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3737 So Many Shameless People These Days 7

“Mrs. Su.” Huo Mian greeted Mrs. Su with a raspy voice.

Upon hearing Huo Mian’s voice, Mrs. Su stood up slowly and ran towards her, grabbing Huo Mian’s hand as if she had just seen her savior. “Mian, please save Yu, please…”

“Mrs. Su, Su Yu will be fine, don’t worry.”

“Mian, you’re a great doctor, everyone calls you a genius… I know you can handle any procedure… can you please save Yu? I can’t lose him, he’s my own son. I won’t be able to handle it…”

Nothing like this had ever happened to Mrs. Su, ever. In front of her injured son, she was no longer calm and elegant – she was just a normal mother who was worried to death about her son.

Huo Mian’s grip tightened around Mrs. Su’s hands. “Don’t worry, I will do everything I can to save Su Yu.”

“Good, good, good.”

“Mrs. Su, Mian’s specialty is OB/GYN. Su Yu injured his head, that’s neurosurgery… if you trust me, I can help him,” Qin Chu, who was standing quietly behind Huo Mian, suddenly said.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Su’s eyes lit up. If Qin Chu hadn’t mentioned it, she would’ve forgotten that he was a renowned neurosurgeon – she remembered that he performed a very high-profile surgery for an official in Jing City when he first returned to China.

So, Mrs. Su immediately felt some relief. “Chu, of course I trust you.”

Qin Chu nodded.

“Honey, hurry up and go get into scrubs. I talked to the nurse already, she’ll take you into the OR.” Huo Mian and Qin Chu had already discussed this on their way here. Although Huo Mian wanted to help, she was very pregnant and slow. Moreover, Qin Chu was right – Huo Mian may be a genius, but she didn’t have much experience with neurosurgery.

Just like that, Qin Chu quickly changed into scrubs and went into the OR with the nurse.

“Mrs. Su, where’s Han Yueyao?”

“She’s downstairs in orthopedics.”

“Is she severely injured?” Huo Mian asked worriedly.

“She’s not as bad as Su, the police told me that the driver sustained the worst injuries.”

“Don’t worry, as long as Qin Chu’s in there, I’m sure Su Yu will be fine.”

After consoling Mrs. Su, Huo Mian put on her lab coat and headed downstairs to check up on Han Yueyao.

Han Yueyao was lying on a bed; her leg was in a cast, but she didn’t need surgery. However, she was dying to get up so she could check up on Su Yu.

“Please, let me go see Su Yu, please.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you to go. Young Master Su is still in surgery, so no one can see him right now,” the nurse replied patiently. She knew Han Yueyao was friends with Huo Mian, so she was very careful.

“How much longer will the surgery be?”

“I don’t know either, we’ll have to wait to hear from upstairs. You injured your chest and legs, so you need to get some rest.”

“I don’t want to rest, I’m going to wait to hear about Su Yu… you have to tell me as soon as you hear something,” Han Yueyao continued to beg the nurse; suddenly, the door to her room opened.

“Vice Director Huo.” The nurse immediately got up, and Huo Mian nodded in response.

“Mian, how’s Su Yu? Is he going to die?” Han Yueyao asked as tears streamed down her face. She was terrified that something would happen to Su Yu. She was truly scared.


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