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Chapter 3622 A Surprise Prepared by Mr. Qin 12

“I will, thanks Mian!”After their brief conversation, Huo Mian put down her phone.

“Mommy, who is she?”

“Mommy, is that your new friend?”

The twins were such gossips; they were interested in everyone on their mother’s WeChat contact list.

“Yeah, she’s my new friend. What’s it to you guys?”

“Ha, we just want to keep an eye out for Handsome Su…” Little Bean’s face beamed.

“Don’t you guys like Zeng Rou?” Huo Mian asked; she thought that the twins’ view of Zeng Rou had changed.

“So what if we like her, Handsome Su doesn’t,” Pudding looked down and a.n.a.lyzed.

“You’re right, relations.h.i.+ps are a two-way street,” Huo Mian explained.

“Yeah, like you and daddy!” Little Bean immediately added.

“If everyone in this world married for love, they would all be happy.”

“Anyways, Mommy, don’t go so deep with us, we’re still young.” Little Bean quickly ended the conversation.

Huo Mian smiled without saying anything and lovingly rubbed the twins’ heads.

It had been four years already? Everything felt like a dream – she remembered when she was pregnant with the twins. Qin Chu had disappeared, and Huo Siqian was basically stalking her.

To protect her unborn children, she moved in with the Su Family but was mentally abused by a lot of people. Things were so bad that a lot of Su Yu’s female fans cursed at her on this online forum. They called her every name in the book.

They said that she ran into another man’s embrace as soon as her husband died. Some even said that she had been cheating on Qin Chu behind his back for a very long time now, and that Su Yu was actually the father of her children.

Four years ago, she endured everything. Su Yu, worried about Huo Mian, hired people to respond or to take down the comments on the forums.

Huo Mian would forever remember what he had done for her… she couldn’t be with him, but she could be his friend forever and help him whenever he was in need.

“Mommy, what are you thinking about?” Little Bean asked, realizing that her mom had dazed out.

“Nothing. Once we get to Granny’s house you guys need to be good, okay? Granny’s old now, she can’t catch up to you guys. No running around, got it?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

Then, the three of them headed towards Sky Blessing Court.

When they arrived, Bella and Zhixin were making dumplings with Yang Meirong in the dining room. They looked like such a happy family.

“Hi Granny, Uncle Jing and Auntie Bella.”

Although Bella and Zhixin hadn’t officially gotten married now, they were betrothed. The twins really liked Bella – she worked under Huo Mian for years and was loyal and hardworking.

“Look who’s here! Come here, let me take a look at you guys.” Zhixin loved his nieces. He bent down and gave the twins a hug, not even realizing that he still had flour on his hands.

“Sister Mian!” Bella greeted Huo Mian with a smile.

“How many have you made? Do you need me?” Huo Mian asked the bodyguards to put the stuff she bought down. After placing her bag on the coffee table, she rolled up her sleeves to help.

“Go away, we don’t need you here. You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be doing work!” Yang Meirong didn’t want her to even lift a finger.

“Mom, I’m fine, I’m still months away from giving birth. Don’t make me sit here and do nothing…”

“Then go and wash some fruits for us.”

“Mhm, okay.” Huo Mian picked up a bag of fruits and headed towards the kitchen.

Zhixin quietly followed Huo Mian in. He whispered mysteriously, “Sis, I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”


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