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Chapter 980: Fu Hanzheng’s Love Rival

After the divorce, Gu Weiwei was not depressed or staying at home feeling sad. Instead, she started to work.

She was as busy as Fu Hanzheng, when it came to the studio and the movie she was going to make.

Jolin was very efficient. He chose the address of the studio and contacted a company he was familiar with to come up with a renovation plan. Within half a month, the studio was completed.

Also, he had personally hired all the staff in the company.

Everything was ready to start and so they picked a very lucky day for the opening.

Jolin drafted an invitation and asked Gu Weiwei, “We have invited the director of the Long Wind and the Eyes of the Eagle, as well as Song Yu and Li Xing’er, but we have not invited anyone else.”

Gu Weiwei nodded. “Just them will be enough.”

Before Yuan Bao left school, Yuan Meng went to pick him up and brought him to the studio, where she continued with her a.s.sistant/bodyguard work.

Due to Yuan Bao’s cute appearance and sweet mouth, he soon became the darling of everyone in the studio.

The little boy came back with a blue balloon in one hand and a pink rabbit balloon in the other. He went over to Gu Weiwei and said to her sweetly, “These are for you!”

Gu Weiwei looked at him and then at the balloons.

“Thanks, Yuan Bao, but I need to work now, so I can’t play with you.”

She not only needed to support the studio but also invest in the movie.

Therefore, if they could not get the movie started as soon as possible, they would not be able to afford the delay.

“Good luck!”

Yuan Bao clenched his fists and tried to cheer her up.

The staff who were in the meeting with Gu Weiwei felt that he was so, so cute.

After a long time, when everyone had finished the day’s work, Gu Weiwei, Yuan Meng and Yuan Bao returned to Yijing Pavilion.

Yuan Shuo came home before them and came out to pick him up when he heard the noise of the car. He picked up his son and said to Gu Weiwei, who was getting out of the car, “Weiwei, I think that you are in some sort of trouble.”

“Trouble?” Gu Weiwei frowned.

Gu Siting had already returned to A Land and he had not provoked the Fu Family. What trouble could he possibly cause?

Yuan Shuo pointed at a villa opposite them. “Someone moved into the residence that is opposite to us.”

“Who?” Yuan Meng looked at the villa he pointed at curiously.

Hearing his tone and expression, Gu Weiwei could not help but take a look at the place he was pointing at.

For some reason, she had a bad feeling.

The three of them were just looking when someone came out of the villa opposite them. A tall Swedish man was walking towards them.

“Lovely Weiwei, we meet again.”

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched – trouble indeed.

“Prince Gustav, are you so free?”

Anthony Gustav approached her and smiled.

“I heard that you are divorced, so I am here to keep you company.”

“No thanks,” Gu Weiwei said with her teeth clenched.

It was such a secretive matter but he actually knew about it and came to move in opposite her house.

Anthony Gustav was not disappointed by her rejection. Instead, he said, “Before, you could have used your fiancé to turn me down but now that you are divorced, I think I have the right to court you.”

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly. “I think that I have the right to turn you down.”

Yuan Meng gloated and mumbled, “d.a.m.n, Fu Hanzheng’s love rival is back online.”


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