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Chapter 1014: Hand In Hand

“Nuannuan, play with those brats for a while. I’ll cook for you. What do you like to eat? What kind of flavor do you like?”

At this moment, Nangong Qin had already put on an ap.r.o.n and rolled up his sleeves. He looked like any typical househusband. Anyone who saw him like this would never have guessed that he was Chairman Nangong who could summon a storm at will.

“Anything?” Nangong Nuannuan looked at Nangong Qin.

“Hehe, Nuannuan, you’ve really underestimated your second uncle. The food he makes tastes even better than that of the Chi family’s second uncle. Look at how much weight I’ve gained. It’s all thanks to your second uncle’s cooking.”

Second Aunt-in-law knew that her husband had been busy cooking recently just so he could make something delicious for their little princess. Although she could not understand why the men of the Nangong family were so obsessed with their little sister, she should provide her husband unconditional support since she married him.

She knew that her husband’s biggest goal at the moment was not to get a few small subsidiary companies listed on the market, but to defeat Chi Ziyao and successfully obtain the stamp of approval from Nuannuan’s stomach. Therefore, her Second Aunt-in-law immediately stepped in to toot her husband’s horn. Of course, she did not forget to snipe at the second uncle from the Chi family.

A smile flashed across Nangong Nuannuan’s eyes. “I like spicy, sweet and sour, sour and spicy, sweet; I also like chicken, roasted duck, goose, fish…”

After hearing Nuannuan’s long list, everyone was stunned.

In the end, Second Uncle was the first to react. He nodded and concluded, “My Nuannuan is a good girl who isn’t picky with her food! Go play with Big Brother and the rest, I’ll go cook.”

“…” Nuannuan lapsed into silence. Was the phrase, ‘not picky’ correctly used here? She clearly had a big appet.i.te, but she guessed that it was not wrong to interpret it that way.

Nangong Qin then shouted, “Nangong Zheng, go to the farm outside and catch two ducks, two chickens, and ten rabbits for me.”

“Didn’t Nuannuan say she wanted to eat goose?”

“I’ve already killed three of that this morning. I don’t need more.”


At home, the men in the Nangong family did not look like elite men with powerful auras.

At home, Old Master Nangong looked like the kindest grandfather in the world and was currently playing chess with her first uncle.

Her uncles and brothers all acted like they were good househusbands at home and a.s.sisted Nangong Qin.

On the other hand, the group of Nangong family servants had all left, leaving only the butler at home. Everyone was involved in making lunch and dinner.

Nangong Nuannuan wanted to see what the Nangong family’s farm looked like, so she followed Nangong Zheng out.

Nangong Zheng smiled and asked, “Nuannuan, are you going to accompany me to catch some poultry?”


“Okay, let’s go. I’ll show you the animals that we rear.”

After saying that, Nangong Zheng reached out and held Nuannuan’s hand like it was the most natural thing in the world and walked out of the room.

Nangong family’s uncles, “…”

The Nangong brothers, “…”

Old Master Nangong, “…”

“Auntie, I want to go too!” Lil Ling’er looked at the hand that held her aunt’s hand and immediately got out of Nangong Shu’s embrace. She hopped toward her aunt with her stubby legs.

Her aunt was hers. In this family, only she and her aunt were the same. So, they should be the closest! She must protect Auntie well.

“I’m going too!” Lil Sun immediately followed.

“Me too!”

“Nuannuan, I’ll accompany you!”

“Since you’re going, let’s go together. Nuannuan, Grandpa will go with you too.” Old Master Nangong stopped playing chess and stood up to walk toward Nuannuan.


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