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Chapter 935: Let Us Go Together

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Before Matchmaker could utter a single word, a silver needle pierced into her forehead and she fainted.

“Nuannuan, why did you kill her?” Nangong Jin was confused.

After all, Matchmaker looked like she was ready to say something useful.

“She has no plans of spilling the beans—she wants to die. There is a bug in her head. Once she opens her mouth to reveal their secrets, she’ll die immediately before she’s done talking. It only takes a little bit. Hence, she wants to die.”

The Young Masters of the Nangong family, “…!!!”

“There are bugs in her brain?” Nangong Jin could not understand. “What bugs are so powerful that they can control what she says?”

“I don’t know exactly how these worms are implanted or how they control people. I can only see that they have bugs in their brains. So, I want this woman. I’ll bring her back for experiments.”

“Sure.” They did not involve the military in this matter in the first place. Therefore, it was up to them to decide how to deal with these people and how to kill them. When Zhong Nuannuan made this request, even though this person was the person behind Xu’er and Ling’er’s kidnapping, the Nangong brothers agreed to hand Matchmaker over to Zhong Nuannuan without hesitation.

However, Zhong Nuannuan told them another shocking piece of information.

“Them?” Nangong Yun asked, “Nuannuan, are you saying that there are bugs in all of their heads?”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “Only important executives of this organization have bugs in their brains. They probably planted these things because they know some secrets of this organization. Qu Mingyi, the mole that was caught in Jiang District before this, we also found such a bug inside his wife’s head. These bugged people possess super strength and high resistance to physical harm. Therefore, for convenience’s sake, I cut off her limbs directly just now. Although she’s old, the bug in her brain is rather small. This is probably why she’s still afraid of pain.”

After all, Yang Min was not afraid of pain at all.

“Big Boss, is there a bug in her brain too?” Selina and the others heard Zhong Nuannuan mention the bug and immediately approached her.

“Yes, but the bug is very small. I don’t know if it will be useful for research.”

“Hmph, this old witch is lucky enough to be a test subject. Otherwise, I’d definitely hack her into a thousand pieces.”

After all, Zhong Nuannuan was not the only one who suffered at Matchmaker’s hands. Selina, Aiden, and Danqi were also children who had been abducted and taken in by the organization.

If it was not because of how adept they were, they would have died in the cruelly compet.i.tive environment of KE Organization.

Therefore, even though they were currently at the highest ranks in the world, they still detested people like this child-trafficking woman.

“Nuannuan, our helicopter is here. Let’s go together.”

Almost as soon as Nangong Jin finished speaking, two helicopters burst through the low clouds and descended toward them.

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head and said, “No need, my helicopter’s here too. This person is more important. I want to bring her to my place.”

Nangong Jin hurriedly nodded. “Alright.”

After saying that, he asked a little hesitantly, “Then… when are you returning to Emperor District?”

Zhong Nuannuan wanted to say that she would be staying in Jiang District for another half a year. She merely came to Emperor District for her training camp. Now that there was no need for her to attend the camp, there was no reason for her to hang around Emperor District so frequently.

However, when she saw the anxious yet eager looks in the eyes of the Nangong brothers and Lil Sun…


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