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3786 Su Yu“s New Favorite 6

“Oh, this is Little Chen, my colleague in the bureau.” Gao Ran immediately introduced her to Lingling.

“h.e.l.lo.” Zhu Lingling greeted Chen Yuning with a smile.

“Sister Lingling, how come you don’t know me?” Chen Yuning asked suddenly.

“Why should I know you?” Zhu Lingling smiled as her arm tightened around Gao Ran’s arm.

“That’s strange. Sister Lingling, if you don’t know me, then why did you go to my home and give so many expensive gifts to my parents?”

Then, she raised the bag in her hand; in it were the things that Zhu Lingling and Huo Mian had given to her parents.

“What stuff? What’s going on?”

Gao Ran was confused, wondering what the two women were talking about. Even his Lingling acted weirdly today.

Before Zhu Lingling could reply, Chen Yuning explained immediately, “Chief Gao, here’s the thing. Sister Lingling probably feels my family is poor, so she visited my parents in your name. I appreciate the gesture since it shows how the leaders care for their subordinates. But… my parents are ordinary people and are not used to such expensive stuff. Last night, I talked with my parents and decided to return the gifts. But we fully appreciate your kindness. Thank you, Sister Lingling.”

Chen Yuning pushed the bag into Zhu Lingling’s hands and bowed to her earnestly.

Zhu Lingling was embarra.s.sed.

Gao Ran understood what had happened. But he knew Zhu Lingling wasn’t such a charitable person; why did she decide to give gifts to Chen Yuning’s parents?

If Gao Ran was another man, he might demand an answer from his wife with a livid face now.

But Gao Ran didn’t do it; instead he glanced at Zhu Lingling and said to Chen Yuning with a smile, “Lingling went to see your parents at my request. Lately, the people in the bureau often work late, so I asked my wife to see your parents to show my appreciation. But my wife took my words literally and bought such expensive gifts; in fact, the bureau won’t pay the gifts for me… So, it’s great that you returned them. Lingling, when you buy gifts for other employees, remember to buy milk powder and cereals, not bird’s nest or sea cuc.u.mber.”

Zhu Lingling was surprised at first; then she looked at her husband in grat.i.tude and nodded.

“Okay, Honey. I know I made a mistake.”

Chen Yuning bit on her lip, surprised by the turn of events.

She had thought Zhu Lingling would be embarra.s.sed and Gao Ran would be angry at Zhu Lingling.

It was clear that Gao Ran had been in the dark about the whole thing.

But she was surprised that Gao Ran had taken the blame so Zhu Lingling wouldn’t get embarra.s.sed.

“I see… I was wondering how Sister Lingling knows me and my family… Now I know she did it at your request, Chief Gao…”

Chen Yuning was embarra.s.sed.

“Yeah. My wife isn’t familiar with my colleagues in the bureau. She did it because I asked her,” Gao Ran answered calmly.

“Thank you, Chief Gao.”

“You’re welcome. Little Chen, is that all you wanted to say?”


“Then we’ve got to go. A friend was released from hospital, and we’re going to a party to celebrate it. Excuse us.”

Taking Zhu Lingling’s hand, Gao Ran got into the Land Rover and drove away.

Chen Yuning stood here with a pale face. She realized that she had miscalculated one thing, which was that Gao Ran loved Zhu Lingling and was very protective of her.

“He’s such a good man; Zhu Lingling, you don’t deserve him. You don’t!” With hatred in her eyes, Chen Yuning looked after the Land Rover and muttered.


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