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Chapter 1848: Your Daughters are Mobsters (9)

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Before coming to Brazil, Qiao Fei told her not to run around these days, and that she should stay at the Qiao estate in Moscow. He even told her that he would cook for her, but… Lu Yan didn’t take that to heart and ran away while Qiao Fei was tending to business at his family’s headquarters.

She ended up running off to Brazil for a job, so no wonder Qiao Fei didn’t want to talk to her.

“He’s mad? I should be the one who’s mad! I saved his life, okay? If I didn’t ask my brother-in-law to perform surgery for him, he would’ve died years ago!” Lu Yan said matter-of-factly.

“But think about it, who did he get shot for?”

Her dad’s question immediately silenced her.

“I… um…”

“Stop stuttering, can you please just let me sleep soundly at night? Next time I won’t have time to save you. I’m telling you, stop taking jobs and either go back home or to Qiao Fei’s home in Moscow. It’s safe there.”

“Dad, I want to go to China… and see my sister and the twins.”

“Are you crazy?” Professor Lu looked helplessly at his daughter.

“I just really want to see my sister and my adorable nieces.”

“You’ll get that chance in the future… but you can’t right now. Lu Yan, I’m telling you, if you put yourself and your sister in danger because of your recklessness, I’ll never forgive you,” Professor Lu said, turning away to leave.

Upon hearing this, Lu Yan pouted unhappily.

“Boss, let’s go.”

“Go away, don’t talk to me,” Lu Yan said, extremely unhappy with her current situation. Why was it so hard to see her sister? Years have pa.s.sed, but it never seemed like the right chance!

It was a miracle for someone as impatient as her to wait for so long.

– South Hill Manor –

That evening, the twins were playing in the living room after practicing the piano.

Pudding enjoyed browsing the internet for celebrity scandals, so her head was buried in the iPad, going through the news.

Little Bean liked snacking, so she peeled an orange while watching TV.

Qin Chu came downstairs to see the sisters surprisingly getting along. Unfortunately, the TV wasn’t playing any cartoon shows.

Rather, playing on the TV was a popular Chinese variety show called Running Man.

“Little Bean, you like this show?”

“Yeha, I love Brother Han,” Little Bean said, fangirling over the man on TV.

“Brother Han?” Qin Chu repeated as he asked, completely confused.

Pudding glanced at Little Bean and replied calmly, “Daddy, ignore her, she’s talking about a celebrity.”

“Daddy’s not caught up with the times.” Qin Chu smiled helplessly, sitting down in between the twins.

“Where’s Mommy?”

“She’s still busy dealing with company matters.”

“Um, Daddy, are you really going to be a stay-at-home dad?” Little Bean glanced sympathetically at Qin Chu.

“Why? Are you going to look down on Daddy? What’s so bad about staying at home and taking care of you guys while Mommy goes to work?”

“It’s weird.” Little Bean looked at Qin Chu.

“Pudding, you don’t want Daddy to stay at home with you guys every day?”

“I’m fine either way, but Daddy, don’t you get bored taking care of us?” Pudding asked calmly.

“Nope,” Qin Chu replied without thinking.

“If you’re not bored, then I’m fine with it.”

“Pudding, what are you reading?”

“Nothing much, just tracking the stock market… I heard two families in the real estate industry partnered together. I’m a.s.suming their stock prices are going to shoot up, so I’m going to buy some now and sell when it booms.”

“You invest in the stock market?” Qin Chu looked at Pudding in disbelief.

“I’m using Mommy’s account, she gave me 100,000 yuan to play with.”

“Are you making money or losing money?” Qin Chu asked, immediately interested.


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