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Chapter 114: Creating Trouble

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ou Mingxi: …

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan. “Is she your friend?”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “No. I thought that she was my future sister-in-law, so that was why I had treated her like my sister.”

“Since she’s not your friend or relative, why are you still talking to her?”

Ou Mingxi: …!!

Chi Yang helped Zhong Nuannuan put on her shoes before bringing her away with her hand in his.

Ou Mingxi was fuming as she stared at Chi Yang’s retreating back view. At the same time, her heart was itching.

A man like Chi Yang was definitely a catch.

He was not only excellent in his career, but also in his way of conducting himself and handling affairs.

He was loyal to his woman and cold to others. He was polite with family and friends but cold to strangers. He was also heartless toward his enemies.

That was why her interest in Chi Yang increased even if she was fuming at this moment.

“Zhong Nuannuan!”

Chi Yang was leading Zhong Nuannuan away when someone called her.

After turning their heads, they saw that Jiang Hongyang and Jiang Hongyi were walking toward them with dark expressions on their faces.

Jiang Hongyang was in his 20s, so he could better control his temper. However, Jiang Hongyi was a brainless idiot. When he saw her, his expression was so malicious that he looked like he was going to skin her alive. He did not care that this was her banquet.

Her uncle, Jiang Hanlin, had three sons. The eldest was Jiang Hongye, the second son was Jiang Hongyang, and Jiang Hongyi was the youngest.

Jiang Hongye was a professor at Camino Medical Research Inst.i.tute. He was also the pride and joy of the Jiang family. She rarely saw him, so she was not familiar with him. The second son, Jiang Hongyang, was being brought up as Jiang Hanlin’s heir. Zhong Nuannuan was in the same school as the youngest son, Jiang Hongyi. However, he was in the undergraduate department while Zhong Qianqian and her were high school students.

Ever since she had returned to the house, Jiang Hongyang and Jiang Hongyi have been treating her like their enemy. The way they looked at her was like they were looking at a thief. It was as if they were afraid that she would steal from the Jiang family.

After peering at the two brothers, Zhong Nuannuan pretended like she had not seen them. She grabbed Chi Yang’s hand and walked away.

“…!!” The Jiang brothers were in disbelief at Zhong Nuannuan’s disregard.

Jiang Hongyi yelled, “Zhong Nuannuan! How dare you ignore me?”

He walked over to Zhong Nuannuan with a devilish face. When he was about to scold her, his vision was blocked by Chi Yang’s body.

Chi Yang was 188cm tall while Jiang Hongyi was only 175cm.

When Chi Yang stood in front of him, Jiang Hongyi felt like the sun above his head was completely blocked by this man’s body. What was left was a cold shadow.

Even top criminals would not be able to stand Chi Yang’s icy cold aura, so how could Jiang Hongyi this weakling?

While facing Chi Yang, Jiang Hongyi’s imposing manner weakened. He backed away in fear and stood next to Jiang Hongyang. With the support of his brother, he said courageously once again, “Chi Yang, go away. I want to speak to my sister.”

“Oh, so I’m your sister. If one didn’t know, they would think that I was your enemy,” Zhong Nuannuan said.

“Zhong Nuannuan…”

Jiang Hongyi was enraged after hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

Before this, no matter how much he had scolded Zhong Nuannuan, she would only ignore him. However, this b*tch was las.h.i.+ng out at him today.

Was she disrespecting him because she now had Chi Yang’s support?


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