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Chapter 4080: Big Trap (20)

The guys standing behind Leila laughed. “I guess the fight will end in three minutes.”

“I bet Gongor will stomp on him and turn him into a meat pie in five minutes.”

“I bet Gongor will kill his prey in two minutes.”

These people knew the great battling force of the big monster very well.

Leila found Gongor a few years ago in Mongolia and brought him back to transform him.

After the transformation, he was almost invincible no matter if he was fighting in black-market boxing matches or the inhumane cruel fistfights in Las Vegas.

He had become a killing machine which could kill a man as easily as killing an ant.

The more Gongor killed, the worse his temper was and the more furious he got in battles.

When his opponents fell, he’d be overwhelmed by the desire to kill, which was the part Leila liked the most about him.

Watching him kill his opponents in matches was a feast to the mind.

So, Leila’s men were all confident in Gongor.

However, Leila smiled charmingly; it was a smile only Huo Mian had.

“I bet that guy… will defeat Gongor.”

Immediately, her men fell silent. They were doubtful but didn’t dare to utter it to anger this psycho woman.

Gongor became impatient as Qin Chu kept dodging him.

His voice got louder, with him roaring like a wild beast.

Losing his patience, he moved faster and more forcefully, making the battle even more difficult for Qin Chu.

Qin Chu decided to attack. Turning to the back of the big monster, he punched the small of the monster’s back.

He put all his strength into his fist and could even hurt a tiger with it. But the big monster felt nothing; grabbing Qin Chu, he threw him to the ground.

Losing his balance, Qin Chu crashed heavily to the ground, feeling his insides heaving in pain.

Before he could take a breath, the big monster ran toward him. If he didn’t stand up, he’d be stomped to death.

“President Qin, get up.”

“The big monster is creepily strong. He felt nothing after taking President Qin’s punch… How come his muscles are so strong?”

“Who knows. I wish our boss was here; she could blow up the big monster. d.a.m.n.”

One of Lu Yan’s subordinates cursed in resentment.

“Forget it. With so many snipers around us, even our boss dares not to use bombs… I thought President Qin was only a businessman and could only do flowery moves taught by a taekwondo studio… But now I see his fighting skills are excellent. He must have studied martial arts for many years.”

This fight showed Lu Yan’s subordinates Qin Chu’s true power.

He had been very low-profiled and thus no one knew his true fighting skills; now was the time to put his skills to test.

If he was an ordinary fighter, he’d have died many times within the few minutes of fighting with the big monster.

But Qin Chu had lasted until now, which showed how strong he was.

Now they began to understand why someone as overbearing as Lu Yan politely called him “Brother-in-law” and why someone as arrogant as Qiao Fei politely called him “Brother”.

When Qin Chu stood up again, his movements were not as agile as before.

“If this continues, I’ll die,” he thought.


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