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Chapter 1341: KE

Feng Tan did not try to retain Feng Shengxuan either.

This was the way the uncle and nephew got along.

After Feng Shengxuan left, he took a plane to J District and flew out of L City’s port. There was an island seventy-nine nautical miles east of the port.

The island was huge and barren. The side facing the sun was covered in green vegetation while the side s.h.i.+elded from the sun was filled with reefs. Because it was very far from the coastline, the island was deserted.

However, when Feng Shengxuan’s plane landed on the island, more than 20 armed people came forward to welcome him.

All of them were muscular, and most of them had scary tattoos on their arms. The heavy guns looked like toys in their hands.

Upon seeing Feng Shengxuan, these people bowed their heads respectfully. “King!”

Feng Shengxuan did not pay attention to these people. Instead, he walked straight in.

Soon, a thin man who looked to be in his forties walked out.


Feng Shengxuan nodded and strode ahead.

Walking to a rocky area in front, a three-square-meter rock suddenly opened up into an S-shaped entryway like the separation of the black and white in the eight trigrams. The door opened up to a marble floor. Feng Shengxuan and the man beside him stepped on it, and the marble slowly sank.

As there were no fences or obstructions around them, the underground structure of the deserted island appeared before them as the marble staircase descended.

This was a huge underground military factory that housed the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, military vehicles, missiles, artillery…

Even though each item was separated by a heavy lead door, one could roughly see the completed section from this angle.

There were 30 Trident intercontinental missiles and 10 R-36 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This was something that was strictly controlled by various countries and should not be something owned in private, but there were easily dozens of them here.

The range of these missiles varied from 11,000 kilometers to 16,000 kilometers. The concept was that firing one of them was equivalent to a missile being launched from the capital of Sab to the capital of Camino. The explosion range could destroy anything within a 1,000-kilometer radius.

This island, packed with enough power to descend the world into panic, was where the real KE was. In fact… even Feng Tan did not know about it.

Everyone on this island was loyal to King.

Feng Shengxuan went to the control room. Inside, nine people were already waiting for him.

Upon seeing Feng Shengxuan, everyone stood up and bowed their heads slightly towards him, calling out respectfully, “King!”

Feng Shengxuan nodded and walked to his seat. Only then did everyone take their seats.

After sitting down, the two people in the middle reported the general situation on the training of the mercenaries and the expansion of the mercenaries in the various headquarters.

After all, this was an organization that could challenge any country, so the expansion of personnel was the most important.

After that was the weapons manufacturing situation that was to be reported by the chief mechanic.

Then, it was time for the top hackers to update everyone on what was going on the internet.

After that, the person in charge of the secret agent team relayed the messages from the secret agents planted in various countries.

After that, it was time for the doctor from the Research department to report on their test subjects.

Finally, the silent Feng Shengxuan spoke.

“How many test subjects truly report to us?”



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