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Chapter 3513 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 3

“You just graduated and must learn from Mian. She’s very low-key.”

Mrs. Su didn’t answer Han Yueyao’s question; instead, she only praised Huo Mian for her way of doing things and told the girl to learn from her.

“I know. But…”

“Before you came, didn’t your teacher tell you to keep your mouth shut and your hands busy?”

Obviously, Mrs. Su didn’t want the girl to ask lots of questions.

“I got it, Auntie.”

In fact, Han Yueyao wasn’t Mrs. Su’s distant relative. Her teacher in the dancing academy was a long-time friend of Mrs. Su’s and at the latter’s request, she had chosen Han Yueyao from dozens of girls in her cla.s.s. Why did she choose Han Yueyao?

Firstly, she was pretty with big eyes.

Secondly, her family background was simple and clean.

Thirdly, she did well in school and got along well with everyone.

The last but the most important reason was that she had never had a boyfriend before.

Why did such a pretty girl have had no boyfriends? Because her mother, a teacher of Chinese, was very strict with her, sending her to a girls-only boarding school.

For the past years, the girl practiced hard on dancing, thinking about nothing but becoming an excellent professional dancer.

Her teacher didn’t tell her the real purpose of the recommendation, only saying that Auntie Su would find her a good job.

Besides, her mother approved it even though she had always wanted her daughter to stay in Jing City.

Han Yueyao didn’t know a lot about the Su Family but she learned that Auntie Su had a son who had a company of his own; his name was Su Yu and he was older than her.

On the way from the airport, she had talked to the chauffeur in curiosity but didn’t get any useful information.

After all, the chauffeur from the Su Family was well trained and never talked about things they were not supposed to talk about.

Due to curiosity, Han Yueyao googled on the internet and browsed the local gossip forums and found that Su Yu had loved a female doctor for years.

Since the doctor’s name was special, she had memorized it instantly.

But when she tried to ask Auntie Su about it, the latter responded quite coldly, so she didn’t dare to ask more questions. After all, she was only a graduate coming here for a new job.

Knowing nothing about the Su Family’s real purpose of taking her under their wings, Han Yueyao followed Mrs. Su silently and went to the restaurant to prepare for tonight’s supper with Mrs. Su in a luxurious car.

Walking out of the hospital, Huo Mian saw Qin Chu’s black Bentley parked near the gate.

With a smile, she got into the car. “Someone is very punctual.”

“Of course. I’m never late to pick up my wife.”

“Oh, read this.”

Huo Mian handed him a piece of paper with Han Yueyao’s information on it.

“What’s this?” Qin Chu glanced at it in puzzlement.

Huo Mian told him briefly about Mrs. Su’s request.

“Seeing Zeng Rou is gone, Auntie Su got another girl for Su Yu. But she is afraid Su Yu would object, so…”

“So she enlisted your help,” Qin Chu continued for her.


“Well, even though the request is inappropriate, we can’t refuse it since it came from Auntie Su; the Su Family did big favors for us,” Qin Chu said.

Huo Mian had thought Qin Chu would be displeased or get jealous.

But he did none of those and spoke Huo Mian’s mind.

Exhilarated, she threw her arms around Qin Chu’s neck.



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