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Chapter 107: Army Wife

“Commander in chief!” Chi Yang’s face darkened. He refused to let this continue.

This question was too difficult. Nuannuan was so young. How would she know?

However, Zhong Nuannuan answered without flinching, “I have to endure the loneliness and accept everything the world throws at me. Not just the suns.h.i.+ne, but also the rain and pain too. I have to take care of his physical and mental state. Other than that, I have to concentrate fully on creating a harmonious home so that there’s a quiet and peaceful place for him to rest after experiencing a storm.”

It was as if she had written a script and memorized it. Perhaps, this was already carved into her heart.

Zhong Nuannuan perfectly recited back what Leng Jinpeng had said to her about army wives during her previous life.

After listening to Zhong Nuannuan’s answer, Leng Jinpeng’s courteous smile turned into one that was genuine and from the heart. He looked at Chi Yang with his dark eyes. “Son, you have such good taste.”

Chi Yang responded to Leng Jinpeng with a confident gaze.

‘Of course, she’s my wife!’

Zhong Kuijun was in a good mood after seeing Zhong Nuannuan successfully impressing the group of leaders. She managed to get on the commander-in-chief’s good side right after meeting him.

Chi Yang ordered the guard behind the commander-in-chief. “Get my windbreaker from the car.”

“Right away.”

The guard jogged to the car and grabbed Chi Yang’s windbreaker.

When Chi Yang received the windbreaker, he placed it over Zhong Nuannuan. After making sure that it was covering the places that should be covered up, he was finally satisfied.

After seeing her 7.5 million Yuan gown being covered up like this, Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

However, Zhong Nuannuan liked the windbreaker better than the 7.5 million Yuan gown.

It was because the windbreaker smelled like him.

Zhong Nuannuan felt at ease as she breathed in the distinct smell.

“Commander Zhong, you have to enlighten me about the experience of having a daughter. What should I do to give birth to such a beautiful and thoughtful daughter?”

“Haha. Of course, definitely,” Zhong Kuijun agreed.

“You want a second child? With who?”

Chi Yang’s questions gave Leng Jinpeng a huge blow without any warning. He coughed awkwardly and said, “My son wants to have grandchildren, so that’s why I’m asking.”

Chi Yang smiled and said nothing more.

Leng Jinpeng felt that this kid was looking down on him.

Zhong Nuannuan was getting along well with the leaders of the military base. Zhong Kuijun’s powerful laughs could be heard across the room. It meant that he was in a good mood.

However, Zhong Qianqian could not smile after being neglected by her father. She was standing outside of the crowd all alone.

“Zhong Nuannuan is so pretty. Say, how are she and Zhong Qianqian sisters? They don’t look alike at all.”

“I heard that they’re not from the same mother. Zhong Qianqian is the daughter of Zhong Kuijun and his current wife.”

“No wonder! I had thought that Zhong Qianqian was quite pretty before, but now after looking at Zhong Nuannuan, I can’t even look at her. They are not on the same level at all. Zhong Nuannuan’s face and body are just perfect!”

“Not only is her face perfect. Just look at that young soldier by her side. He’s so aloof, but when he’s looking at Zhong Nuannuan, his gaze becomes so gentle. I heard that he’s only 26. He’s the youngest captain in the military base of Jiang District. He has such a bright future!”


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