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Chapter 412: Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (2)

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“No, I originally did want to do that, but I suddenly changed my mind. If you hate me so much, then I’m not going to get divorced. Not only that, I’m going to live with Qin Chu for the rest of my life, right under your eyeb.a.l.l.s. You won’t be able to get rid of me and can live the rest of your life in agony. I think that’s the best outcome for someone like you.”

“What did you say?” Mrs. Qin’s pupils dilated in disbelief after hearing what Huo Mian said.

She was shocked that a seemingly weak and feeble girl like Huo Mian would say something so vicious…

To Mrs. Qin, Huo Mian was a horrifically vicious woman…

They had crossed paths a couple of times seven years ago, but Huo Mian never said anything to this extent.

Even when her stepfather died, she never really blamed or cursed at Qin Chu’s mother.

After all, back then, she felt like she was the one responsible, so she was extremely guilty and blamed herself for everything.

However, things were different now. Huo Mian felt like Mrs. Qin had crossed the line…

Mrs. Qin wasn’t happy, so she used her mother as a punching bag, causing her mother to be hospitalized and have to undergo surgery.

This time, Huo Mian wasn’t going to back down, mentally or verbally… she was going to talk to her as she saw fit.

Mrs. Qin was furious; she wanted to rip Huo Mian into little pieces…

“I’m shocked at how evil you are, and at such a young age! How could my son fall so hard for someone like you?” Mrs. Qin s.h.i.+vered; she got gooseb.u.mps upon hearing what Huo Mian just said.

If things went Huo Mian’s way and she really had to see her for the rest of her life, then she would really rather die.

“I’m evil? No, I’m nothing compared to you. You brought bodyguards to arrogantly bully my widowed mother. Now, that’s evil. Are you trying to suppress people with your power and wealth? That’s fine because I believe in karma. I will avenge what you did to my mother little by little, please… enjoy.”

Then, Huo Mian got up to leave…

“Stop right there, I’m not done yet…” Mrs. Qin was so furious that she reached out to grab Huo Mian’s arm.

Huo Mian quickly avoided her, causing Mrs. Qin to slip and fall. Her arms and legs fumbled at the same time, and she crashed onto the ground.

“Ah! Someone quickly, call the police, this woman is beating me up!” Mrs. Qin immediately lied on the floor and wailed.

Huo Mian stopped in her tracks and looked back at her, her expression as icy as ever.

“Are you sure you want to call the cops? If you’re not afraid of tainting the reputation of your company, your husband, and your son, be my guest. Either way, I don’t care. If you lock me up in detention, Qin Chu will not only bail me out at once, he’ll also blame you…” Huo Mian smiled.

“You…” A surge of fury bubbled in Mrs. Qin’s throat, but she couldn’t let it out.

“Mrs. Qin, what should we do? Should we call the cops?” The housekeeper saw Mrs. Qin lying on the ground and wasn’t sure what to do.

Mrs. Qin wasn’t stupid; she thought about what Huo Mian said and thought that she had a great point.

After weighing the advantages against the disadvantages, she decided not to call the cops. After all, doing so would put Qin Chu in a pickle.

“You win this time, just you wait,” Mrs. Qin spat at her.

“I’ll be waiting.” Huo Mian sneered; then, she turned around to leave the Qin manor.

As soon as Huo Mian left, Mrs. Qin told the housekeeper to call Qin Chu.

Qin Chu was drinking with Gao Ran and picked up his phone in a daze.

“Young master, something happened. A woman came to the house just now and got into a fight with Mrs. Qin and pushed her onto the floor. Mrs. Qin is agitated, and that woman… I think she’s your girlfriend or something, you should come back quickly!”

“Where’s my mom?” Qin Chu wasn’t surprised, because he knew his mother’s temper too well.

“She’s resting in the bedroom.”

“Put her on,” Qin Chu ordered.

“Son… you didn’t know, but Huo Mian just came to our house to provoke me. She cursed at me and pushed me to the ground. She’s evil, you can’t stay married to her anymore, do you hear me?”

“Mian went to our house?” Qin Chu’s expression turned soft at the mention of Huo Mian’s name.


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