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Chapter 1074: Display Of Power

If the shareholders did not make an appearance, Leng Qirui could appoint and remove personnel under the witness of his lawyer.

Leng Jinjie and Leng Jinchen were sitting with the board members in the pantry downstairs, dissuading them not to go upstairs. After receiving this call, everyone rushed upstairs as fast as they could.

Leng Qirui smirked as he watched the directors rush in one after another.

However, the directors looked at Leng Qirui with mocking smiles on their faces too. It was a smile that only they understood.

“Looks like the previous chairman was too lax with his demands, causing everyone to lose track of time. However, that was in the past. Now that I’m the chairman, from now on, any directors who are late by more than five minutes will be considered forfeiting their rights as directors.”

Everyone frowned at Leng Qirui’s words. They were very dissatisfied with his bossy att.i.tude, but none of them voiced out against him.

“All right, let’s start the meeting now.”

Leng Qirui did not have a pen, a notebook, nor a laptop. He only brought himself in his broken limbs and his mouth.

“Everyone knows that Leng Group’s chairman and his wife, who are also my grandparents, were hit by a car the day before yesterday. The doctor said that if they don’t wake up in 24 hours, it will be very difficult for them to wake up again. My grandfather a.s.sumed the posts as the previous chairman c.u.m CEO. We can say that he shouldered all the responsibilities in Leng Group. Unfortunately, he’s now in bed. Although the company has me as the chairman, everyone must be aware that I haven’t graduated from high school yet. I still have to study for four years in university, so I can’t come to the company every day. Therefore, the company still lacks a CEO who can manage the daily nitty-gritty in the company.

“I have a good CEO candidate. His name is Luo Cheng. Everyone who familiarizes themselves with financial news should recognize this name. He’s a top manager. At the end of this year, he ended his contract with a global top 50 company and resigned from his position as the CEO. Therefore, I invited him to Leng Group. From now on, Luo Cheng will make the decisions on the daily affairs of Leng Group. At the same time, he will convey my orders. Does everyone agree?”

“I object!” Leng Jinchen was the first to jump up.

“Me too!” Leng Jinjie was the second to object.

“I object!”

“I object too!”

“Reconsider that decision!”


In less than 20 seconds after Leng Qirui spoke, all the shareholders voted against it.

Leng Jinchen looked at Leng Qirui smugly. “Lil Rui, I told you not to get involved, but you just wouldn’t listen. Look at you. We usually turn a blind eye to you bringing harm to the students in school, but this is our family’s business group. How can you make decisions on a whim? You even hired someone you don’t know to be the CEO. Who would believe him?”

“Vice President Leng Jinchen, we’re holding a board meeting right now. Please give me the basic respect as the chairman. Otherwise, I can chase you out for disrupting the order of the meeting.”


Leng Jinchen inhaled sharply and put on a business-like expression. “Mr. Chairman, you only hold 20% of the shares, not absolute control, so your word alone doesn’t count. If you want that Luo Cheng you recommended to be the CEO, you need more than half of the board members’ votes. However, as you saw just now, all the board members have rejected your proposal, so your suggestion is invalid!”


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