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Chapter 184 Dark Marketplace

The three boys had worked fast this time, and because they were in a rush, even Fex had to help beyond his determined contribution – An unusual trait of the young man – for the reason that he was afraid of getting caught. Rather than simply using his influence skill to clear their minds, he also commanded them to follow him.

Then, whenever they arrived at a safe place or a random hall, he would break the skill, allowing their minds to be cleared. It also returned them to normal as if nothing had ever happened. The group did the very same thing to all three students, and they were all fully healed as normal.

“What are we going to do about the window?” Peter asked.

“Don’t worry, I can deal with that. I will just make the other two students in the room think that they were in a fight. They can just take the blame.” Fex said.

Although Fex was growing a bit tired since he had used his influence skill a lot today, taking up his mental energy, he merely held out to achieve their goal. However, he would need a good rest after everything was over and done with.

“Should we go check up on Quinn?” Peter asked.

“You two can go, but I don’t want to get blasted again,” Fex said as he looked down, noticing that his wound had finally healed.

Just then, the beep sound of the door was heard. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be Fex’s roommates, everybody prepared themselves for the worst to come. Nevertheless, when they saw Logan enter the room with Quinn trailing him, they were able to relax a little.

There were no teachers, and Logan no longer looked frightening without him donning the mech suit.

“It’s okay guys. Logan knows everything.” Quinn said.

“Everything?” Peter asked.

They thought that Quinn had lied, perhaps, or had only told the truth about Peter. But in reality, Logan knew more than everyone in the room. For Logan now knew about the system as well as the vampires.

Logan then Pointed at Peter, and as he spoke to each person, he would move along to the next.

“Yes, I know that you are a ghoul,” Logan said pointing. “You are a vampire like Quinn. Also, you’re a strange person who seems to be wrapped up in this, more so than you should be. My conclusion is that you are crazy.”

Peter looked towards Vorden and could see his eyebrow was twitching up and down. If there was one word that Vorden didn’t like, it was the word crazy.

“Anyway, I propose we all head upstairs to my room, for I have a solution to your little eater problem. Follow me.”

Logan left the room and Quinn followed behind while signalling to the others that it was alright to do so.

“You guys can go ahead without me,” Fex said. “I’ve done my part, so there are no more favours in between us. I did my thing and you did your thing.”

As the others left the room, Fex was finally able to lie down on his bed. The wound and the strain from the multiple uses of influence skill had drained all his energy, He didn’t follow them because he didn’t want to seem weak in front of the others – Afraid that they might use it as a chance to get rid of him.

“I’ll just go ahead and close my eyes,” Fex said as he nearly instantly went to sleep.

The boys, except for Fex, had finally made it into Logan’s room and made sure that the door was firmly shut behind them.

“Are you sure this isn’t all a trap, Quinn? How is this guy meant to help us.” Logan whispered.

“I don’t know,” Quinn replied. “He hasn’t told me anything yet, but I trust him. He helped me out with the watch and knew about my shadow abilities, yet still didn’t tell anyone. I see no reason for him to tell others about this as well.”

Logan then logged-in to his computer as usual. From the surface of the computer screen, a light shone out and a projection appeared, allowing the others to see everything that Logan was doing.

“The problem is that you need a fresh piece of human meat, correct? But the human meat shouldn’t be rotten, so going to the cemetery is not an option. You also couldn’t sneak into the hospital due to the surveillance cameras.” Logan explained.

He then went onto a certain site. It looked exactly like the marketplace that Quinn had gone on to buy his equipment, only this was slightly different. Instead of a white background on the webpage, it was black.

“I will introduce you to a whole new world you probably didn’t even know existed.” Said Logan “We call this the Dark Market place. It contains items that aren’t allowed to be sold on the regular market place. It even has a request board, one that can evade the eyes of the government.”

“What kind of things are on there?” Peter asked.

“Sometimes, they will ask someone to steal information from their compet.i.tors. Some jobs even include hiring to hit on certain people all around the world. Usually, if there is something that you want to get, you can find it here.” Said Logan.

“I’ve heard of this before,” Vorden said. “But I had no clue how to access it. It seems like only certain people within a group know how to. My family said they would let me know once I am old enough.”

“That’s because the Dark Marketplace only allows certain individuals to get a members.h.i.+p. However, my ability allows me to bypa.s.s any restrictions, and I am able to log in with no worries.”

Logan then typed into the search bar and straight away, what they were looking for appeared. The words could clearly be seen “Fresh human flesh available now – Cut less than 24 hours ago.”

Seeing this scared the others a little. They were still young and naive. They knew the world had taken a turn for the worse, yet this seemed like a few steps too far. But even in the past, in the old age of the internet, there was a similar service like this called the Dark web.

Seeing this, Quinn started to read the description and found something strange.

The item has been shrunk, wrapped, and filled with nitrogen to keep it as fresh as possible. It had also been dried of all blood, so the customer can only get the flesh itself.

“Logan, could you check for me? Is there any way to get blood?” Quinn asked.

The others thought that Quinn perhaps didn’t want to rely on Layla or Vorden any longer. If he could get an endless supply online, that would be a big help for him. However, Quinn was actually hoping for a shortcut, but seeing the fact that the human flesh had been dried of blood made him feel a little suspicious on the ensuing transaction.

Logan did a quick type, and to his surprise, the screen said: “No results found.” This was the Dark market place, as long as there was a demand for something, then they would have it. Yet this time, they didn’t have blood? It was certainly strange.

“I find it odd that there wouldn’t be blood on this. Regardless, even before vampires began to exist, there are underground hospitals and groups who would need it for emergency situations. Perhaps I should look into this more.” Logan continued to ponder on the subject.

“So, are we able to order the flesh then,” Peter asked.

“Ah yes, I’ll do that for you now,” Logan replied.

The flesh cost quite a sum – It was around 10,000 credits, the same price as an advanced tier beast core. However, Logan had covered the cost of the flesh for them. He stated that he would much rather let himself do this than allowing them to go around the school, trying to cut someone’s limb off.

Although this was bad in its own way, the flesh already existed on the market place. The person was dead and there was nothing they could do.

Once he placed the order online, just like the marketplace, he had received a code. When the confirmation was sent, he was ready to receive his package. In his own room, Logan had a teleporter receiver for packages. He often ordered things online and on the Dark market place for parts for his gadgets.

After typing the code in, the item suddenly appeared in a box. They opened it up and it was shrunk, wrapped, and covered with ice, just like the order had said.

Quinn used his inspect skill. Thereafter, the description stated that there wasn’t a single part of it which had blood on them.

After taking it out, they placed the meat on Peter’s hands, and Logan couldn’t stop staring at him. He was interested in seeing how Peter was able to eat the meat.

Although Peter was a little shy, he quickly gobbled up the food quickly. When he saw that it was similar to an animal eating meat, Logan lost his interest once again.

[7/7 different piece of human flesh have been consumed by your ghoul]

[Quest complete]

[Evolution process will begin!]


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