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2497 A Setup within a Setup, a Mystery within a Mystery (17)

Yanyan just wanted to save her daughter,” Shen Mingxi explained.

“Let me ask you this then. Why would Huo Siqian capture Huo Yanyan’s daughter out of the blue? Do you think he was that bored and had nothing better to do?”

Shen Mingxi remained silent.

“So you’re not looking for excuses now? If I’m guessing correctly, Huo Yanyan probably started the fight. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this but that negative media exposure on the Huo Corporation was probably you, right? I don’t think Huo Yanyan has that much power and Qin Chu isn’t a man that would do that. You’re behind it, no?”

“I love Yanyan and she’s been through so much all these years. If it weren’t for Huo Siqian, she would be a fancy, beautiful princess from the Huo Family. If she hadn’t married the wrong person, then she wouldn’t be a single mother right now.”

“She did that all to herself. Oh, since you brought up Huo Mian’s family background, let me ask you this.”

Shen Mingxi remained silent.

“Huo Jiaming only has one legal partner and that is Jiang Hong, right? What is Shen Jiani then? Was she a mistress that lived in the same home as the late Chairman Huo? Shen Jiani is probably the most thick-skinned mistress in the world. She wasn’t married to Chairman Huo but lived in his house and even had his children…”

When Shen Mingxi heard this, his face looked even uglier.

“You said she married an a.s.shole but she made that decision herself. Who else could she blame? You said Huo Mian doesn’t know how to love herself and is seducing different men. According to my knowledge, Huo Mian had always only loved one man, and that man is Qin Chu. She never had s.e.x with any other man. Before the Huo Family went bankrupt, Huo Yanyan had a wild party life. Who knows how many men she slept with and how many abortions she had had. Finally, men were disgusted by her so she could only marry a jerk. Do you think that her new-found character as a single mom can erase her disgusting past? Shen Mingxi, I think you’re a smart man. How did you become so blind to love Huo Yanyan? If that’s what you want, that’s fine but how can you be so idiotic to dare to talk s.h.i.+t about Huo Mian in front of me… I can tell you that my 30 years of life have not been wasted. When I have trained my guts out in the army, you were still in school. I am exceptional at telling the essence of people and I know what kind of person Huo Mian is. On the other hand, Huo Yanyan can only use her wits to create tiny upheavals. She will pretend to be innocent and pure in front of you. You’ve changed. Not only have you become more stupid, but your taste for women has grown to my disgust. I’ll leave you with these words today and from now on, we are no longer friends. Don’t you dare say that I became stupid because of a woman because I don’t have a friend that is as stupid as you.”

Then, Su Yu pushed open the door and left the private room.

The door banged behind him.

The people in the hallway all made way for Su Yu silently.

Su Yu walked out of the club with a stern face.

However, he did feel a good sense of relief after scolding Shen Mingxi. He took a deep breath before he got in his black Lamborghini.

Young Master Shen, are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Only after Su Yu left did the other people dare to walk over to ask if Shen Mingxi was alright and help him get up.

“No. Also, don’t you all dare to say a peep about what happened today,” Shen Mingxi ordered.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Shen. We won’t say a word.”

Shen Mingxi didn’t expect Su Yu to almost destroy his face because he bad-mouthed Huo Mian.

Should he call Su Yu rash or was he the one that was not cautious? However, Su Yu’s words did waiver his opinion.

-In some high-end neighborhood –

“Mingxi, you’re home! Are you hungry? I made soup.” Huo Yanyan walked out with a subtle s.e.xy light purple nightgown. “You knew that it was very dangerous for Huo Mian to go and see Huo Siqian, right?” Shen Mingxi suddenly asked her.


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