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My pet is a holy maiden C87 – Ownership of “Amaryllis” Part 2

Translator: yompyamper

It’s time to finally put an end to the turmoil of a child competing for a new toy.

“Thank you, you! Your father-in-law!”

Freena’s lightning, with a sharp and narrow eyebrow, finally falls on Barride and Argento.

“Today, my son’s friend has come to play, so how long will you keep fighting in an unsightly manner like that !?”

Barride and Argento, father and son correct their posture on the spot when she stood up with a sharp gaze.

“Uh, um, that was true, yeah, I’m sorry, Freenea.”

“I’m sorry!”

“Is it not for me, apologize to Tatsumi and Calcedonia”

The father and son turned around to Tatsuki and Calcedonia with the same movement as if they had agreed on it. And also at the same time, they lower their head.

“Sorry, Tatsumi, Calcedonia.”

“”Sky Soarer”, Calce, I am really sorry.”

King and Prince. In other words, the two heads of the country bowed to me, and I was clueless about what I should do.

Calcedonia sitting next to me only smiles, and Jolt and Lieverna also look at their grandfather and father with amazed faces. Neither the servants who are next to the wall don’t seem to be particularly concerned.

That’s why I decided that this was “normal” for their family.

“No, no, don’t worry. But… a friendly family that can fight… I’m a little jealous.”


Words with a bit of resentment. Realizing that he was reminded of his family who died in the accident, Calcedonia looked worriedly at his face.

When I notice that gaze, I smile softly.

“… Okay, now there is Giuseppe and his family … and above all, there’s always someone next to me.”

“Yes. I am always with my husband.”

Tatsumi and Calcedonia exchange glances full of trust and affection.

Our two hands are holding each other, and I feel like my face is approaching.

“Oh, yeah. I know that they are always close, and I don’t feel like getting in the way of them.”

Both of us suddenly hear Jolt’s voice, recall the current situation and look back.

Jolt has warm eyes that are different from his grandfather and father, and Barride and Argento are smiling and laughing.

Freenea smiles, and Riberna turns red and hides her face with both hands, but still watches the two people firmly through the gaps between her fingers.

“Oh, that’s true. As Jolt says, it looks like it’s pretty heartwarming when you listen to them.”

That was said by the smiling Freenea, and “Sky Soarer “ and Calcedonia could only turn reddish.

Later, Tatsumi and the Calcedonia were teased by the kings. Along the way, Jolt comes up with something and asks Tatsumi.

“No, no, the magic of cutting the “flying dragon” is … Isn’t it a “split”? “

“No, that’s not true. That’s right…”

After looking around, I pick up the metal fork I used to eat sweets with the tea.

“Well … Is this OK to break this?”

“Yeah, it’s okay … what would you do?”

Jolt like curious. It was not just Jolt, but also the rest of the family.

I hold the fork with my left hand so that the tip of the fork points up, and place my index finger on the right hand against the neck of the fork.

And then, unleash the magical power and activate “Split” at my fingertips. When the heel of the fork is pulled a little to the side, the fork is cut soundlessly.


Jolt’s words spill out.

A metal fork was cut with just a slight movement of the finger. Everyone other than Tatsumi and Calcedonia are surprised..

“… In other words, even if you don’t have a weapon, if you have magical power, you can sever anything with your bare hands. Honestly, it’s scary.”

Tatsumi smiles at Barride’s words. He know this magic is extremely orientated towards

Whether it’s “Instant transition” or “Split”, there’s no better magic to do a surprise attack.

Rather than hitting like a knight from the front, you can make sure to end up surprising the opponent. That must be the most effective way of fighting using Tatsumi’s magic.

“So… Yes. For example, can you transfer only the blade of a sword and attack a remote opponent?”

I shake my head to Argento’s question.

“I can’t do that because you can’t transfer only things or parts of the body. You can only do that when you use Amaryllis.”

When I wear “Amaryllis” on your arm, I can manipulate the chain with magical power.

Tatsumi manipulates the golden chains in the air like a snake and moves only the tip of the chain and wraps the chain around a small candlestick placed on the wall.

The next instant, the candlestick on the wall moves into the hand of the wall. Seeing it, the royals cheered a little.

“Hey, this is interesting. Tatsumi can be a street performer, not a monster beast hunter or a fighting priest right?”

“Yeah, I actually think so.”

Tatsumi and Jolt look at each other as the corner of their mouths rise and they lift their shoulders.


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