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Chapter 164: He Touched My Chest 2

Gu Weiwei leisurely came into Fu s.h.i.+yi’s room and saw the badly injured President Cheng and nodded in satisfaction.

She was never disappointed by Fu s.h.i.+yi’s abilities.

She had meant to do it herself, but thought of how much trouble she could bring herself if she did punch him.

So she pressed down the anger and brought the man to Fu s.h.i.+yi instead.

After all, even if this Third Master punched half of the life out of him, President Cheng and Tiansheng Enterprise would never dare to do anything about it.

She took a glance at the door and asked Jolin to join her in eating breakfast downstairs. She showed no interest in seeing what was going on.

It was not until Jolin entered the elevator and saw no one around them, did he ask, “Li Xing’er set you up?”

She texted him about what had happened last night when she returned to the room.

“Don’t worry, if she truly wants to have problems with me, I will take the opportunity and pay her back.” Gu Weiwei said with a light smile.

She would leave anyone, who did not offend her, alone.

But if someone intended to offend her, she would also take revenge on him too.

“You must tell me in advance, but…” Jolin glanced at Li Xing’er and Wei Ziting who were waving good-bye to each other at the lobby after he exited the elevator, “You executed it well last night.”

If she had turned down the biggest investor of the Long Wind and the investor insisted on having the role changed, she might have to quit filming this movie.

But if she accepted the investor, then she would put herself in a bad position later on. So sending that man to Third Master was the best solution.

In this way, she not only vented her anger but also caused the investor to have no way out when Third Master punched him.

He found that Mu Weiwei was much better than most of the top stars he used to manage.

She was obedient, docile, pretty and skilled, and yet she was also very good at dealing with crises.

As Gu Weiwei and Jolin were leisurely eating their breakfast down in the dining room, Fu s.h.i.+yi was busy making a fuss about ringing the police and suing President Cheng for s.e.xual hara.s.sment.

President Cheng, as someone experienced in the industry, was not a dumb-headed person.

Fu s.h.i.+yi was powerful and popular, and if this matter was brought out to the public, nothing good would come of him and Tiansheng Enterprise. Instead, the stocks of Tiansheng Enterprise might also drop tremendously.

Therefore, even if he felt wronged, he had to compensate Fu s.h.i.+yi with a great amount of money as a private settlement.

It was not until the secretary transferred the money to him did Fu s.h.i.+yi release him.

Then he himself called the ambulance and went to the hospital for treatment.

Luo Jiaming said seriously, as he saw Fu s.h.i.+yi who had gotten changed and walked out of the bathroom, “This was just a misunderstanding, and you have been over the top. You are the Third Master of the Fu Family, but don’t overuse that ident.i.ty.”

“I have overused my ident.i.ty?” Fu s.h.i.+yi snorted.

w.a.n.g Weidong had drooled over his future sister-in-law and he had ended up in the hospital. He was probably going to be a vegetative man for the rest of his life.

Compared to his ruthless brother, he was being gentle.

“President Cheng does have a terrible reputation, but he also knows that he should not make a fuss with you. He had intended to go to Mu Weiwei last night, right?” Luo Jiaming asked.

President Cheng had been looking at Mu Weiwei last night at the banquet and everyone knew that he had the intention of getting close to Mu Weiwei.

“But my chest was touched!” Fu s.h.i.+yi adjusted his clothes and said seriously.

Luo Jiaming looked at him speechlessly and threw himself onto the sofa as he said, “Director Yi said that Mu Weiwei is a good actress and so we can probably cook up some Couple news, as a promotional method, in the post-production period, right?”

After all, Mu Weiwei was not only nicer looking but also more skilled than most of his other rumored girlfriends.

They would definitely make a cute couple in public.

In this way, he could drop the t.i.tle of being a womanizer but also obtain some popularity for Mu Weiwei.


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