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Chapter 1252: A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (3)

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“You haven’t been using eye masks recently, have you?”

“Um…” Huo Mian didn’t know how to answer Huo Siqian’s question; why did a man like him pay so much attention to facial products?

“I knew it… you’re getting crow’s feet.”

“Seriously?” Huo Mian was doubtful as she touched the corners of her eyes.

“I bet you’ve been busy at work and didn’t get much rest recently. Did you finish using all the masks I asked my a.s.sistant to give you last time?”

“Yeah…” Huo Mian nodded, and Huo Siqian said, “I’ll ask someone from the company to bring you some later today.”

The Huo Corporation owned a domestically-renowned cosmetics brand, so Huo Siqian was knowledgeable when it came to beauty products.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, didn’t like makeup, so naturally, she had no idea how to take care of her skin and didn’t really understand what was what when it came to facial products.

“No thanks, I’m still young. I’ll be fine.”

“Sure, you’re still young, but what about ten years later? How can you expect Qin Chu to love you until you die if you become old and ugly?”

Huo Mian’s expression dimmed upon hearing this. “Are you saying that my husband will fall in love with someone else and cheat on me in the future?”

“No, Miss Huo Mian, I’m just saying that you should take care of your skin. Got it?”

Soon, Huo Siqian elegantly finished the last sip of his crab-roe porridge. He got up. “I’m going off to reconciliation now, thanks in advance for cleaning up this mess.”

Then, he smiled and walked out of Huo Mian’s office…

“What the h.e.l.l is wrong with this psycho, why would he come to drink porridge at the hospital before the sun even came up?” Huo Mian complained to herself as she began cleaning up her desk.

Shortly afterward, it was time for the conference, so Huo Mian headed upstairs, quickly forgetting her conversation with Huo Siqian.

After lunch, however, she was completely dumbstruck when she opened the door to her office. On her desk was a giant pile of at least ten different kinds of beauty products. “What in the world?”

“Hi, Miss Huo, I’m President Huo Siqian’s secretary. He asked me to bring these products to you…”

“H-h-how much is all this?” Huo Mian stuttered; for some reason, she was worried.

What if that a.s.shole Huo Siqian decided to dupe her out of a couple hundred thousand? She would never spend so much money on beauty products…

Huo Siqian’s female a.s.sistant couldn’t help but laugh, and she politely replied, “The president said they’re a gift to you. These are all new products the company recently launched, and feedback has been promising. Please take them.”

“Um… please thank Mr. Huo for me.”

“I will, Miss Huo. You’re our president’s younger sister, so it’s only natural that he treats you this way. I’ll be going now, please call me if you need anything.”

Then, the female a.s.sistant politely handed Huo Mian a business card before turning around to leave.

Huo Mian looked at the platinum-colored boxes filled with beauty products – face masks, eye masks, and feet masks.

There were even… b.u.t.t masks…

“Ahem… who would buy these? It’s so perverted!”

Huo Mian never knew people used masks on their b.u.t.ts; what were they, phones that needed full-body protection?

What was the Huo Corporation going to come up with next? Tempered-gla.s.s masks? Explosion-proof masks?

Huo Mian didn’t even want to think about it…

Huo Mian randomly picked a mask up and glanced at it; she was shocked to see the price tag.

A box containing six eye masks costs 3998 yuan, seriously?

That meant a pair cost almost 700 yuan.

Gosh, these masks weren’t even reusable!

Talk about ridiculous prices…

Huo Siqian’s a.s.sistant brought her 15 boxes, meaning that the eye masks alone cost around 60,000 yuan.

Huo Siqian was almost comparable to Su Yu when it came to spending money.

Since Huo Mian couldn’t use everything, she gave some to her a.s.sistant, Chen Jie, who took the beauty products feeling extremely flattered…

Like always, Qin Chu picked her after work.

Huo Mian threw everything inside the trunk before getting onto the car, and Mr. Qin immediately asked, “Honey, did your hospital give their employees perks today? What did they give? Olive oil or flour?”

Mr. Qin sure was a genius.


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