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Chapter 4889: In The Remaining Lifetime (69)

Pudding didn’t expect the situation to be so uncontrollable.

Their supper had actually become a fight and even forced the Qiao sisters to take action against people.

In front of them was the food stall owner with seven or eight waiters. They all had sticks in their hands.

In addition, Brother Tao had more than ten lackeys with him. There were more than twenty of them.

Ordinary people would have p.i.s.sed their pants.

The onlookers thought that they were just a group of half-grown children and had never seen such a scene.

Why didn’t they just drink a gla.s.s of wine and settle it? Why did they have to blow things up?

However, those people did not expect that these children were not to be trifled with.

They knew that the other party had the advantage in numbers, but they still chose to start a fight, especially Young Master Tang. It had been a long time since he had such a good fight.

It was his first time fighting with so many brothers and sisters. It was simply awesome.

Pudding and Little Bean had been learning taekwondo and martial arts since they were young. Even though they didn’t have much actual combat experience, their skills weren’t bad.

Gao Boyuan’s combat skills trained at the Public Security University were also extremely outstanding. Tang Tianjiao loved to fight and was especially good at enduring hits. His reaction speed was also very fast.

Needless to say about the Qiao sisters, they were simply abnormal existences.

Among the twelve-year-olds in the world, no one was better than them.

As for Qin Guoguo, he was someone who could take on Qiao Tuantuan and win.

So, what kind of monsters did those people encounter?

Tang Tianjiao and Gao Boyuan were the first to rush up after Brother Tao tried to force Pudding to drink.

After all, they were men, so they naturally had to charge and break through the enemy lines. Qin Guoguo followed closely behind.

Qiao Yuanyuan grabbed Little Bean and told her, “You’re not good at martial arts, go hide behind…”

“I… I’ve won Taekwondo before, okay? If you guys humiliate me like this, will we still be able to have fun in the future?” Little Bean didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, she also knew that she was the weakest among this group of people. In order not to be a burden, she obediently hid behind.

However, there was someone who did not know what was good for him. He thought that she was chubby and easy to bully.

He pounced on her, wanting to take advantage of her.

However, before she could touch Little Bean, Gao Boyuan grabbed him by the hair and threw him out. He fell from the sky and his spine was about to break.

“Haha, Boyuan, good job, I’ll give you a thumbs up…”

Little Bean was delighted to see her boyfriend here.

When they were fighting, Pudding even whispered to the Qiao sisters to just teach them a lesson and avoid killing them.

But Qiao Tuantuan and Qiao Yuanyuan’s attacks were still extremely vicious.

Although they didn’t kill them, they would either break their arms or tendons, by hitting their vital points.

The two sisters held extremely sharp daggers in their hands, and they would definitely injure others with each attack.

Before long, the group of burly men had already collapsed…

Wails sounded everywhere… but none of the children were injured.

“This bunch of brats… I didn’t expect them to be so skilled. Brother Tao, what should we do now?” The stall owner looked at Brother Tao and his legs were weak.

“You evil unscrupulous businessman, I’m going to pull out your tendons and skin you alive today.” Qiao Tuantuan held the dagger, her eyes cold.

By her principles, this guy deserved to die. He shouldn’t have lived…

She walked towards the boss but was stopped by Pudding.

“Forget it, Tuantuan… we’re done here. We can’t eat anymore. Let’s go…”

Pudding didn’t want to waste any more time. It was almost dawn and she had something important to do the next day.

Qiao Tuantuan listened to Pudding obediently and was about to turn around.

However, she heard more footsteps…


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