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Chapter 585: Breakup?

“Yes, it sounds very advanced.” Fu s.h.i.+qin said as he ate his snacks.

Gu Weiwei frowned. Hopefully, they would be able to make some progress because of the lie detectors.

Seeing her worried expression, Fu Hanzheng said straightforwardly, “The lie detector is indeed useful, but it also depends on whether the operator has asked the correct questions and the mentality of the person who is being tested.”

“It might not be of much use but if the Ling Family is up to something, they will be exposed.”

“Hopefully.” Gu Weiwei sighed.

Fu s.h.i.+qin finished the food and said, with a pile of files in his arms, “Brother, if you are done with your reunion, can you continue with your work?”

“You have an important meeting in an hour, you should leave now.”

If it had not been for this capable brother, he would not have been able to pick up his girlfriend.

Fu Hanzheng glanced at the pile of files and said to Gu Weiwei,

“I am going, so you should rest now. I will finish my work and come home as soon as possible.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei nodded. “Go ahead.”

In order to pick her up from Australia, he had already missed a lot of work.

Fu Hanzheng got changed and left with Fu s.h.i.+qin and the pile of files.

Gu Weiwei returned to the room alone, unpacked the luggage she had brought home and sat on the carpet, not feeling sleepy at all.

She was just about to find the script and continue with the storyline, when Yuan Meng called her.

“Hey, what happened to our Master?”

“He ran away when I came back, I can’t tie him down.” Gu Weiwei snorted.

Because she had returned to the Anderson Family alone, there was no way Yuan Shuo would be at ease. He would definitely look for her after he recovered.

Also, Alex Anderson was trying to steal her away. If he did not go now, his wife would be taken away.

“You…” Yuan Meng sighed helplessly and asked, “Did Gu Siting come to you again?”

“Yes, he followed me to the no man’s land in Northern Australia.” Gu Weiwei answered.

Yuan Meng asked worriedly, “Did he do anything to you?”

Gu Weiwei said, “What can he do to me now? He can’t even take care of himself.”

“You are right. Your father is enough to keep him busy.” Yuan Meng gloated.

The Dorrans Family had stopped their collaboration and now the Gu Family was very busy.

Gu Weiwei sighed deeply and said, “Fu Hanzheng asked me yesterday if I knew Gu Weiwei.”

“He suspects you?” Yuan Meng asked in astonishment.

Gu Weiwei said, “I don’t think so, but I don’t think we can hide it for too long.”

Yuan Meng said straightforwardly, “If you can’t keep it from him, just tell him. What would he want to break up with you for?”

“What if… he really wants to?” Gu Weiwei asked.

“So be it, you don’t want a man like him.” Yuan Meng snorted and said, “If you break up with him, you can come to me. I will introduce you to a bunch of Western men…”

“You better keep them for yourself.” Gu Weiwei interrupted her when she noticed that the conversation was going off topic.

“Alright, seriously though,” Yuan Meng became serious and said, “It might be difficult to tell him, but you should tell him yourself. If Gu Siting knows about it first, he will definitely let Fu Hanzheng know about it and you will be put into an even worse situation.”

“I tried, but I just can’t say it.” Gu Weiwei said, feeling as if a huge rock was pressing down on her heart.

“Why not? It is Gu Siting’s family who has a blood feud with the Fu Family and you are not the Gu Family’s biological daughter.” Yuan Meng’s heart softened when she heard her tone. “You were only a year old when you were sent to the Gu Family and that was not something you could have chosen. Fu Hanzheng should understand that.”


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