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Chapter 729: Come and Be My Bridesmaid (10)

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“Auntie, let me give you some advice… Those who are unjust will, one day, self destruct. Don’t think that just because Mian is easy to bully, you can bully her around all the time. She’s just not stooping to your level because you’re older than she is, but you shouldn’t take advantage of your old age… You really should act your age. Planting flowers, fis.h.i.+ng, and drinking tea are all very nice hobbies. Why do you have to do things that humiliate your family? What if you have a grandson or granddaughter later on, and they ignore you? How upset would that make you feel?”

“What are you blabbering about?” Mrs. Qin couldn’t believe that someone had the audacity to publicly lecture her.

“Okay… I don’t have the time to talk about these random things with you.” After Huo Siqian spoke, he looked at Huo Mian and smiled. “Wait for my good news.”

Huo Mian nodded; she knew what he was talking about…

Huo Siqian even whistled on purpose as he walked past Mrs. Qin…

His behavior was so infuriating that Mrs. Qin almost had a heart attack…

“Stop right there,” Mrs. Qin roared and yelled.

Huo Siqian ignored her completely…

Just then, a nurse walked up to her and reminded her, “Please, ma’am, don’t yell so loudly in here. This is a hospital, so please keep quiet in here.”

“Are you all crazy… Huo Mian, is this how you treat your mother-in-law? Do you have any decency?”

“Have I ever acknowledged you as my mother-in-law?” asked Huo Mian as she looked at Mrs. Qin.

“What… did you say?” Mrs. Qin was shocked once again.

“Sorry, I won’t acknowledge you, just like how you won’t acknowledge me, so… don’t use our relations.h.i.+p against me… If you’ve come to South Side to see a doctor, please line up first. If you want to see me, I don’t have time right now. You can wait until I get off work at 5:30 PM, that’s all.”

After Huo Mian spoke, she turned around and left…

“This is insane, that little vixen is too wild. I’m not even dead yet, and she’s already acting like this… Does she really think that she owns the Qin Family now?”

Mrs. Qin couldn’t be angrier…

“Madam, don’t be mad… perhaps the young madam really is busy.”

‘Don’t help her out, that woman’s true colors have always been like this… Only that stupid son of mine believes her.”

Mrs. Qin originally wanted to come here to ridicule Huo Mian and criticize her for not letting her son go see her at the hospital.

However, she never expected that she would run into Huo Siqian, who was rarely there.

Huo Siqian wouldn’t put up with her, and after rounds of sarcasm and mockery, Mrs. Qin didn’t even get a chance to fight back.

However, Huo Mian was very busy preparing for the exam recently, and so she didn’t have any time to deal with Mrs. Qin’s provocations and accusations…

After leaving South Side, Mrs. Qin took out her phone and made a call.

“h.e.l.lo? Northern Metropolitan Daily? I want to book an interview to reveal the true colors of that Huo Mian.”

Mrs. Qin used her old tricks once again…

The reporters were all interested in gossip since there was a huge market for it.

However, Mrs. Qin didn’t know that Northern Metropolitan Daily was a subsidiary of Imperial Star Entertainment.


– At Imperial Star Headquarters –

“Boss… the old lady from the Qin Family wants to air her dirty laundry again, should we publish it?” An asked carefully.

“What did she say?” Su Yu carelessly asked as he watched the stock market on his laptop.

“She is still slandering her daughter-in-law in all sorts of ways.”

Su Yu stood up as he held a cigarette in his mouth…

He could actually use this opportunity to add fuel to the fire, which might cause misunderstandings between Qin Chu and Huo Mian. After all, Mrs. Qin was Qin Chu’s mother.

However, he couldn’t…

He couldn’t bear to see Huo Mian be misunderstood or wronged by others, not even a little bit.

“Give out the orders. The interview will be published… but, the content needs to be changed.

“Yes, sir.”

That night, Northern Metropolitan Daily published Mrs. Qin’s interview, and it drew in the attention of all walks of life.

Basically, the contents were as follows, ‘I used to dislike my daughter-in-law Huo Mian due to our difference in cla.s.s, but she wasn’t offended by it, and still remained respectful of elders’.

“Why are you acting so odd today…” Qin Yumin was a bit surprised when he and Mrs. Qin saw the media report while they sat in the living room.

Mrs. Qin was about to go mad when she saw the report…

“What happened with this?” she screeched.

Why was the content completely opposite from what she said? Did those reporters jot down the wrong information?


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