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Chapter 94: A Group of Beggars

“So, the Demoness Bandit Gang is also here for that purpose, right?” Veigar looked at Lady Gluttony, then at Sven, and asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I think the people here have only one purpose, and that is to find the reason for the destruction of the Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang.”

The woman in a fanged rabbit mask laughed softly. Her voice was like a silver bell ringing; it was very pleasant to the ears. “While we’re at it, let’s divide Sparrow’s territory. It’s impossible to monopolize such a large piece of territory by yourself! If you disagree, Veigar, you’ll have to fight Mr. Sven and me simultaneously. That’s not what you want, right?”

Every bandit gang had their own territory. They would usually work in their respective domains and did not interfere with each other. If they were to inherit the Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang’s territory, their range of activity would increase by a lot. Therefore, they were not interested in the mountain itself. Instead, they were interested in its added value.

“Alright, I’m not an unreasonable person. Let’s follow the agreement between the bandit gangs and divide this land equally.” Veigar nodded.

His words made the several Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang members behind him so angry that they wanted to curse. What did he mean when he said that he was not an unreasonable person? If Veigar were a reasonable man, he would not have threatened them.

“There’s no hurry for that. We want to know about the person who had destroyed the Bloodied-Hand Bandit Gang.” Sven knocked the crutch in his hand and looked at the survivors. “Tell me, how did your boss die?” Even though Sparrow was not an elite, he was still a silver-tier warrior, after all. I really want to know, which manor would send a hundred people to kill him?”

A young bandit raised a finger weakly.

“A hundred people?”

Sven nodded, “Exchanging the lives of a hundred guards for the death of a silver-tier warrior, this is quite a good deal! However, the manor must be quite powerful to be willing to send a hundred men. I’ve never heard of such a faction at the border.”

“It was not a hundred men.” The young bandit shook his head.

“Ten men, then?” Sven frowned. “Sparrow died at the hands of ten peak bronze-tier warriors?”

Only ten peak bronze-tier warriors would be able to kill a silver-tier warrior.

“Not exactly.” The young bandit swallowed his saliva as he said, “There was only one murderer.”

Yes, there was only one murderer.

He vaguely remembered what had happened the previous day. They had followed their boss’ instruction and guarded the horse carriages and supplies that they had plundered. They had waited for Sparrow to lead more than 50 people to slaughter the wealthy merchants that had left Monte Town. Then, they were to return to the mountain to celebrate.

In the end, they did not see Sparrow. Instead, they had waited for a G.o.d of death. He was dressed in silver-white armor and held a longsword in his hand. He was like a G.o.d who had descended from the heavens. With just a few casual swings, he had wiped out more than half of their people.

There was only one person!

Sven’s pupils were constricted as he cried out in surprise, “A silver-tier warrior?”

He restrained his shocked expression quickly and asked the other two leaders, “What do you think?”

“Hey, Sven, you can’t really believe the words of these small fries, right?” Veigar was the first to speak. He glanced at the few Bloodied-Hand Bandit Gang members disdainfully. “They may be silver-tier warriors. No matter how strong they are, it’s impossible for them to kill Sparrow and destroy the entire Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang at the same time. After all, the Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang had more than a hundred people! In my opinion, these survivors must have hallucinated because of the impact of their boss’ death.”

‘We didn’t..’.

The few survivors of the Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang felt aggrieved. They did really see a person who had looked like a G.o.d of death.

“Regardless of whether this is true or not, we can’t just ignore the appearance of a force that wiped out the entire Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang.”

Sven coughed weakly. “I suggest that we join forces and destroy this force.”

The bandits were only active during the winter when the magical beasts wreak havoc on humans. The border count would have his hands full; he would not have any time to care about other things. There were not that many powerful manors at the border. Otherwise, how could they continue to plunder everyone else?

“Do you know the name of the person who attacked you?”

Veigar had agreed with the suggestion, so he asked that question. Soon, a bandit told him what he wanted to know. “The man who killed our brothers was called Allen. He claims to be Blackmoon Castle’s guard.”

Blackmoon Castle.

The eyes of the three leaders turned cold; they knew that name. If Blackmoon Castle could destroy the entire Bloodied-hand Bandit Gang, then they could also eliminate the other bandit gangs. They must not be left alive.

“Let’s do it in three days. Let’s gather all our members and go to Blackmoon Castle to see its power. When we take this castle, let’s get the spoils of war with our own abilities?” Lady Gluttony suggested.

The eyes of the other two leaders flashed with a bloodthirsty l.u.s.ter as they agreed to her suggestion.



Since the three bandit gangs were located in different places, it took them more than two days to gather their forces.

On the morning of the third day.

It was already the twelfth month; the grey sky was covered in light snow.

A group of more than 500 bandits headed toward the direction of Blackmoon Town from three different directions.

At the training field in Blackmoon Castle.

Watson rode on the Golden Flash and flew into the sky; he waved his staff to practice gold-tier magic. Since he had almost mastered the Humanoid Auto Mine Giant spell, he did not practice it that day. Instead, he practiced the spell in the half gold-tier magic scroll that he had obtained after he killed Folson—the Silver Serpent on the Raging Sea.

The clouds in the sky surged like waves, and lightning was contained within it. An illusory giant silver snake was also in it, its body twisted and turned as if it carried a terrifying pressure. It looked like it could overturn the world and the ocean.

“Even though it’s a defective spell, it is not weaker than the Humanoid Auto Mine Giant spell. As expected, the lost ancient magic is powerful, indeed! It’s hard to imagine how powerful this magic would be if it were a complete scroll,” Watson muttered softly.

Since it was half a scroll, the spell could not be performed normally. A large amount of magic elements had to be injected into it. Folson had chosen a blood sacrifice to activate. However, Watson had a source of magic power, so he did not need to go through so much trouble.

“I wonder which ruins in the Misty Forest that Folson had gotten this scroll from? It looks like I have to go there to take a look when I have time.”

Watson rubbed his chin and lowered his head to look at the training field.

The number of Blackmoon Knights had increased from 50 men to 65 men as they had employed Lucas and the other caravan guards.

After a few days of training, Lucas and the others’ strength had improved, and they were also equipped with silver-tier armor. Their faces were filled with joy.

“After the winter, we will recruit another batch of men to increase the number of Blackmoon Knights to 100 men. That way, we will have the rudimentary form of an army.”

As he thought about his future plans, Watson heard a guard yelling out to him from the field. He descended with the Golden Flash hurriedly.

After they landed, he saw Allen’s strange expression as the man rushed toward him with a shout.

“Young Master Watson, there’s a group of beggars outside of Blackmoon Town! There are a few hundred of them. They’re using hoes and chisels to destroy the wall that we had built. Young Master, do you want to send some men to stop them?”


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