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Chapter 2288: Qin Ning is in Love (9)

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“Oh? What do we have here? You’re knitting? A scarf for a man too?” Xixi giggled at the navy blue yarn.

“Don’t be so nosy… ” Her sister looked a little bit fl.u.s.tered.

“You have someone you like? Is this… for President Su?” Xixi could guess what her sister was thinking.

“I’m not sure… if he’ll accept it… ” Nie Lingxuan bit her lip nervously.

“Sis… there are so many great men. Why are you so hung up on Su Yu?” Xixi tried to talk her sister out of it.

“Why didn’t you go on any dates for the past couple of years? Isn’t it because you couldn’t forget about that mixed hottie?” her sister reb.u.t.ted.

“That… that was different, okay? We’ve dated before… Yours is completely one-sided right now. Sis, I’m not trying to disappoint you… I just think that… you should give up on Su Yu. It’s probably not going to happen. He’s had so many women around him for the past couple of years… but he’s never liked any of them. Even someone as manipulative as Jian Tong couldn’t get him to like her… Su Yu’s really dedicated to Mian… I really don’t want to see you lose yourself… ” Knowing full-well how much Su Yu loved Huo Mian, Xixi had to stop her sister from liking the man.

Unfortunately, feelings were not something to be controlled.

If it could be controlled, there wouldn’t be so many scorned lovers, so many people suffering from the pain of losing a relations.h.i.+p.

“Xixi, I know what I’m doing. Actually, I’m not looking for anything. I won’t confess to President Su either… I just want to take care of him in my own way… quietly.”

“But you’ll fall harder and harder… ”

“I won’t. I know the boundaries.”

“Your profession is already a special one. If you don’t find a boyfriend soon, you’ll lose your best years. What’ll happen then? Whether it’s a rich businessman, some high government official, or an ordinary civilian, there has to be someone for you. Sis, don’t forget that you’re older than me by a couple of years. Don’t make Mom and Dad worry about you…”

“Alright little girl, stop scolding me. I know what you’re trying to say…”

With that, Nie Lingxuan wrapped her scarf around her neck in silence, breaking Xixi’s heart.

It was true that Su Yu was a one in a million kind of man… but he only had his eyes on Huo Mian.

Everyone on the Earth knew that… so was it really a good idea for her sister to like him?

After Xixi stayed with her sister for a while, she returned to her room and dialed Huo Mian’s number.

She wanted to treat the couple to a meal as a show of grat.i.tude for the success of her difficult surgery.

Huo Mian was going to be busy for the next couple of days so she invited Xixi and Rick to their weekend gathering to make it even more fun.

Somewhere in the pedestrian streets, the people enjoyed themselves; their energies unhindered by the freezing temperatures.

The festive spirit colored the streets, lanterns and lights decorating every corner.

Donning a black winter coat, Tang Chuan walked around the town with Qin Ning.

Qin Ning was enjoying her ice sugar gourd happily.

“Our old city’s still the best, right?” Tang Chuan asked.

“Yes, it’s great.”

“Of course it’s great. You’d never be able to feel the same atmosphere in Los Angeles.” Tang Chuan looked proud.

“There’s a Chinatown in Los Angeles too, alright? It’s not like I’m from the countryside.” Qin Ning rolled her eyes at him.

“Yes, Los Angeles has a Chinatown, but Los Angeles doesn’t have Mr. Tang.” With that, Tang Chuan widened his mouth and took a huge bite out of Qin Ning’s ice sugar gourd.

The hardened sugar immediately shattered, falling all over Qin Ning’s hands, and she immediately became mad.


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