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Chapter 385 The Chained unleashed

On the private island, on top of the hill, there was a fairly large castle that had been built. Just beside it, a fairly large stone tablet was also present. The stone tablet was at least double the size of the castle itself, and even the castle was huge. Inside the castle, there wasn’t a King or a Queen and there weren’t many people who lived there either. In total, only a hundred or so people lived there.

Inside the castle, in the throne room, some people who looked like a regular family were sitting down, eating dinner at a large dining table. At the head of the table, was a large muscular old man. He had a short scruffy beard and also scruffy spiky hair that had completely grayed out at this point.

They were currently dressed in their everyday clothing and the old man himself was in a regular sleeveless top that showed his large bulging muscles. His arm itself was as wide as a regular person’s thigh. The rest of the family were all dressed a little nicer, but none of them were wearing beast gear.

However, if one was to look around the room, they could see beast armour all over the dining room being put out on display, that too in multiple different styles. It seemed as if they were merely some collector’s items.

Also sitting at the table was a younger man, who was only graying at the side’s. His hair was neatly swept to the side and blonde in colour. Sitting next to him was a female who was similar age. Opposite the two of them were a pair of young brother and sister, both of whom were blonde as well. They were twins who seemed to be in their mid-twenties.

“So, are you really going to do nothing about Sil then?” The young boy asked.

“Yeah, Grandpa, if we did something like that, then you would have already sent us back to the castle. It’s not fair.” The girl complained, sitting next to the boy.

The old man stuffed his face with a fairly large chicken breast before putting it down and laughing.

“You know I have bright plans for that boy!” He continued to laugh.

“Not fair.” The girl sulked. “Why has Sil always been Grandpa’s favourite?”

“Come on now.” The father said. “You know he has his problems. He was affected by the training worse than all of us. But at the same time, he showed better results then everyone here.”

“Your father’s right.” The mother added. “If Sil can return to what he once was, then perhaps he would lead the family one day.”

“Pft, yeah right, if that crazy kid led this family then we would all be doomed!” The girl said.

Suddenly, their meal was interrupted as a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in.” The old man shouted.

A man walked in calmly, as If there was nothing to worry about at all. He was dressed in a nice suit and gave a quick bow before giving his report.

“Sir, it seems like the Island is about to be under attack.” The man said.

“Really, by who?” The old man replied.

“It’s Truedream sir, and he appears to have brought an army of over a thousand men.” The man replied.

“A thousand men? He must be quite well known to gather that many. Why have I never heard his name?” The old man asked.

“He only recently joined one of the big families, I believe they now call it the big four.” The father answered. “That’s why you probably never had the chance to hear about him.”

The mother was shaking her head as she heard the news. “This stuff always happens, history has a pattern of repeating itself. As time goes on and on, our influence over them lessens and they forget about what happened before.”

“Well, I guess it’s time to remind them of who we are.” The old man said as he stood up from his chair and wiped his face with a napkin.

“Wait Grandpa, you’re going out there on your own?!” the young girl said. “Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“You guys carry on enjoying your meal. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do something like this, and who knows, maybe this Mr. Truedream is strong.” The old man said. “Send fifty or so men to stall them at the beach, have them copy the Earth ability before they go out, and bring out the Chained. I will be needing them!” The old man said with a smile.

“As you wish, sir!”


Truedream and his men had landed on the beach, and they were currently waiting for all of the others to deboard. It was important for them to attack all together. Otherwise it would be useless bringing this many people.

Once everyone had gotten off the s.h.i.+ps, Truedream himself remained at the back of the group with his two guards. Also, another group of around ten people with portable teleporters too remained at the back of the group.

“Begin the attack!” The large man standing by Truedreams side shouted and immediately all of the men stormed and started running on the sandy beach.

At the same time, out from the trees, fifty men stood, all wearing the same type of armour at an equal distance from each other. Their armour was blue and silver in colour and they all looked like Knights as their entire bodies and faces were covered from head to toe.

At the same time, each one of them lifted their hands, and then a giant wall of sand was lifted, creating a giant wall in front of them. As they all pushed forward, the wall moved like some type of wave cras.h.i.+ng into the army of people that were coming their way.

The war had started. The wall had managed to deter a few people, trapping them, or delaying them for a bit, but the others were able to avoid the attack by flying up in the air, shooting beams through the sand, or moving it away with their telekinesis power.

“What is this? Are the Blade family just a bunch of earth users? Then that makes them no different from the military. Why are they so special? This should be easier than I thought.” Jack said.

One of the unique things about the Truedream family, was that they all didn’t carry a single power. Although they might have not been the top powers, it also meant that they didn’t really have a weakness.

For instance, the Greylash family always struggled to fight against the military’s earth power. Sometimes, abilities just had natural weaknesses, but it was impossible to come up with a counter against Truedreams army.

The fight continued on and it looked like somehow; the army was being stalled, unable to advance. Although none of them were truly injured, the Blades had perfect teamwork when it came to using the earth’s ability and they were on the defensive, as if they were stalling for something.

“This can’t be everything you’ve got.” Jack said. “Bring it on.”

Back in the castle, the old man had finished putting on his beast gear. He wore a sleeveless chest piece to allow him free movement in the arm area, and normal trousers with crystalized boots. The chest piece itself also looked as if it was made from diamonds as well. It was unclear whether or not it was beast armour, or something that was made just for show.

He was inside an empty hall where there was nothing but a stone tablet. One that was similar to the one outside, only smaller in size. Then, the sounds of chains banging against the floor could be heard along with the sound of them rubbing against each other.

“I have brought the chained like you asked.”

As the old man turned around, he could see five people standing in front of him, all of them chained by their necks, arms and legs. Their faces looked malnourished, as if they were given the bare minimum to survive, and they hadn’t even been given clothes to cover themselves up in.

“Each of your families at one point or another tried to get rid of us.” The old man said. “Today, another fool has tried to do the same, and soon he will be joining all of you as well.”

The old man walked up to each one of them, touching them on the head. As he did this action, it looked as if they hadn’t even noticed what was happening around them. Their eyes were as if they were already dead.

“Let’s go deal with this fool.”


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