed down. She did not blame Watson for what had happened. Her time in Blackmoon Castle were the happiest moments in her life, and she believed that Young Master Watson would solve their problem.

Outside the Blackmoon Castle.

The Golden Light in the sky spun anxiously. The 30 men in the Blackmoon Iron Cavalry looked sorrowful; they felt helpless. They blocked Watson’s path; they hoped that they could use their body to protect their young master for a moment longer.

However, in the next second, the waves had already swept over the silver snakes as if they wanted to devour them.

The single moment before they were devoured, they heard a strange sound—it was like a huge roar from a bottomless hole that would swallow everything.


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