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Chapter 478: 24th Birthday (8)

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To no one’s surprise, Wei Liao said slowly, “In my opinion, you shouldn’t be too flashy about it. Take your RV and drive her up to the top of the mountain. You guys can look at the night skies, enjoy a candle-lit dinner, and drink some wine. Then, you can drug her and have some next level car s.e.x with her.”

“If I sleep with her, she’ll be mine, right?” Su Yu asked.

“Correct.” Wei Liao nodded.

“You can f*cking go and eat a fat d*ck! I knew that you were incapable of coming up with good ideas. I’ll think about it myself.” Then, Su Yu got up to leave.

“Hey, you just got here, are you leaving already?” Tang Chuan didn’t want Su Yu to leave yet.

“You guys have fun drinking, I need to clear my head and think.”

“Holy sh*t, is he for real? I’ve never seen him so serious about anything, not even Imperial Star’s annual festival, okay? Huo Mian is a f*cking G.o.ddess…” Tang Chuan exclaimed.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know, I thought she was a G.o.ddess a long time ago. Not only did she marry Qin Chu, Su Yu is also head over heels whipped. Did you think she was just an ordinary girl?”

“Her looks are so ordinary. She’s got the aura, but she definitely is not the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“A woman’s level of attractiveness doesn’t come from her looks, because looks don’t last. They need to have ways.” Wei Liao smiled.

“You mean to say that… Huo Mian has a lot of tricks up her sleeve?”

“I’m not saying that, but I do know that she’s really good.”

Wei Liao had more or less heard about Huo Mian’s past; she was an incredible woman.

In high school, she was involved in a lot of interesting incidents, and therefore Qin Chu fell crazily in love with her.

Most interestingly, during Su Yu’s stay at South Side, Huo Mian never treated him with a good att.i.tude.

However, for some reason, this young master completely fell for her – holding a stereo below her apartment kind of love, unable to get his head out of his a.s.s kind.

One could say that Huo Mian was playing hard to get, but the truth was, Huo Mian didn’t play; she was just hard to get…

She didn’t want his multi-million-yuan sportscar, and she didn’t want his multi-million-yuan jewelry set. This was the first time in Su Yu’s life where he couldn’t give someone a gift.

It wasn’t true to say that Huo Mian despised money. Everyone liked money, but Huo Mian wasn’t a greedy woman.

‘A true gentleman would never accept money that he did not earn’; she didn’t have a reason to accept expensive gifts from Su Yu…

She had correct values and was a woman of principle…

However, Huo Mian sure had a lot to worry about, since Su Yu was a suitor with no principle…

That night after work, Huo Mian got home early and kneaded dough to make some scallion pancakes from scratch, along with a light tomato-cuc.u.mber soup.

She had just poured the soup into bowls when Qin Chu walked in through the door.

“What delicious food did you cook me today? I smelled it from afar.”

“It’s really not that delicious, I just made some simple scallion pancakes and soup today.” Then, Huo Mian carefully came out of the kitchen with the bowls.

“I am extremely lucky to have married a virtuous and hardworking woman.”

“Then can I say that I’m proud to have married rich?” Huo Mian smiled as she reached out to untie her ap.r.o.n. However, Qin Chu was one step ahead of her – he walked behind her and gently took it off for her.

“Didn’t I tell you not to cook so often?”

“But I got off work early today and didn’t have much else to do anyway. Ha, come, let’s eat.”

Qin Chu took off his coat and sat across from Huo Mian. The duo enjoyed a simple dinner together; the TV was on, and they would occasionally glance at the news.

Huo Mian loved their simple life; she had wanted this for a long time.

It felt safe, was simple, and gave her happiness…

After dinner, Qin Chu went up to the study to work after cleaning up the dishes. Huo Mian, on the other hand, curled up on the couch and watched the 8 PM TV drama.

At a little past 10 PM, she felt sleepy, so she went upstairs to take a shower. Then, she rolled into bed.

By then, Qin Chu was done with work as well. After taking a quick shower, he got into their bed and pulled Huo Mian into his arms.

He lovingly kissed her again and again…

“You’re so sappy…” Huo Mian laughed.

“You’re my wife, I will never get sick of kissing you.”

“That’s a given. If you kiss someone else’s wife, then you’ll be in trouble…”

“You always have such a quick mouth… there’s only one way to deal with people like you.”

“What’s that?” Huo Mian was confused.

“Like… this,” Qin Chu said as he lowered his head and gently bit her ruby lips. Huo Mian was caught off guard.


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