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Chapter 160 Mysterious family

Out from behind the teachers came a student. One that Quinn wasn’t familiar with, however Vorden knew him quite well. As soon as the student entered and looked at the two of them he also noticed Vorden. The student was Berg Suns.h.i.+eld. At the sight of Vorden his palms suddenly started to sweat. After seeing him on planet Caladi. Berg had decided to try to gather more information about him and his family.

He had informed his family members that he had met up with one of the Blades. Immediately their tone of voice had changed, and his father said to do whatever he could to make sure the Blades wouldn’t get upset with them. It was a strange reaction. Although his father didn’t carry a high rank in his family he was still respected as a member of one of the big four. It was the first time he had seen him act like this at the mention of anyone’s name.

The even stranger thing was, when Berg had tried to search information about the Blade family he couldn’t find anything. Nothing at all about what type of ability they had, nothing about their contributions in the war. Even when asking his friends, none of them seemed to have ever heard about the Blade family. So it made the reaction his father had all the more strange.

Soon enough though his father’s fear, became his fear, and the mystery behind Vorden grew within his mind.

“Now Berg here said on the day of the event he saw a student running through the halls looking quite panicked.” Nathan said. “Humans are strange things you see and they love a little bit of gossip. While everyone else was heading to the second year building to see what was going on. A single student was running in the opposite direction. Coincidentally though Berg’s description seems to match one of you, a curly black haired boy…”

Quinn remained silent, there was no way they could convict him just for having a suspicion. The problem was that they now had a witness, and because they were suspicious of him they would probably keep a closer eye on him from now on. This would only cause more problems in the future, especially now he had Peter running wild in his ranks. He decided the best thing to do for now was to just keep his mouth shut, if he said anything it would be easy to slip up and make everything worse.

Vorden then started to laugh by his side.

“You really think Quinn did it?” Vorden said. “Come on, the two of them don’t even share the same, besides do you know how many curly haired students with black hair there are in this school?”

“Well you see Vorden, that’s why we brought him here, so he could confirm who he saw that day.”

That day Berg had seen Quinn running through the halls. As soon as he entered the room he recognized him but seeing Vorden defend him so suddenly like that he knew something was up.

“This isn’t the kid I saw that day.” Berg said. “I’m pretty sure it was someone else.”

“What!” Nathan said. “Are you sure? Come closer and take another look.”

Berg did as asked and stepped closer and looked at Quinn carefully trying to act the best he could. He took a quick glance at Vorden, he must have been imagining things, because he was seeing and feeling a strange power coming from him, but that can’t be possible.

“I’m sure it’s definitely not him.” Berg said.” Do you mind if I go now?”

Nathan then went down to sit in his large office chair, he looked outside and could see the sky was now completely black and only the moonlight was out. After letting out a big sigh he leaned back and put his legs on the desk. “Let’s call it a day. It looks like I’ve wasted everyone’s time here for no reason.” Nathan said. “You’re all free to go home and remember to get a good rest.”

Quinn was unsure what had just happened, perhaps Berg really did see someone else running through those halls and it wasn’t him, but whatever the case was they were now free to go. Quinn and Vorden looked at each other and walked quickly out of the room. They had the urge to run but they tried to walk in a slow and normal way, otherwise the others would notice that something was up.

Before leaving Vorden turned and said. “Thank you Berg, I owe you one.”

“Just remember this for the future.” Berg replied.


Outside Peter was walking through the forest, he was no longer limping as his legs were now fully healed. However the pain in his stomach still hadn’t disappeared. It was a strange feeling, Peter’s mind was all there, it was him and he could control his body, but all he could think about was eating raw human flesh, he kept thinking about how delicious Earl had tasted.

Not wanting to hurt any of his friends he tried to go as far away from the school as possible and before he released it he had ended up in the park forest once again. “Am I going to die if I don’t find anything? Err, anyone…”

He slowly made his way through the woods until eventually he had reached a pathway. The pathway went around the outskirts of the woods and park until it eventually had an entrance and an exit. One leading to the city and the other leading back to the direction of the school. But it was late at night and not many people would be walking through the park to head to the center of the city as all the shops would be closed by now.

The only thing that was still open were convenience shops that were stationed just a little bit before the park. “Should I head to the convenience store? Maybe I can find someone and follow them back, pull them into the woods.” Peter was saying to himself.

Just as Peter was thinking of going through with his own suggestion he spotted someone walking down the path. His body wanted to lunge out at the person but Peter tried to fight against it, staying in the woods.

Suddenly the person stopped and stood still.

“I can feel your bloodl.u.s.t from here.” The boy said. “Come out you ghoul and tell me, where the h.e.l.l your master is.”

The boy’s eyes glowed red in the dark as he stared right into Peter’s eyes.


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