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Chapter 1192 4095 days

It was a red alert situation. The Dalki had finally decided to start the war in full swing. Sach had expected this to happen at some point, but it had occurred at an uncertain time for the human race. They were uneasy about the introduction of V’s.

Reports of internal attacks were coming in left and right for those V. Some weren’t even sure the Cursed faction were on their side. To top it all off, the Supreme Commander had recently gone through a change and were still in the middle of the switch over while also suffering the loss of one of their head generals.

In a way, with all the chaos happening, Sach expected the Dalki to attack. Yet this was still a little unusual. He had expected an attack on the Earthborn group or perhaps the Cursed faction. After all, so far, the Dalki had only suffered defeats in battle, with one victory.

It would have been wise for them to gauge the strength of those they were fighting against before waging a full out fight, but it looked like they had already decided that this would be the best time.

‘Do they really think they have enough information on us to think they can beat us? or has something else occurred?’

“Report, have there been any signals from earth?” Was Sach’s first question.

After bringing up the information on the screen in the command centre, they could see that they had received no such signals.

“Good, be alert and continue to monitor the situation. Remember, a Dalki managed to suddenly infiltrate Earth before so they could do it again. Inform those on Earth to be on high alert. Ask all the citizens to move to the emergency underground shelters!” Sach ordered. “Also, make sure the s.p.a.ce station is offline. We will not let a single Dlaki get through us and make their way to Earth.”

All the other teleport stations had been shut down as a precaution. Turning them on again would take some time. As a large amount of energy needed to be used, it wasn’t so simple as a flick of a switch. Of course, Sach knew the Dalki had to have had a way to travel to Earth due to them doing so in the first war, but one couldn’t just teleport a whole fleet of s.h.i.+ps out of thin air. There would have to be some device of some kind, or it would take some time for them to do so.

The quickest way for them to send their forces would be through the Earth’s teleporting station. Turning it off, also meant they wouldn’t be able to return, or run back to Earth unless the fight was getting tough.

‘It doesn’t matter if we can’t win this fight. Then Earth will no longer exist.’ Was the thought going through Sach’s head.

An emergency announcement was made and sent out to all of the faction leaders and the world leaders, informing them of what was to come their way. They would then pa.s.s it on to the people. Unlike the world announcement, this was done this way so there wouldn’t be too much of a panic, as information could be pa.s.sed on from their individual leaders.

Those on the planets were preparing for battle. Their s.p.a.ce force and their ground forces were in for a fight of a lifetime.


In the Graylash section, Owen was travelling on their large island-like s.h.i.+p moving towards the centre of their twenty or so planets that they owned. In his room, Owen had a hologram visual of the fleet of s.h.i.+ps coming towards all of the planets they held.

“Sir, it looks like the Dalki force is far greater than last time, and they are attacking all of our planets at once. What would you like us to do?” Hector asked, already sweating just from worry.

Thinking about it, Owen started to look through all of the planets. He was trying to decide if he should protect them in order of importance or where he would most be needed. It was a hard choice. He could split his people to help out others, but the biggest difference in these battles that would be happening on the planets was himself. He was unable to split himself multiple times on each of the different planets.

“Air warfare is not the Graylash family’s strong point. I want to minimise the losses we have before we can land on the planets. Tell the Graylash members, to take the jet s.h.i.+ps and fight on the ground. Divide the troops based on which planets need the most help. I want each of them to last as long as possible before I arrive.” Owen ordered.

Hearing this, Hector could only imagine what Owen had planned. He simply wanted them all to stall for time. He was planning to try and save them all, winning the battles on each of the planets before moving on to the next one.

He wanted to interject to say that this was madness. This wasn’t a simple battle, but they were now at war. Where fighting could last several months, and every human needed to rest at some point. However, this was exactly why Hector had decided to follow someone like Owen.

“The first planet we will head to is this one.” Owen pointed at.

Hector’s eyes lit up as he saw which one was being pointed to, for it was the same planet that Owen had done battle on before.

“If I’m correct, the Dalki I thought last time will be there again. This time I won’t let him get away.” Owen stated. “Also, this planet.” Owen pointed at another one. “I believe there are some from the Cursed faction as we. Make them aware of what is happening.”


At that moment, on the very planet that Linda, Wevil and Alex were on, they could see everyone springing to action. Ko, the leader of the Orbus faction, had told everyone to prepare themselves, for the Dalki were coming.

“The Dalki are coming to this planet?” Wevil was surprised, as he was following everyone else to their positions, getting ready.

“It’s not just this planet.” The second in charge of the Orbus faction, Ely replied, “All of the Graylash planets are being attacked. All we can do is prepare ourselves. The Graylash said they would send people, but the amount they can send is limited since all of the planets are being attacked.”

“We need to inform Sam,” Linda said. “They can send the Cursed faction or Quinn for help.”

At that moment, they could see hundreds of black pods raining down from the sky above.

The news of the Dalki attack was spreading around the base, and of course, it had even reached the ears of Alex, which had been delivered by Ko himself.

“Seriously, the Dalki are coming here! What am I meant to do? Should we head back to the Cursed s.h.i.+p?” Alex asked.

Ko shook his head and looked down on the ground for a second before lifting his head again.

“We haven’t told everyone the full situation because right now we all need to focus on our own situation, but it looks like it’s a full-scale attack. The Dalki aren’t just attacking the Graylash planets, but all of the planets the humans own in the beast solar system.” Ko explained.

Now, Alex understood the full extent of the problems. If that was true, then even Quinn would be doing everything he could at the moment. The first thing Alex did was pick up the hammer by his side and pulled down his large helmet that would cover his eyes.

“What are you doing? Get out of here. You are just a forger. You need to head to the underground shelter with the families!” Ko ordered.

“No!” Alex shouted, swinging his hammer down. “If the situation is really as bad as you say it is, then I need to finish this. Quinn will need this in the fight!”


Soon all three groups and all leaders would be engaged in battles on the beast planets. However, one large s.h.i.+p, full of plenty of strong people, had yet to decide what to do, the Cursed faction s.h.i.+p.

What they didn’t know was not long after finding out that the Dalki were attacking, that they would be receiving countless requests.

“This is Hector, from the Graylash family. I am humiliated to ask to do this, but the Dalki forces far exceed our projections. We are quickly losing our shelters on our weaker planets, and people left and right. Please, if the Cursed faction can spare any people, send help.”

And from another.

“This is general Fay Gump, from the Earthborn group. At the moment, we are at a standstill with the Dalki forces. We need additional support in order to push forward and win this battle. If there is anyone you can spare, please help us.”

The humans were soon finding out just how outmatched they were.


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