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Chapter 4772: Lu Yan’s Additional Story (2)

“Boss… are you alright?”

Three minutes later, two men rushed over. They were skinny men in their twenties.

They were Lu Yan’s subordinates. They had followed her out of the West Point Military Academy.

“It’s fine. The corpse has been melted away with chemicals. Clean up this place and don’t leave any trouble for the owner.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Lu Yan stood up and walked out, not forgetting to pick up the transparent umbrella.

After cleaning up the mess, Lu Yan wasn’t affected at all.

She brought her two subordinates to a small restaurant that sold vermicelli.

The small shop in Jiangnan Province was decorated beautifully, just like the ancient martial art inns.

“What would you guys like to eat?”

“Three servings of the original flavored vermicelli and three bottles of beer.”

“Sure, wait a moment.”

“Boss, you shouldn’t drink beer…” her subordinate suggested kindly.

“In such weather, don’t you think drinking a little alcohol is more appropriate?” The girl stuck out her tongue mischievously.

This was a devastatingly beautiful face.

Her lips were red and her teeth white. If there was a star scout at that time, he would come over to ask for her contact without any hesitation.

In this era where minor plastic surgery was common, such a natural face was rare.

Some said she had the face of a Hong Kong movie star from the seventies and eighties.

Some said that it was the most attractive Eastern face.

Some even said that she looked a little like the Hong Kong star, Li Zi, from her teenage years.

Her dimples appeared faintly when she smiled and swayed.

When Lu Yan smiled, no one could resist her charm.

But it was this kind of girl who was in the business of killing.

Two years ago, she graduated from the West Point Military School with a perverse result.

She killed three senior instructors who wanted to violate her, killed a dozen European and American cla.s.smates, and fled the school with a few Asian cla.s.smates.

Then, they started to establish their mercenary group and accepted orders to kill people all over the world.

Of course, most of the people she killed were heinous terrorists or gang leaders.

Or a high-ranking official of the Internal Part.i.tion Party. Within a year, she had become Interpol’s most wanted criminal, codenamed—Second Miss.

Why was she called Second Miss?

It was rumored that Lu Yan had a sister, but no one had seen her before.

“Boss, when are we leaving?”

“What’s the rush? Are you done staying here?” Lu Yan lowered her head and looked at the dense codes on her watch.

“It’s not that. I have a feeling it’s going to be unsafe if we stay here too long… Seven batches of have been here the past few days.”

“But I haven’t stayed enough… Don’t you think the vermicelli here is delicious?”

Lu Yan raised her head and looked at him with a pair of harmless eyes. Anyone who looked at her would be moved.

The two subordinates: …

Actually, all the unspoken words in their hearts were, ‘Fine, since you’re the boss, you call the shots.’

At this moment, Lu Yan’s watch rang.

She glanced at it and answered the call casually.

“Xiaoyan, where are you?” The illusory image on the other end of the phone showed a young man dressed in a Russian military uniform.

“China.” Lu Yan lowered her head.

“When are you coming to Russia?”

“If I don’t have any business, why would I go to Russia? Am I going to survive on air and watch the Siberian snowfield with you?” Lu Yan said.

But the young man wasn’t angry.

“I want to celebrate your birthday with you. I’ve already customized a present for you.”

“There’s no need for gifts. Just give me 50 million. The card number is still the same.”

She only heard silence over the phone…

The two subordinates almost laughed out loud. Only someone as thick-skinned as Boss would dare to directly extort Young Master Qiao.


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