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Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 The Xuan Master’s Warning

“You have guts . ” Long Chen was brought back to the Xuan Master’s private room . It was the Xuan Master who spoke first . He bitterly smiled . “In all my years of cultivation, I’ve never slapped a Life Star expert’s face before . Sigh, I wonder if I’ll have a chance in the future . ”

Long Chen also bitterly smiled . “Xuan Master, don’t be so sarcastic . That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was completely intolerable . If I were stronger, I’d have directly cut him to pieces . ”

Thinking of how Ma Xingkong had caught his throat and held him like a dog, killing intent burned in Long Chen’s eyes . There was no way he could accept this .

He hated Ma Xingkong for being shameless, and he hated himself for being powerless . He was still too weak . He couldn’t accept living like this where he could only endure being humiliated .

“I’m not being sarcastic . That slap of yours was truly amazing . It allowed my Xuantian Dao Sect to finally vent a bit,” praised the Xuan Master .

“Xuan Master, I don’t understand something . Can you answer some of my questions?” asked Long Chen .

“Whatever you have to say, have a seat first . ” The Xuan Master sat down in front of a tea table . He started to steep some tea .

Long Chen directly asked, “How did the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect raise such foolish idiots? From top to bottom, not one of them has a brain . ”

Long Chen was extremely puzzled . In his mind, people who had reached greater heights of cultivation should have been masterful people with high accomplishments in the mind as well . After all, their comprehension of the Heavenly Daos had to be high to reach their level .

For example, there was Elder Li Changfeng, the Elder Hall Master, and the Xuan Master . Their bearing was graceful and elegant, and they were all incredibly wise without being arrogant or ostentatious . That was something that won them his esteem .

In comparison, there was Ma Xingkong . He was an idiot, a big idiot . It wasn’t as if the Xuan Master’s acting had been incredibly marvelous . But he had still directly jumped into the trap .

Furthermore, after he had realized it, he had immediately lost his calm and attacked . How was he a grand person at all? He was more like a hoodlum .

“Haha, in truth, the cultivation world is not as complicated as you’re making it . It’s very simple, even more simple than the secular world . ” The Xuan Master smiled .

He raised the teapot, and Long Chen was just about to take it when the Xuan Master stopped him . He personally poured tea for both of them before continuing .

“The rules of the cultivation world are no different from the rules of wild animals . Power is everything . There is nothing else . You might feel that the cultivation world is full of idiots with laughably childish methods and zero skill, but that’s simply natural .

“Take for example the secular world . Perhaps in your hometown, two nations are able to coexist . That means their power is about the same . The two nations will fight, both internally and externally . All kinds of schemes and traps will be laid out to defeat their opponents .

“That is what happens when the two are around the same level of power . At that point, they use their smarts to defeat their opponents and resolve their problems . Their intelligence and schemes decide their destiny .

“Now consider the cultivation world . Power is everything . No matter how smart you are, in front of absolute power, you still won’t have any ability to resist . For example, today, you were able to use various tricks and traps against Han Zhenyu, allowing you to win .

“Your combat experience and sharp judgment allowed you to become today’s winner . Your superior intellect revealed itself . But what if you had been against Ma Xingkong? Would your intelligence have any use?”

“I just didn’t think Ma Xingkong would be so shameless . Who would have thought a sect leader would attack a Foundation Forging disciple?” said Long Chen hatefully .

“Child, you’re wrong . Cultivation base has nothing to do with shamelessness . It is not the case that people with higher cultivation bases have more integrity and dignity . If you treat the cultivation world like that, you will suffer greatly . To be despicable is the natural conduct of despicable people . To be n.o.ble is a n.o.ble person’s epitaph . In the cultivation world, n.o.ble people can usually only bring their n.o.bility with them to the grave . As for despicable people, they live happily for a long time,” said the Xuan Master .

“Disciple understands . ” Long Chen nodded . The Xuan Master’s words had enlightened him to the world . He shouldn’t have used his ideal yardstick to measure the cultivation world .

“Your methods are ruthless enough, vicious enough, and you have smarts . But there are two points that make it so you cannot be a true leader . One is that you do not have enough restraint . I’m sure that with your smarts, you can see through many more things . Regretfully, you have no restraint and didn’t do things properly . Otherwise, you’d have saved yourself a great deal of trouble,” said the Xuan Master .

Long Chen couldn’t help but bitterly smile . His character was just like this, and he also had no way to change it . Sometimes, he would also feel like he was acting very foolishly . Despite clearly seeing a trap laid down by his opponents, he would still jump into it .

He would repeatedly tell himself to stay calm, to not act blindly, as that would force him into a pa.s.sive position . He should first plan how to counter the trap before walking into it, because that way, he could counterattack more effectively .

