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Chapter 680: Li Family’s Internal Strife

Li Jiacheng came home but he did not enter the house.

He parked the car near his home and saw Zhou Meiqin being taken away by the police car. He was smoking in the car and did not enter the house until the evening.

Seeing him coming home, Li Xing’er furiously yelled at him, “Dad, why? Why did you betray Mom?”

“What betrayal?” Li Jiacheng played dumb.

“Only a few of us know about it, and you are the only one who has been away for half a day. Who else is going to tell but you?” Li Xing’er pressed.

She had thought that the worst case scenario was that her career would be ruined and her family would be facing a lawsuit with Mu Weiwei.

But what was worse was that her parents had turned against her and the family had fallen apart.

Seeing that he could not hide it any longer, Li Jiacheng did not deny it.

“What do you know? I did it for this family!”

Without the company, how would the family live?

“You are sacrificing my mother for this family?” Li Xing’er asked with tears streaming down her face.

Li Jiacheng impatiently sighed and said, as he sat down, “I have found a lawyer to defend your mother. She will be sentenced to at most ten years for intentional murder. She will be released within ten years if she performs well.”

“Ten years, how many years can a person live for? Do you have any conscience?”

Li Xing’er gritted her teeth. She had always hoped that the family could reunite and that she would be able to live well with her father.

Now, she would rather not have him as her father.

“If we don’t keep the company, we will have nothing left.” Li Jiacheng bellowed.

“Keep the company?” Li Xing’er sneered and snorted. “Do you think that Mu Weiwei would leave the company to you just because you offered up mother? She wants our family to be ruined, so why would she leave the company to you?”

“I am her father after all!” Li Jiacheng resolutely said.

If it had not been for Zhou Meiqin’s appearance, he might have been able to spend the rest of his life with Mu Yao. Mu Yao did not like people who backstabbed or smiled fakely, so he would have been the one in charge of the company.

But at that time, he had listened to Zhou Meiqin’s instigation and joined her because he was worried that Mu Weiwei would take over the company, when she was older.

But now, she had fallen into such a situation.

“You have never treated her as your daughter, why would she treat you as her father? What are you dreaming about?” Li Xing’er bellowed furiously.

She had been defeated by Mu Weiwei several times, and she knew that she would not let them off easily.

Mu Weiwei not only hated her mother but also everyone else.

It was not the right time for her to exact revenge before, so she had been keeping a low profile.

Now that everyone was on her side, she would not frown even if she forced their family to death.

“Enough, you are the cause of everything. If you had not revealed the truth in front of her, she would have kept it to herself.” Li Jiacheng was very annoyed and did not want to argue with her anymore.

Mu Weiwei did not pursue the matter before, but when she told Mu Weiwei about the car accident last time, Mu Weiwei refused to let it go.

Before this, Mu Weiwei had no idea that the car accident was caused by someone else, but because she had said something she should not have…


Li Xing’er burst into tears with her hands over her face. She had just wanted to irritate Mu Weiwei, so that she would retaliate and be scolded by the public, but she had not expected that Mu Weiwei would start the recording the moment she entered the room.

Also, whilst the public supported her, the evidence against Mu Weiwei was released and she was criticized by everyone. But in the blink of an eye, she became the object of everyone’s sympathy.


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