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Chapter 98: Women out for Him

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Weiwei suspected that it was him who did it, but she had no evidence.

Fu s.h.i.+qin knew that it was him, but he did not dare to reveal the truth.

Without any math being open, Fu Hanzheng became her maths tutor.

Every day after school, she would either go over other subjects or learn maths from Fu Hanzheng. In this way, half a month pa.s.sed extremely quickly.

Ji Cheng came to link her arm with hers in the afternoon after school.

“G.o.ddess, I am going to have my piano test next week, please save me.”

“Alright then, let’s see how well you have practised.” Gu Weiwei nodded and went to meet Luo Qianqian.

The two of them played the five songs for the test one after another. Luo Qianqian was doing well, but Ji Cheng was not following the rhythm.

She showed her patiently one part after another and that made her slightly more proficient.

It was not until eight p.m when she and Ji Cheng left the Luo Family home.

“G.o.ddess, honestly, don’t you have any feelings towards such a good-looking man like Fu Hanzheng?”

“What feelings?” Gu Weiwei pretended to be dumb towards this question.

“Like sleeping with him!” Ji Cheng said excitedly, “There are so many women who try to sleep with him in Hua Land. He is so good-looking and his body is so great. You… don’t you have any feelings towards him?”

Gu Weiwei looked calm. “No.”

“Are you a girl or not?” Ji Cheng looked annoyed.

“Didn’t you just ask me to be your sister-in-law? Now you are telling me to sleep with Fu Hanzheng, so fickle of you.”

“That is the girls of Hua Land’s dream! Mine too! If you reach it, my dream is realized too.” Ji Cheng let out a sigh.

“…” Gu Weiwei was speechless – what kind of dream was that?

Alright, her dream had been realized.

She might not have slept with Fu Hanzheng, but Mu Weiwei had.

“Then I can hook you two up, if you really want to be with him.”

Ji Cheng shook her head. “No, no, I am frightened in front of him. Let’s just make it stay a dream.”

She found it very hard to breathe the other day, when she ended up being in the same room as Boss Fu.

The two were just walking along when Ji Cheng felt her stomach started to ache. She said, “Weiwei, I need to visit the bathroom. You go home ahead of me.”

“Are you alright?” Gu Weiwei asked her worriedly, seeing her turning pale.

“No, it is okay, you can go home now. It is very late.” Ji Cheng said as she went into a cafe to use the bathroom.

Gu Weiwei had to leave alone first. Just when she was about to get on the bus, Ji Cheng called again and asked pitifully, “G.o.ddess, I am on my period, can you buy me some pads and give them to me.”

Startled, Gu Weiwei said, “Okay.”

Then she returned to the convenience store, bought the pads and delivered them to the bathroom in the cafe.

Ji Cheng came out of the bathroom and saw her waiting, she patted her on the shoulders.

“G.o.ddess, what are you looking at? I called your name twice.”

Gu Weiwei smiled. “Nothing, let’s go.”

As they reached the bus station, Ji Cheng left first whilst she herself was left still standing at the bus stop, as she had missed the bus that could take her home.

But if not for Ji Cheng’s reminder, she would not have remembered that she was late for her period for over a month.

And the night when she was reborn into Mu Weiwei, Fu Hanzheng had forcefully slept with her.

And as she thought even further, she suddenly remembered that he was not wearing a condom that night.


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