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Chapter 54: You Have Me From Now On

Fu Hanzheng’s dark, deep eyes were full of mist. He picked up the water that Fu s.h.i.+qin had poured for him and said nonchalantly, “w.a.n.g Weidong and his men are trying to catch you.”

Gu Weiwei became startled. No wonder w.a.n.g Weidong and Zhou Meiqin had not come to her.

Especially after she had set them up the last time.

She had been cautious when going out these days, fearing that the Li Family or w.a.n.g Weidong would bring her trouble.

But she had never seen anyone suspicious, nor had she discovered w.a.n.g Weidong’s men or someone who stalked her.

It seemed that his men had not only removed w.a.n.g Weidong’s men but also turned out to be too skillful for her to notice them.

She stayed in silence for a long time and threw a look at Fu s.h.i.+qin who was trying hard to conceal himself.

“Can you leave us alone?”

Fu s.h.i.+qin dashed off without another word. It was too scary at home and he was better off running away quickly so as to keep himself safe.

After the door was closed, deadly silence dominated the room.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath, came over to the sofa and looked directly into the man’s profound eyes.

“Fu Hanzheng, I am sorry that I pestered you before, but I am very tired now. I have got nothing left and what I want is to live a quiet life on my own.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face softened somehow when he saw the agony below the girl’s eyes.

“From now on, you have me. I can give you anything you want, and I can help you get back anything you want to get back.”

Had it not been her purpose when she tried to approach him at the beginning?

And now when he wanted to give her whatever she had dreamt about, what made her turn him down?

Gu Weiwei smiled and said with determination.

“But I do not want it. I do not want you or anything from you.”

She had been brought back to the Gu Family to live by Mother Gu when her own mother pa.s.sed away because of sickness when she was one years old.

Gu Siting had been her dearest brother and used to be the man she once loved the deepest.

He dominated her world, yet he scooped out her heart for Ling Yan, showing no condolences to her when she died.

He had given her the most luxurious life for more than two decades, yet he had tossed her into the coldest and most isolated bas.e.m.e.nt.

Fu Hanzheng talked with her in this way, because he did not know that she was actually not Mu Weiwei.

And would he still say the same thing, after he knew that she was Gu Weiwei, the offspring of the worst enemy of the Fu Family?

When that time came, he might kill her too.

She could not irritate him, so she wanted to stay away from him so that she could realize her wish of this second chance life.

“So, you are thinking about leaving after you have irritated me?” Fu Hanzheng looked profound.

Gu Weiwei was in a very awkward position. It had been Mu Weiwei who had irritated him, yet she was the one who had to answer for the consequences.

Alright, she could accept the truth.

Since she lived on in someone else’s body, she had to pay the price.

She took a deep breath, removed her overcoat and the T-s.h.i.+rt underneath.

Then she removed her jeans until she only had her underwear left on.

The girl’s tender skin looked very white and moist under the lights, and her slender and pretty body-shape was exposed to the man.

As Fu Hanzheng watched what she was doing, his eyebrows frowned and lips puckered.

Gu Weiwei approached him, straddled his legs and started to untie his well-made tie.

“What are you doing?” Fu Hanzheng’s voice sounded cold to the deepest degree.


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