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Chapter 378: Junior Brother, Stop Fighting

It was morning.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! I admit defeat.”

At the square of the Ninth Summit, Xiao Yu cried out in pain while holding her head.

Jiang Lan held a wooden sword in his hand.

His Senior Sister had insisted on fighting with him at the Ninth Summit’s square. Hence, he wanted to make this dragon understand some truths.

She had no chance of winning if he had the help of the array formations.

Next time, they should fight at the Jade Pool.

At that moment, he saw Xiao Yu raising her head and looking at him with anger in her eyes.

“Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu glared angrily at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan lowered his head and looked at Xiao Yu without saying anything.

He waited.

At this moment, Xiao Yu stood up and stared at Jiang Lan. Then, she lowered her hand as if she had compromised.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you for the next hundred years.”

Jiang Lan returned the wooden sword to Xiao Yu. It didn’t make any difference whether she listened or not.

“Junior Brother, look, it’s been a long time since the Ninth Summit has been taken care of. You can order me to help you with it,” Xiao Yu said as she took the wooden sword.

To increase my own workload? Jiang Lan thought.

However, he still listened to Xiao Yu and took care of the Ninth Summit with her.

Xiao Yu had come to play.

Only with her presence was his life not dull.

He would answer Xiao Yu’s questions from time to time.

“Junior Brother, this flower is very beautiful. Can you transplant it back?”

“It’s poisonous.”

“What about this tree?”

“It will disrupt the balance of the array formation.”

“Junior Brother, let’s build a pond next time the house is rebuilt.”


Jiang Lan felt that as long as he agreed, the house would collapse every few days.

Xiao Yu would unwittingly remove a few bricks.

At night.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu returned to the courtyard.

Xiao Yu sat beside Jiang Lan and ma.s.saged her legs.

“Isn’t Junior Brother tired?”

“A little,” Jiang Lan replied.

When he was alone, he would never get tired.

He only felt a little tired after taking care of everything with Xiao Yu, but he was not unhappy at all.

“Here.” Xiao Yu handed the wooden sword to Jiang Lan before turning her back to him.

Then, Jiang Lan felt Xiao Yu resting against his back.

“Junior Brother, don’t move. Let me lean on you.” Xiao Yu’s voice was heard.

It was light and pleasing to the ear.

The wooden sword was held in Jiang Lan’s hand, and he began to embed it with his Dragon Slaying Sword Sword Intent.

He did not move too much.

“Does Junior Brother still need to go into seclusion?” Xiao Yu asked.

“If I don’t come out for a long time, it’s most likely because I have entered an epiphany,” Jiang Lan replied.

At that time, he had indeed gained an epiphany, and his comprehension of the Dao had advanced a step further. Thus, he had entered the Netherworld Cave.

He did not come out for years.

His comprehension of the great Dao grew deeper and deeper.

Even if it was perfected, there was still a deeper level.

That should be the way to develop his own Dao.

Perhaps after becoming a Celestial Immortal, his progress would be a bit faster.

“Junior Brother, are you a hidden genius?” Xiao Yu turned to look at Jiang Lan.

“Why do you always suddenly gain an epiphany when I leave you alone for a while?”

Jiang Lan didn’t reply.

It was not really always.

It was only once every few years or decades.

Most of the time, he had relied on the acc.u.mulation of time to gain an epiphany.

There was only a small number of times when he relied on special artifacts to enter a state of enlightenment.

For example, the lake in the Third Summit’s mystic realm made him feel blessed, allowing him to gain enlightenment.

There was also the innkeeper’s tea. His mind was clear, so he had a better understanding of it.

And the recent epiphany was basically due to the Dao.

He kept walking on the path of the Dao.

After sufficient preparations and understanding.

The epiphany had come naturally.

“Senior Sister can do it too,” Jiang Lan said softly.

After becoming a True Immortal, his Senior Sister should also be comprehending the Dao.

The next morning.

Xiao Yu left the Ninth Summit and returned to the Jade Pool on her sword.

Her Junior Brother had already reached the most important hundred years to become an immortal. She could not affect him too much.

Returning to the Jade Pool, Xiao Yu’s body started to transform.

She returned to her normal appearance.

Then, she walked into the Jade Pool.

Only half her face was left above the water.

“Junior Brother is too annoying. He actually won again.”

“How can array formations be so powerful?”

Ao Longyu blew bubbles, feeling indignant.

She wanted to win and ask her Junior Brother to hug her.


She had to listen to her Junior Brother for another hundred years.

She’d love to but…

Gulp gulp!

Ao Longyu blushed slightly before entering the Jade Pool.

Xiao Yu had already returned.

Jiang Lan approached the courtyard.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would go take a stroll at where the Dao lectures were held.

He would listen to the disciples talk about the situation in the Grand Desolate World.

This way, he would know the current situation and whether the demons and Ba Country were still fighting.

If not, it meant that everyone had obtained the Deity Position.

The battle had come to an end.

But something else should happen.

After all, he had seen the demons and the devils near Kunlun.

These people should have other things they wanted.

They were not simply wary of Kunlun.

Moreover, once the battle stopped, these people would be free.

Jiang Lan wasn’t worried about anything else. What he cared about was the Heavenly Human Race.

It seemed like both the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race and the Heavenly Human Race were going to gain something in the near future. Once they both obtained what they wanted…

Then there would be a truce.

Then, the Heavenly Human Race would think of him and take action against him.

This was one of the troubles.

At that time, he could only hide in the Ninth Summit.

If he were to leave, he would be in danger.

However, he chose not to go down now because of the matter of the array formation challenge previously.

Many people must know of his existence now.

If he went down, he might be discovered and be the center of discussion.

“I should stay in seclusion on the mountain for a few decades.”

Jiang Lan thought.

As long as his master did not find any fortuitous opportunities for him, he should be able to enter seclusion for sixty years.

Things would proceed smoothly.

However, he had not thought of the remuneration that his Senior Sister had mentioned previously. She would occasionally rush him.

Perhaps next time.

Spring pa.s.sed and autumn came.

Jiang Lan began to cultivate normally.

During his cultivation, he didn’t care about what happened in Kunlun.

A few years later, he saw a change in the Kunlun Main Hall.

The original three beams had become four.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay too much attention to this and continued cultivating.

He felt that his cultivation base was about to break through.

His tempering of his meridians was about to be completed.

After he completed it, he would advance one step further in his cultivation of his golden body. Next, he would need to temper his bones.

Once he entered that stage, he would have advanced to the late-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

His increased comprehension of the Dao due to the epiphanies he experienced would also increase his speed of advancement.

Starlight flowed as the sun and moon alternated.

As the winds blew, time seemed to speed up.

Time flowed around him.

Jiang Lan sat in the Netherworld Cave, feeling everything in his body.

His hundred meridians were filled with golden light. They had reached perfection and were moving towards his bones.

He did not know the flow of time, nor the pa.s.sing of time.

Jiang Lan fell into the void.

The power of the Great Dao flowed around him.

It was as if he had entered the depths of his body and was beginning to temper his body and bones.


The golden light began to light up.

It appeared in his bones.

When Jiang Lan sensed this, golden light also appeared in his eyes.

He felt that his body was filled with immense power.

Then, the power began to fade.

His golden eyes slowly opened.

Late-stage Heaven Immortal.

This cultivation session lasted for twenty years.

He had been in the sect for 530 years.


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