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Chapter 3912: The Entertainment Circle is Indeed Dirty (2)

“Ying, it’s useless saying this to me. This is the family’s decision. After you escaped and started living in his house, Dad almost had a heart attack. Yunchu almost got a beating for you. We’ve done a lot for you. We interfere with your life because we love you.”

“I know. But I’m an adult now.”

“So? You want me to persuade others in the family?”

Weeping, Wei Ying nodded. “Huo Yanyan is dead. I hope we can stop at that.”

“This… You go and talk to your dad and your second elder brother. I truly can’t help you.”

Angry that Wei Ying couldn’t see the situation clearly, Jiang Xiaowei got up and left…

After Jiang Xiaowei left, Wei Ying cleaned up her apartment and drove to Shen Mingxi’s house.

As she expected, Shen Mingxi didn’t go to his company, instead staying at home.

His spirits were low and his body carried the smell of alcohol.

“h.e.l.lo, Miss Wei,” The housemaid greeted Wei Ying.

“Is he home?”

“Mr. Shen is upstairs.”


Wei Ying entered the study and saw Shen Mingxi was reading the big pile of doc.u.ments on the desk.

“Big Brother Mingxi.”

Shen Mingxi looked up at her. “Ying, you came.”

“I called your secretary and she said you were not in the company.” Wei Ying walked in and tossed her Chanel handbag on the desk. She glanced at the papers on the desk and found they were booklets about schools abroad.

Her heart ached for him…

“Big Brother Mingxi, about that thing…”

“Ying, let’s not talk about it.”

Shen Mingxi was still adjusting his mind about Huo Yanyan’s death, so he interrupted Wei Ying when she tried to talk about it.

“My second elder brother… called you?”

“Yes, he did.” Shen Mingxi lowered his head and tried to look calm.

“Mingxi, I’m sorry. My family is… too hard on you.”

“No, I understand their concern.”

“I told my sister-in-law that I won’t force you to do anything. I want to be with you no matter how much hards.h.i.+p I’ll face.”

With her heart aching for him, Wei Ying placed her hand on his shoulder.

Shen Mingxi lifted his hand and held her hand.

“It’s fine. Ying, I’ll handle it.”

“Mingxi, are you going to…” Wei Ying was alarmed, wondering if he would get Tiantian killed.

At this moment, Tiantian came to the door.

“Auntie Wei Ying, I saw this in the supermarket yesterday and thought you’d look good wearing this, so I bought it.”

Tiantian walked over and handed a hairband to Wei Ying.

Wei Ying took it, feeling a bit guilty.

“You will be pretty with this hair band. When I was in school, I saw many of my cla.s.smates’ mothers wear it.” Tiantian smiled.

“Tiantian, leave us. I want to talk to your Aunt Wei Ying.” Shen Mingxi tried to get the child out of the room.

“I want to talk to you two.”

Tiantian glanced at Wei Ying and then Shen Mingxi.

Wei Ying was nonplussed as she looked at the child.

“Go ahead.” Shen Mingxi looked at the child kindly. After Huo Yanyan died, he was even kinder to Tiantian probably because of his guilt or just pity stemming from the knowledge that she was now without her mother.

“Uncle Shen, Auntie Wei Ying. I want to… go to a school out of the city. I want to leave this place and you guys for a while.”


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