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Chapter 2183: Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (4)

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“Although I almost died, I got a surprise gift from that. I’m now sure that Bimbo Jian won’t be able to recover from this ever!” Little Bean said confidently.

Qin Chu was utterly speechless.

How could his three-year-old daughter think this through so thoroughly? Was this how things really should be like?

“Daddy, don’t you think there’s something strange to all of this?”

“What?” Qin Chu asked curiously.

“Handsome Su has been in the entertainment industry for so many years so he should have been able to see through everything, yet he wasn’t able to see through that Bimbo Jian Tong…” Little Bean said slowly.

Qin Chu paused and thought for a few seconds. Then, he looked at Little Bean and explained seriously, “Su Yu did see through everything, including Jian Tong, but he used her as a s.h.i.+eld. They were just using each other to meet their own needs. Jian Tong wanted money and power while Su Yu wanted a woman so he didn’t have to face reality… That’s why even though she’s a manipulative woman, he let her scheme… Jian Tong had not done anything extremely evil in the past so Su Yu let everything slide. However, Su Yu just didn’t expect that she would step this much out of line this time…”

Qin Chu calmly a.n.a.lyzed Su Yu’s real intentions with empirical evidence and elucidated the truth behind Jian tong and Su Yu’s relations.h.i.+p.

Su Yu was not a r.e.t.a.r.d. Instead, he understood how things were. However, he didn’t want things to be awkward between him and Huo Mian, so he chose to act as Jian Tong’s boyfriend.

Whether it was Su Yu using Jian Tong for his personal reasons or Jian Tong using Su Yu to gain exposure, she indeed put on a good act as a nice and understanding girl.

Su Yu was a man and he felt guilty for using her so he would try to use money and power to redeem his guilt to her.

Jian Tong was also the number one female artist at Imperial Star Entertainment all these years, so Su Yu thought she knew where the line was.

What happened last night was something Su Yu did not expect so it would be unfair to blame it on Su Yu.

No one really understood what Su Yu was going through because they weren’t in his shoes.

“Daddy, only a wise person can say those words so you are a wise person. You didn’t look at Handsome Su like a love rival nor did you blame him for this… Now I finally understand why Mommy loves you so much…” Little Bean said as she looked at Qin Chu like he was her idol.

“Why?” Qin Chu suddenly thought Little Bean was just trying to flatter him.

Just as he expected, Little Bean raised up her thumb and said, “Daddy is a forgiving and great person. You can always figure out problems calmly and accurately. I think if Handsome Su was in your shoes today, he wouldn’t be as fair and unbiased. I suddenly realized what an honor and privilege it is to be your daughter.”

“So you two probably saved the world during your last reincarnation,” Qin Chu laughed.

“Daddy, who saved the world?” Pudding woke up hazily and said.

She was finally woken up by the conversation between her daddy and sister.

“Daddy saved the world during last life so that’s why I could meet your mommy and the two of you…” Qin Chu said.

“Ah… Daddy… You saw that Pudding woke up and immediately changed your tone… Isn’t that too smart?” Little Bean smiled.

Pudding climbed up. First, she looked at Little Bean’s IV drip.

She said, “Daddy, Little Bean’s medicine is almost finished. Should we change a new one…”

“Don’t worry Honey… I’m watching carefully…” Qin Chu felt very warm when he saw the twins were not fighting or arguing.

Su Yu tried to look as well put as possible as he went to work after a long sleepless night. However, he was not in the mood for work.

He left An with orders. Then, he drove to Wei Liao’s company.

“Is President Wei in his office?” Su Yu lethargically asked the reception at the Wei Corporation.


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