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Chapter 4783: Lu Yan’s Additional Story (13)

Everyone knew that Lu Yan was a merciless murderer, but few knew that she could save a person.

Think about it, she was the daughter of the genius Professor Lu and Professor Lin Ya.

She had all of Huo Mian’s talents, as well as all of Huo Mian’s experiences and courage.

In other words, if not for the environment, Lu Yan would have been an excellent doctor.

Once on a mission in Africa, she pa.s.sed by a plagued village.

The elderly and children there all contracted an infectious disease and died one after another.

Seeing how pitiful the children were, Lu Yan saved them despite the possibility of infection.

She even brought them back to the island and personally developed a serum to cure those children.

After that, the kids grew up on the island. Lu Yan didn’t teach them how to kill.

However, she gave them the most ordinary life, so Lu Yan was someone with compa.s.sion.

At the very least, she was not someone like Ian who would kill without guilt.

Ian killed for pleasure, just for the pleasure of that slaughter.

Lu Yan had been forced to do this since she was young. If she didn’t kill, she would be killed.

As such, while she had been constantly pursued throughout her life, she had learned a lot of skills.

The dagger used for Bai Chang’s surgery had been disinfected.

The surgery went very smoothly. The ruptured blood vessels had all been reconnected by Lu Yan.

Then, she sutured it with the thread that she always carried with her.

Although she said it would half an hour, it only took 21 minutes.

After Lu Yan finished sewing, she bent over to check if the man was awake.

Bai Chang opened his eyes without warning, startling Lu Yan.

She turned away quickly and looked up. “The surgery was quite successful. You’re lucky to be alive.”

Bai Chang used sign language to express his thanks.

Lu Yan smiled. “You were the one who blocked the arrow for me, why are you thanking me?”

Bai Chang didn’t say anything, but he suddenly thought of something and gestured with his hand. “Are you tired? Do you want some tea?”

Lu Yan shook her head helplessly. “What should I say about you? I wanted to say that you’re smart, but everything you say and do makes you look like a fool. You survived the Bai family’s conflicts and grew up safely. You have your own land, the Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation, and so many experts to protect you… So what kind of person are you?”

Before she met Bai Chang, Lu Yan had read that he was an orphan of the Bai family.

The Bai family orphan who had a strange personality…

After interacting with him, she realized that Bai Chang was not as aloof as the rumors said.

He would even smile and entertain her warmly. He would play the flute for her like a child.

None of this was an act.

Although Lu Yan was young, she had seen all kinds of people from all over the world.

If it was a disguise, she would have seen through it.

If Bai Chang was really such a scheming man, then she wouldn’t have to put in so much effort to save him.

The problem was, this man wasn’t. He was so unpredictable.

That arrow just now was not something that could be faked.

If Lu Yan wasn’t here, he would have died within five minutes.

For a man who did not care about his own life and death, living… should be quite painful, right?

At this thought, Lu Yan felt a trace of pity, but she would never show it on her face.

“You just saved me… so I want to give you 100 million.” Bai Chang gestured with his hands.

Lu Yan burst out laughing, “Yeah, but 100 million is just a down payment… As for the rest, you can pay back slowly.”

“Then help me up first.” Bai Chang pointed at Lu Yan as if he wanted to get up to take something.

“Hey, Mute, don’t tell me you really have 100 million yuan in cash hidden in the wall?” Lu Yan laughed.


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