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Chapter 206: Future Brother-In-law?

Jiang Lan walked out of the inn.

On the way out, he saw a young man.

He had seen him before.

However, he did not stop or look surprised.

Only when he pa.s.sed that youth did he feel somewhat astonished.

But when he thought about it, he felt that it was nothing.

The Eighth Prince of the Dragon race and the Princess of the Dragon race naturally had an extraordinary relations.h.i.+p.

Therefore, meeting this person was nothing.

He didn’t pay much attention to it. It was impossible for the other party to recognize him.

At that time, he had activated his One Leaf Vision.

“Big Brother, wait a moment.”

Jiang Lan had walked a distance when a youth’s voice sounded from behind him.

Looking back, it was the inn youth running out with a bag of peanuts.

“Here you go.” The youth walked up to Jiang Lan and handed her the peanuts.

“Thank you.” Jiang Lan took it. Seeing that the youth didn’t return, he asked.

“Is there a problem?”

“Yes.” The young man nodded and said.

“I want to know how to make Hong Ya like me.”

“Hong Ya?” Jiang Lan was confused.

However, he had some guesses.

“She’s the one who is helping out at the inn. Big Brother, you’ve seen her before. Isn’t she beautiful?” The youth looked at Jiang Lan and asked.

What did she look like again?

Because they were not enemies, he did not have much interaction with her.

Why would Jiang Lan care about her looks?

However, he still knew that he had met her at the inn.

Without answering the question, he asked another question.

“Does she not like you?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t like me.” The young man nodded. He wasn’t that disappointed. Then, he asked curiously.

“Big Brother, do you have a way?”

“Why do you think I have a plan?” Jiang Lan had never really talked to anyone before.

Not to mention his experience in this area.

Or could it be that he was the only one the youngster could ask?

“Grandpa said that Big Brother has a fiancée, so I thought that you might have a way,” the young man said.

Jiang Lan: “…”

His fiancée was arranged by the sect.

However, when he saw the youth’s hopeful expression, Jiang Lan still chose to speak.

“You probably just need to become stronger. You’re not as strong as her, right? ”

The young man nodded immediately.

“It’s a little lacking, but my skin is a little thick. Although Human Immortals can’t do anything to me, I can’t beat them either. By the way, humans are considered adults when they turn 18, right?

I’m considered an adult, right?” The youth looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan looked at the youth. The youth had asked this question before.

After a moment of silence, he didn’t directly answer the question.

“You can wait till you get her to like you before you think about this question.”

With the appearance of a young man, it was not convincing at all.

At this moment, the young man was enlightened.

It was indeed too early.

Jiang Lan bid farewell to the youth and headed towards the Ninth Summit.

He had gained quite a bit of insight into Catoptric Deflection. He had to go back and absorb it. He also had to be wary of the demons.

The dragons have come. They might act anytime soon.

Ao Man finally came to his senses.

He turned around to look at the departing Jiang Lan with many questions in his mind.

The other party was clearly only a late-stage Essence Soul. Why did he have such a feeling?

He, who was born as an immortal, had a special sense towards danger. But what was there to fear about this person?

What extraordinary Dharma treasure did this person have?

“What are you looking at?” Ao Ye had already returned.

He saw that Ao Man was a little distracted.

“Who is the human who has just disappeared at the end of the road?” Ao Man asked curiously.

He just wanted to know who that person was.

For the other party to make him act like this, there must be something extraordinary about him.

It even made him feel like he shouldn’t make the other person his enemy.

“Jiang Lan, your opponent in Kunlun this time. It is said that he has mastered the Dragon Slaying Sword. It’s extremely harmful to dragons,” said Ao Ye.

He did not take it to heart.

He felt that these people were exaggerating.

“Future brother-in-law?” Ao Man was shocked. This was the first time they had met, and he was actually frightened by his future brother-in-law.

However, he was more concerned about the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Did he lose his composure because of the Dragon Slaying Sword?

The Dragon Slaying Sword could not be underestimated.

However, he could still take down a late-stage Essence Soul.

Even though he was born as an immortal and even though he was young, he was definitely not a flower vase.

By the time his seniors finished their discussion with Kunlun, it would be roughly time for him to challenge the other party.

It did not matter who won the first eight matches. What was important was his match.

“Let’s go and drink. Now is not the time to cause trouble. Otherwise, there will be gossip. The good wine here is really impressive,” said Ao Ye.

The two of them walked in.

Not long after, the sound of wine bottles shattering could be heard from the inn.


The sound was very loud. Following which, angry roars could be heard.

“Are you feeding a dog? How can a mouthful of wine be sufficient? Give me a jar!”

It was Ao Ye’s voice.

After giving the wine to his master, Jiang Lan returned to the Netherworld Cave.

He had just learned from his master that something might happen in the Netherworld’s Entrance soon. He had to be careful.

His master had also told him that if there was any unrest outside, he could try to partic.i.p.ate.

Just that he had to protect himself.

“Is it because I lack experience?”

Jiang Lan wasn’t surprised. He truly lacked experience.

The only time he went out to train was when there was no battle.

After all, with a thousand years of providence, danger would usually not find its way to him.

However, he felt that it was increasingly difficult to acc.u.mulate a thousand years’ worth of providence.

If the providence had been acc.u.mulated for a long time, it would become harder to condense more of it and some would even dissipate.

It would take some time to stabilize.

In the end, it was all up to the individual.

Sitting in the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan began to pay attention to all the array formations here, as well as the Catoptric Deflection that obscured the secrets in the Netherworld Cave from the outside world.

Even if someone were to divine the situation in the Netherworld Cave, they would only be able to divine what was happening in the realm created by his Catoptric Deflection.

If one’s attainment was high enough, they could be able to see through all illusions, but if one’s attainment was not high enough, there was no possibility of them seeing through anything.

Today, Jiang Lan didn’t enter the wooden house but sat outside. The entrance to the Netherworld had erupted, so cultivating outside was better.

Of course, now that the dragons were here, he was worried that something unexpected might happen.

With vigilance, he closed his eyes to meditate on the Catoptric Deflection.

If he still could not comprehend it, he could only consume the last portion of Dao Comprehension Tea.

There was no point in keeping it.

At night.

Suddenly, a sound rang out from within the serene Netherworld Cave. Light flickered above the cave.

These lights were all complicated runes. It was as if something had touched them, forcing them to emit light.


There was a sudden loud noise outside.


A wolf’s howl shook heaven and earth.

Jiang Lan opened his eyes.

He looked up at the sky.

“They have come.”

The array formation that he used to conceal the secrets of the Netherworld Cave was activated. Someone wanted to divine something in the Netherworld Cave, but as to whether it was the Netherworld Entrance or him, he did not know for the time being.

He needed to wait a little longer. He needed to wait until the divination was over.

At that time, he could use the feedback to know that even if it was him or the Netherworld’s Entrance. He could also try to find the other party’s whereabouts.

However, it would only point in a rough direction.

It would be even more difficult if the other party was an expert in divination.

He had to go out and look for the other party himself, and judge based on the situation.


Another rumble came from outside.

Jiang Lan looked outside and didn’t hurry. Instead, he continued to wait.

The demons would soon be dealt with. Their main goal was the entrance to the Netherworld.

Those who came out to attack Kunlun were all cannon fodder.

Jiang Lan looked at the entrance to the Netherworld but didn’t feel any changes.

“It’s a little strange.”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, if there was already a fight outside.

The entrance to the Netherworld would more or less change, but there were no changes at all.


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