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Chapter 3617 A Surprise Prepared by Mr. Qin 7“Ying, I don’t have any siblings, and I’ve treated you like my own sister ever since I married your brother.”“I know.” Wei Ying nodded.

“Technically, I agree with your brother. First, he’s my husband and I should be on his side. Second, we’re your family, and we don’t want to see you in pain. We all remember what Shen Mingxi did to you when you were married, so it’s normal that we don’t want you to sink deeper. Trying to persuade you into giving up is our way of loving you.”

“I understand that, Xiaowei… you guys care about me more than anyone.”

“But relations.h.i.+ps aren’t explainable through logic. Although you’ve become mild-tempered and grew up a lot since your divorce, you haven’t dated at all. This means you’re still not over him. If you like him, no one, not me, not your brother, not even your parents can stop you… we want you to be happy. But like you said, dating is fireworks and l.u.s.t, while marriage is a testament of everyday life. If Huo Yanyan doesn’t disappear, she will forever stand between you and Shen Mingxi like a b.l.o.o.d.y wound. Moreover, you also have to deal with the child Huo Yanyan left behind. Shen Mingxi isn’t a bad person, but unlike your brother, Su Yu, and Qin Chu, he’s too indecisive and is overly sympathetic. So, he is the origin of everything that’s happened so far.”

“Yeah, Hurricane Huo Yanyan happened because he felt bad for her…”

“So, you shouldn’t be the one who is struggling, and you shouldn’t be so pa.s.sive. Shen Mingxi should be doing something about all this.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Let me put it like this. If Shen Mingxi can get rid of Huo Yanyan himself, then you guys might get back together. However, if he continues to be indecisive, you should give up, even if it hurts you. After all, being hara.s.sed is a nightmare, and you don’t want to live life like that. That pain will be worse than you giving up on this relations.h.i.+p.”

“Thanks, Xiaowei, I think I understand now. You’re definitely smarter than I am.”

“It’s not that complicated, you’re stuck in the mess, so that’s why you’re confused. It’s not your fault.”

“Mhm, I’ll listen to your advice. If he can’t deal with this, then I’m giving up.”


“Okay then, thanks for talking to me. I have lunch reservations with a friend, I’ll get out of your hair now.”

“Mhm, drive safe.”

“Xiaowei, I heard Mian’s birthday party is going to be amazing.”

“Tang Chuan is planning the party, I have too much work on my hands so I didn’t really ask about it. What’s up? Did you want to come?”

“Yeah, I was hoping to get an invitation. Back then when I was being unreasonable, I clashed with Mian. I haven’t seen her many times over the years, so I never really asked for her forgiveness. This is the perfect opportunity to tell her that I’m sorry.”

“Mian won’t mind, she’s a generous person.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

“I know, but I feel bad. Anyways, please get me an invitation.”

“I will.”

After her talk with Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Ying felt much better; her pain had eased significantly.

– At the same time, inside the private room of some club –

“What do you want? Shoot.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi don’t end up together.” Huo Yanyan smiled viciously.

“I know that,” the man replied impatiently.

“I didn’t ask you to come here because of them. I need help with something else.”

“F*ck you, why should I help you, who do you think you are?” The man obviously detested Huo Yanyan; his tone was extremely disrespectful.

“Do you really want me to tell people who helped me get out? If this fails, Shen Mingxi, Wei Ying, Su Yu, and Qin Chu will all hunt you down.”

“You stupid b.i.t.c.h, how dare you threaten me?”

“Calm down, let’s talk business. I need an invitation to Huo Mian’s birthday party.” Huo Yanyan said, taking a puff out of her cigarette. The smile on her face looked creepier than ever.


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