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Yi Duanfang didn’t know, that despite Chen Keren’s intelligence, she would be unable to guess what the subtle atmosphere between him and Tong Siqi meant, because she was too trustful. So she didn’t even think about it, she decided that he was only “teaching” Tong Siqi for Chen Kexin.

Yi Duanfang sent Chen Keren off, standing on the steps of the company’s gate, and could not stay calm for a long time.

He didn’t know how Chen Kexin viewed him.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, and it was raining all day. Yi Duanfang cooked lunch for w.a.n.g Weixi and they didn’t say a word. Yi Duanfang did not even dare to look at w.a.n.g Weixi, for fear that w.a.n.g Weixi would find him strange.

After Tong Siqi directly expressed his feelings towards w.a.n.g Weixi, Yi Duanfang really didn’t know how to face w.a.n.g Weixi naturally. He even thought, “Would the cruel Tong Siqi tell w.a.n.g Weixi that I actually loved him? If he knew it, he would definitely hate me. He didn’t like that I always dressed up like a girl. If he knew my s.e.xuality and the reason why I was keen on dressing like this was actually to attract his attention, he would definitely feel disgusted.”

“No, Weixi absolutely cannot know this.” Yi Duanfang thought, while holding his chopsticks tightly.

In the afternoon, w.a.n.g Weixi bought a bouquet of roses and drove to the hospital. When he was halfway there, he received a call from the company saying that there was something important he needed to deal with, so w.a.n.g Weixi had to turn back.

While he drove back to the company, Yi Duanfang and Tong Siqi were on their way to the hospital. Yi Duanfang was sitting in the pa.s.senger seat, holding a bouquet of blue roses in his hand, but his expression was bad, which was a stark contrast between the beautiful roses and his face.

As the hospital got closer and closer, Yi Duanfang knitted his brows and Tong Siqi just drove the car. Although she tried to chat with Yi Duanfang, the expression of Yi Duanfang had already told her that he really disliked her. Somehow, she was still disappointed.

Even though the mood was bad, they still reached their destination. After parking the car, Tong Siqi said coldly, “Get off the car.”

Yi Duanfang looked at the people in front of the hospital and finally got off.

“If the two women are so important to you, you can refuse to do it,” Tong Siqi’s voice rang behind his back.

Yi Duanfang clenched his fist, and then chuckled and looked back. “It’s my own business.” Even if he was subject to her, he still showed a proud look, because he didn’t allow anyone to control him anymore.

“You just need to remember what you said and the promise you gave me.” Yi Duanfang added and left.

Tong Siqi parked the car, and she followed Yi Duanfang. She was not in a hurry to go with Yi Duanfang because she wanted to see the painful expressions of the two women after rejoicing.

Yi Duanfang never found this road so difficult before. He did not take the elevator, but was quiet and walked slowly on the stairs.

People pa.s.sed by from time to time, and everyone was attracted by the outstanding appearance of Yi Duanfang, and could not help but watch him. However, Yi Duanfang just slowly walked toward Chen Kexin’s ward.

Finally, he stood outside Chen Kexin’s ward. In the ward, Chen Keren and Chen Kexin were chatting, and their giggles stung the heart of Yi Duanfang at this moment.

Opening the door, he tried to smile and said, “Kexin, I’m coming to see you~”

But what he saw first was Lan Xiao’s handsome face.

Yi Duanfang frowned.

Lan Xiao smiled and said, “h.e.l.lo, I came to see Kexin.”

Yi Duanfang said with a cold face, “h.e.l.lo.”

Chen Kexin was not as gaunt as yesterday and her eyes were full of brilliance. It was obvious that she was very happy now. Somehow, Yi Duanfang felt uncomfortable.

Chen Keren looked at the blue roses in his hand and chuckled. “You also bought flowers? Well, as soon as I looked at that bunch of flowers, I felt uncomfortable but my sister didn’t throw it away. You bought one, so I can throw that bunch of flowers away.” She said, then she came over and reached for the bouquet of roses from Yi Duanfang’s hands.

Yi Duanfang was more uneasy, and he didn’t know how to face the current situation. Chen Keren’s att.i.tude was not just a little better than before. Yi Duanfang knew that it was because Chen Keren thought this morning that he looked for Tong Siqi to defend Chen Kexin against an injustice.

“Why are you just standing there?” Seeing that Yi Duanfang did not move, Chen Keren asked curiously.

Yi Duanfang quickly shook his head and said, “Nothing.” His mind was wondering if that d.a.m.n Tong Siqi was going to come soon.

Sure enough, before he had taken a single step, the smug voice of Tong Siqi had come from behind him.

