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Chapter 548 Who?

After a student finished their second year of military training, they were free to do as they wished. For both Nate and Sam it was their last year when summer came, so they had to make the tough choice of what to do next.

They could stay in the military, living quite a cus.h.i.+oned life. However, it would be one of discipline and routine. Having to follow orders for the sake of the world’s future.

They could become a normal civilian, this route was often chosen by those that didn’t achieve good grades, or didn’t have a strong ability. There were still a few academic jobs that would require skills that didn’t need the use of abilities, and these were paid quite well.

However, due to technology taking most of these tasks away, the jobs that were left were highly compet.i.tive. Only the very best in the fields would be able to get them. This left most with a low paying job which would make them struggle day by day.

If someone was strong and had a good fighting ability, then the easiest way to make a good living for yourself was to become a Traveler. One could either do this solo, which carried a higher risk of death and troubles but a higher reward, or with a faction, where one could hunt in groups. Still, it was a dangerous job that many died doing just to put food on the table.

Being a Traveler was by no means easy and there were even some who would go back to the military after realising how difficult it was.

Before the Civil war had started, both Nate and Sam were going through this ordeal and they had decided to become travellers. They were best friends but their skills were wide apart and so were their family backgrounds.

Sam came from a wealthy background, his parents managed to grab one of these few academic jobs that were available. They both weren’t strong ability users so when Sam was born, they had put their hopes on him.

They had bought him an elemental ability, a wind one which was quite expensive and put their hopes on him to achieve great results. However, that hope soon came cras.h.i.+ng down as Sam had hit his limit. His body couldn’t learn anything past a level four ability book, he just wasn’t able to create any more MC cells.

Due to him being pushed so much in a certain direction, his academic results weren’t the best either. Still, it wasn’t over and Sam was determined to prove them wrong. He could still get stronger as a traveler.

For Nate it was a bit different. His family were strong users, but not too strong. They made up for this with their practice in many martial arts and Nate grew up learning these martial arts. He was a genius in his field, managing to learn his ability and his family skills well.

He had done far better than anyone could have ever dreamed of and was strong. When he left school, he had many offers from top factions. However Nate was a person who wished to do things on his own. He didn’t want the help of his family, and he didn’t want the backing of a big faction.

He wanted to make his own name for himself and a legacy. In his search he had found a medium sized faction that seemed perfect. They would be able to give him some support where he could grow and get a name, while also not being overshadowed by the many other talents in a faction.

Of course, he had chosen to invite his best friend Sam along as well. Then, the big event happened. The world had split into different powerhouses and people needed to make a choice. Sam wished to go with Nate but he couldn’t forget about his family.

When asking them the question whether or not it was okay for him to leave, they seemed uninterested and didn’t care what he did. He knew the reason for this. For he had a younger brother. A brother who wasn’t limited by his MC cells and was achieving great strides.

His brother had learnt the earth ability from the military. His parents had already spent all their money on him so they had no choice. But the military saw talent in him, and continued to let him progress giving him better skills and ability books.

Because of his brother, his family had already chosen to stay with the military. But what future did Sam have if he was to stay there? He would just always be overshadowed by his brother, never progressing and doing nothing.

So in the end, he had chosen to leave with Nate and the two of them ended up at the Crow’s faction under the Graylash family.

It seemed like the perfect decision for them both. In the initial a.s.sessment, Nate had gotten the highest rank possible of rank D, while Sam was given an E Rank. The two of them completed tasks by hunting beasts and their talents were beginning to s.h.i.+ne though.

It wasn’t long before they both got noticed and were requested to hunt the higher tier beasts. The two of them climbed through the ranks quickly. However, once again Sam started to fall behind, he remained stuck and rank C, while Nate was able to achieve a Traveler Rank of B.

In the Crow’s base, there were only a few Rank B’s with their leader being the only Rank A in the base. For a faction of their size, it was quite good. Only the ones directly under the big families would have AA and AAA ranks.

With the higher Rank it meant they were given more responsibilities around the base and shelter, it also meant they got a bigger say in the decisions that were being made.

One of these responsibilities for Nate, was watching the new recruits and a.s.sessing them. This would be done along with the base leader Blip, and another Rank B. Sam would often come along with Nate. He wasn’t part of the grading process, but was free to watch.

Nate had been summoned to one of the trial rooms, and he had brought Sam along with him. The two of them entered what looked like a large warehouse which was filled with storage containers stacked in strange ways.

There were also cameras placed all over the room. At one side of the room, a table for them to sit at, and a projector that would show them everything that was going to happen in the training room. There were already many of the members training away.

Some were practicing their climbing skills, others were testing new weapons and a couple were sparing away.

“What was the call for, do we have some new recruits?” Nate asked as he could see Blip sprucing him with a smile on his face. It was good news at the moment for any faction if they were to receive new members, compet.i.tion was tough these days.

“Yep, although I’m not sure what to make of them.” Blip said as he handed over the tablet.

Every new recruit was required to fill in a pre evolution form on the tablet. It would give them an idea of what to expect. Also not everything could be determined by a few tests, and hopefully this information would help them.

The first thing noted was the abilities. Nothing really stood out to him apart from one of them who had an original string ability. But what could you even do with string? He couldn’t imagine it would be that great. Also he was surprised one had no ability, but then reading they were from Pure, Nate decided to let that go.

“What’s so wrong?” Nate asked.

“Just keep going.” Blip replied.

Scrolling his eyes through, the next set of information was their equipment and age. Seeing this, Nate knew most of them had to have been first year students. However, one of them had managed to have a pair of advanced tier gauntlets. If he had really killed an advanced tier beast, that was quite the accomplishment.

However, it was highly unlikely and the most likely scenario was he had rich parents who had bought the crystals for him.

The last question on the pre a.s.sessment was about beasts. It asked…

What was the highest tier beast you have ever defeated?

The oldest gentlemen had put down intermediate, the next two students had put down advanced tiers. This seemed amazing for people of their age, if it was true they had struck a gold mine. Then the last one, had put a king tier beast.

While at the Crow’s, Nate had faced a king tier beast once before and he was not alone. He knew how hard one was to beat.

“Well, it’s too good to be true, right? How could a bunch of students defeat an advanced tier and a king tier beast? It seems like the adult with them was the only one that had told the truth.”

For a second, excitement had filled Nate’s heart as he wanted to see what student would have been able to defeat a king tier beast. They had to have at least been on the same level as himself in terms of skill.

But after hearing Blip’s words, he knew what he said was true.

The next B rank Traveler came in which was a female. She wore a black short jacket that came down to her belly b.u.t.ton, and had her hair cut just below her ears. Her name was Linda and she was one of the founders of Crow along with Blip.

She always had this fierce look in her eyes and had chosen to sit right next to Nate. As she sat down, the scent of roses had entered his nose.

“You smell gr…” Nate said.

Sam was shaking his head as he stood behind him. Nate was never good with girls. And he seemed to fall for any beauty he laid his eyes on.

“Let’s just get on with this. I can’t wait to see these liars fall flat on their feet.” Linda was quite a straightforward and fierce person, she had also read the report beforehand and came to the same conclusion as everyone else.

The room was then asked to be cleared and for the contenders to step in. Through the doors on the other side, the four of them came in fully equipped with their beast gear on, still wearing the special military suit that was on board the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

In front of them all leading the way, was Quinn.

“Do I know that guy from somewhere?” Nate thought. He recognised the face, but something about the person in front of him looked different. Like he had seen his younger brother before or something.

“Nate, that’s…that’s…the Blood Evolver.” Sam blurted out.

“Who?” Both Blip and Linda asked, looking at Quinn.


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