But it didn’t have the slightest use . Once his fury soared, he wouldn’t even know who he was . At that time, his intelligence was practically zero .

After several instances of this, he understood that it was the influence of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art . Once he was furious, his head would forget how to think, and all his previous warnings to himself would be thrown out the window .

After realizing this problem, he decided not to think too much about it . He would just do what he had to do .

For example, when Ma Xingkong had released Long Chen, he had immediately slapped him . He hadn’t even been thinking of doing it . It had practically been instinct . At that time, he had wanted to kill Ma Xingkong right there and then .

“The second thing is that you aren’t despicable enough, and you aren’t able to harden your heart . You are unwilling to make any sacrifices, so you are unable to become a true leader . I’ve observed you for a long while now . If you had just made some slight sacrifices or used a few contemptible means, you wouldn’t have been forced into such a pa.s.sive state by the Law Enforcement Hall or Alchemy Pavilion several times .

“However, everything has two sides . It is precisely because of this that you possess such incomparable charisma, making others willing to follow you into death . You can’t be a ruler, but you are a perfect general . However, are you planning on leading your people to fight all the way until the end?” asked the Xuan Master profoundly .

His meaning was that if he continued to charge forward recklessly, this character of his wouldn’t be a problem . But if one day he reached a limit and had to stop, at that time, if he still didn’t use the methods of a ruler on his subordinates, his group would quickly fracture .

This was what the Xuan Master had been saying back when he had discussed internal and external battles with him . This was a method a ruler had to be in control of . But Long Chen detested doing such things .

“The Great Peng spreads its wings and soars into the clouds . It tries to break through the dome of the sky, and even if it dies a hundred times, its will does not waver . ”

Long Chen softly muttered to himself . Legend was that the Kun transformed into the Peng, and it was dissatisfied with heaven and earth’s restrictions . It would rather become enemies of the world and break free of its restrictions to be free .

The Kunpeng was the definition of wild arrogance . In the myths, its fate was always to be eradicated beneath the Heavenly Daos .

It was like a mystical curse . When the Kunpeng was born, it had to fight against the heavens . It would rather die beneath the Heavenly Daos than be bound by its shackles .

This was similar to Long Chen’s fate . At first, Long Chen hadn’t wanted to fight against the heavens . But the Heavenly Daos tried to destroy him all the time, and so he had no choice but to become their enemy .

So Long Chen’s enemy was not his fellow cultivators, but this entire world and the Heavenly Daos . He understood what the Xuan Master was saying here, and yet, he couldn’t do that .

“My path is different from others . I must advance without looking back . Once I retreat, not only will I die, but I will also implicate every other person following me,” said Long Chen .

The Xuan Master nodded . It seemed Long Chen already knew many things . Although he didn’t know he was a Heaven-Defier, he had already prepared himself to walk the path of defying the heavens until the end .

“Was your oath today serious?” asked the Xuan Master .

“Yes . That b.a.s.t.a.r.d humiliated me to cast a shadow on my Dao-heart . If I can’t get my revenge, it may create a heart-devil in the future . ” Long Chen nodded . This was like a lump had been placed on his heart, making it hard for him to breathe .

In truth, according to reason, being humiliated when a grand sect leader attacked you was very normal . In fact, if it was another person, they might even feel honored .

But Long Chen felt stifled . Whenever he thought of this, he would feel furious . He had to get revenge for this .

The Xuan Master was lost in thought for a long while . He suddenly said, “The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect has a close relations.h.i.+p with Pill Valley . The reason they are so strong and could grow so quickly is definitely related to Pill Valley . Many powerful sects have close relations.h.i.+ps with Pill Valley, so you should be careful . ”

Long Chen was startled . Looking at the Xuan Master, he wanted to ask a few things, but then thinking about it, he decided not to . The Xuan Master was simply warning him that he was underestimating Pill Valley .

“Will my actions today bring trouble to the Dao Sect?” asked Long Chen .

“The Dao Sect’s troubles have never come to an end . If we still didn’t strike back, we would completely decline . This counterattack will definitely quickly bring about a few consequences, but I knew such a day would come . I started my preparation many years ago, so it won’t cause too much of a problem for the sect in the short-term .

“However, while this continent looks peaceful on the surface, there are many hidden undercurrents and countless dangers . Many powers are beginning to stir . If the Dao Sect continued to stay silent, it’s likely that it would never have another chance to rise . Your arrival is an opportunity . I’m using you to grasp that opportunity to allow the Xuantian Dao Sect to rise,” said the Xuan Master .

“You have that much trust in this little one?” Long Chen couldn’t help but bitterly smile .

“It’s the same as how you trust me . ” The Xuan Master smiled . He took out a bead and offered it to Long Chen . “This Life Star Bead is your battle spoil . Take it . ”


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