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Chapter 1297: Heartless

After the ma.s.sage, two hours had pa.s.sed. It was already half-past seven at night. It was time for everyone to meet up.

Chi Yang discarded his wolfish form and tidied up Nuannuan’s clothes and hair like a good stay-at-home dad. Only when Nuannuan looked perfectly normal did he open the door and send her out.

However, just as he walked out and closed the door, another door twenty meters away flung open.

It was Kitano Satos.h.i.+ who came out.

The moment he saw Nuannuan, Kitano Satos.h.i.+ was taken aback. After all, this was the presidential suite of the Emperor Phoenix Hotel. Although Emperor Phoenix Hotel was like any other five-star hotel, anything that was a.s.sociated with the name “Emperor Phoenix” would prove to be several times better than something of the same level.

Take the presidential suite for example. Normally, a five-star hotel would cost 900 or less. However, Imperial Phoenix’s presidential suite would cost at least ten thousand.

Meanwhile, Nangong Nuannuan was a partic.i.p.ant. The Camino team had already arranged a room for her, but she walked out of Room 8888…

A knowing smile appeared on Kitano Satos.h.i.+’s face as he said, “I thought Miss Zhong Nuannuan was the kind of woman who would be pure and innocent, but for the sake of money, you still get reduced to…”

He did not need to complete his sentence to know what he was hinting at.

He meant to say that Nangong Nuannuan was just a toy that slept with men for money.

Nangong Nuannuan did not get angry. She smiled at Kitano Satos.h.i.+ and said, “I’ve also thought that Young Master Kitano is a n.o.ble royalty. You must have been so arrogant and cool outside because you’re very strong. In the end, you still get reduced to…”

Even though Nuannuan did not say the words ‘a woman’s toy’, anyone who was not an idiot could understand what she meant.

When Kitano Satos.h.i.+ heard this, his face instantly darkened.

This woman’s mouth was simply…

Kitano Satos.h.i.+’s lackey could not stand it anymore and leap forward.

“How dare you? Who allowed you to talk to Kitano-kun like that? Our Kitano-kun is part of the Yamato royalty and the second son of the president of the OR Company. He can afford to book the presidential suite, can’t he? You disgusting woman, how dare you insult Kitano-kun as a woman’s toy? You’ve crossed a line there. Do you even know any etiquette?”

Nangong Nuannuan glanced at the woman whose eyes were burning red with anger. She was the more intelligent girl. However, she was not wearing the compet.i.tion uniform allocated by the High School General Knowledge Compet.i.tion. Instead, she was wearing a body-hugging suit that accentuated her figure. Her beautiful face was adorned with gorgeous makeup, and it was not an exaggeration to say that she was a stunner.

“Who do you think you are? What right do you have to talk to me? I didn’t even bother spitting out the words, ‘women’s toy’, so you’d better not talk to me. There are no cameras here, so you should just feed your so-called etiquette to the dogs.”

Since it was not a public event, Tyrannosaurus Rex Nuannuan no longer remembered what etiquette was.

“You…” The woman was almost angered to death. She did not expect this woman to be so vicious privatly. She was not afraid that they would expose her.

Kitano Satos.h.i.+ sneered. This was the first time someone treated him like a boypet. Thus, he explained seriously, “I a.s.sure you I’ve been having gatherings in this room every weekend. I’ve booked this place long-term. What about it? Are you interested? If you are, I can forgive you for your lack of manners on account of your beauty. Just serve me well in the future.”

“Long-term?” Nangong Nuannuan asked in surprise.


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