“Duanfang, how can you leave me alone? And you are still holding the flowers I bought as a present, making Miss Keren misunderstand? How are you still the same as before?” Tong Siqi walked in briskly, and Chen Keren’s smile was stiff on her face. She stared at Yi Duanfang with a look of extreme shock, but Yi Duanfang avoided her eyes.

Chen Kexin was lying on the bed, frowning, and wanted to say something. Tong Siqi had already walked to Chen Keren and took the bouquet of roses and went to the bed.

She took the bouquet of flowers out of the vase, threw it into the trash can, and then carefully put the fresh flowers into the vase.

“Thank you.” Chen Kexin said with a smile.

Tong Siqi just grinned and said, “No problem. Are you getting better?”

Chen Kexin nodded and said, “It is not a serious illness. I will be discharged in a few days.”

Standing there, Lan Xiao looked at the two people in front of him with strange eyes, but when he saw the mirthless smile of Chen Kexin, his heart couldn’t help but feel pain.

Chen Keren and Yi Duanfang stood there like two statues. At this time, Chen Keren felt cheated and glared at Yi Duanfang, and didn’t even care about Tong Siqi’s provocation towards her, because the only thing she wanted to know was why Yi Duanfang came with Tong Siqi, and why he was holding the flowers that Tong Siqi had bought.

“Why?” She frowned, but Yi Duanfang never looked at her.

Some things were always difficult to say. Although Yi Duanfang felt sorry for Chen Kexin and Chen Keren, he had already made a choice, he felt that he had no other way. At this moment, he could only dodge the aggressive eyes of Chen Keren, without saying a word.

“Who is this?” Tong Siqi curiously looked at Lan Xiao who stood there, and she was shocked by his handsomeness.

Chen Kexin and Lan Xiao looked at each other and smiled. Lan Xiao said gently, “h.e.l.lo, I am Kexin’s friend, equivalent to her brother, thank you for coming to see her today.” Somehow, Lan Xiao stressed the word ‘brother’.

It surprised Tong Siqi. She thought, “I didn’t expect that there would be such a good man around Chen Kexin. I really hate you more, why is G.o.d so good to you?”

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Tong Siqi. I am w.a.n.g Weixi’s high school cla.s.smate and his first girlfriend.” Tong Siqi said with a smile.

Just this sentence made the air in the ward suddenly freeze.

Although Yi Duanfang knew that Tong Siqi was not a good woman, he did not expect that she would say this thing. Frowning, Lan Xiao looked at Chen Kexin’s face. Chen Keren furiously gazed at the arrogant Tong Siqi and then she wanted to speak, but Chen Kexin said calmly, “Xiaoxiao, why are you looking at me like this? I don’t mind, everyone has a past. Weixi has one ex-girlfriend, and also it is a good thing to be friends with your first love. It is admirable.”

The ward was quiet for a few seconds.

Tong Siqi was stunned and looked at Chen Kexin. Chen Kexin just smiled at her and then she pointed to the fruit on the bedside table. “Siqi, help yourself to some fruit.”

Chen Keren felt that her lungs were bursting, and Yi Duanfang felt very uncomfortable. He didn’t like to see Chen Kexin talking like this. She was totally different right now… but was this the only way women protected themselves?

“Weixi’s eyes are really good because Kexin is really a good woman. It’s no wonder that although he traveled with me, he always mentioned you.” Tong Siqi added.

Chen Kexin smiled faintly. Tong Siqi didn’t know that past matters made Chen Kexin very upset, and Chen Kexin didn’t forgive w.a.n.g Weixi at all. At this moment, Chen Kexin knew that Tong Siqi came to show off. Chen Kexin was happy to vent her anger on Tong Siqi. When she thought of it, she chuckled. “Am I interfering with his work? Am I that charming? He still has time to miss me when he has such a beauty around him? How stupid w.a.n.g Weixi is!” She giggled when she said it.

Frowning, Lan Xiao felt that it was not suitable for him to stay here, so he simply said, “I have something to do today, Kexin, I will see you tomorrow.”

Chen Kexin nodded and said to the Chen Keren who was silent, “Keren, send Xiao Xiao off.”

Nodding, Chen Keren went past Yi Duanfang and went out with Lan Xiao. Yi Duanfang thought about it and decided to go out.

As soon as he came out, he saw Chen Keren standing outside the ward, and her lonely figure was very pitiful.

“You met that woman in the morning, it wasn’t for my sister?” At this time, she said directly.

Yi Duanfang bit his lip and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Chen Keren shook her head and said with disappointment, “It turned out…” “It turned out that you were not the man I thought you were.”


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