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Chapter 2632: Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (12)

Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Yes, Miss Pudding.”

Pudding and Little Bean then left the car, each with two bodyguards.

They already knew that Liu Ze was in the third-floor ICU, while Zhang Manlin was in the administrative office on the sixth floor. After a quick goodbye, the twins each went off on their mission with a bouquet of flowers in their hands.

– Third Floor, ICU –

Liu Ze was in the recovery room, scrolling through the news. He was surprised by how much trouble the scandal stirred up.

His original plan was to first defame Su Yu and then figure out another way to ruin his life. However, for some reason, just this one opportunity out of the blue he seized turned into something big. Little did he know that Huo Siqian had secretly helped him with the sole goal of sowing discord between Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

Liu Ze thought it was his good luck that caused Su Yu so much trouble.

The truth was, he wasn’t that badly injured. Although two tendons on his hands had torn, the Orthopedic surgeons did a great job reconnecting them; all he needed to do now was to rest up for three months.

The problem right now was that the media outlets outside accused Su Yu of ruining the genius doctor Liu Ze’s hand out of jealousy.

Liu Ze, a genius? Ruined hand? Neither of these scandals was true, but of course, the public didn’t know what the truth was.

Liu Ze happily scrolled through Weibo, enjoying the malicious comments Su Yu received. Some netizens even gathered and created a fund for Liu Ze, while others visited him like he was some sort of celebrity.

All Liu Ze wanted was revenge; he tried to get close with Huo Mian just so he could destroy Su Yu.

“Dr. Liu, someone’s here to visit you,” a nurse opened his room door and said.

“No, I’m not feeling well, I can’t see anyone,” Liu Ze thought it was some fan, so he refused immediately.

“The visitor’s not a fan, it’s Vice Director Huo’s daughter. She’s a really cute girl,” the nurse replied.

“Who? Vice Director Huo’s daughter?” Liu Ze asked in disbelief.

“Mhm, but I’m not sure if she’s the older or younger sister, they look almost the same so I can’t tell.”

“One daughter or both?” Liu Ze asked curiously.

“Just one.”

“Where’s Vice Director Huo?”

“I’m not sure, she left after lunch and isn’t back yet.”

“Oh, I see. Then, let her in.” Although Liu Ze didn’t know why the Vice Director’s daughter was here to see him, what damage could a three-year-old child cause? Therefore, he let his guard down, a decision that he would quickly come to regret because Pudding wasn’t a child, she was a little devil!

“Are you Uncle Liu Ze?” Pudding asked politely after walking in.

“I am.”

“My name is Qin Zhaozhao, and I’m Huo Mian’s daughter. You can call me Pudding,” Pudding introduced herself.

“Oh! Hi, Pudding.” Liu Ze smiled.

Pudding’s appearance attracted the nurses on the floor as well. After all, the twins looked just as beautiful as Qin Chu and were just as smart as Huo Mian – they were perfect.

“I’m here because I heard you got into an accident. After all, you’re my mommy’s colleague.”

“Oh, thank you, sweetie.” Liu Ze continued to smile.

“I pa.s.sed by a flower shop when I was heading over, I thought it was the perfect present for a patient…” Then, Pudding took out the bouquet she had hidden behind her back and pa.s.sed it over to Liu Ze, whose face darkened as soon as he saw what flowers Pudding had given him…


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