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Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Deciding to Counterattack

Long Chen and the others flew out of the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, and they saw an army of hundreds of thousands at the exit .

“Imperial father, master!”

Xia Yunchong hadn’t expected that his master and his father, Xia Yuyang, would be waiting for them . What moved him was that Xia Yuyang’s emotionless and stern face now had a relieved smile on it . The light in his eyes was also not so sharp as it usually was . Instead, his eyes were full of emotion and even slightly red .

“You’re all back alive… good!” Xia Yuyang was emotional to see Xia Yunchong, Xia Yunfeng, and Xia Youluo return alive .

According to his original estimates, there was less than a one in a thousand chance of them surviving . After all, since their enemies had dared to attack, they had to have been one hundred percent confident . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so brazen as to target their dragon vein .

Seeing them alive, even someone like Xia Yuyang couldn’t keep control of his emotions .

“Sorry father . Yunlin, Yunhua, they…” Xia Yunchong was aggrieved . Those two were his brothers, but they had died in the battle .

“Battle is not a game . There’s no way that no one will die . My Grand Xia’s men are all heroes who will bleed for the Grand Xia and even sacrifice their lives . Their actions were honorable, so don’t feel grief . ” Xia Yuyang patted Xia Yunchong’s shoulder .

Although he was comforting them, the sadness in his eyes couldn’t be mistaken .

“Master, disciple had disappointed you…” Xia Yunchong suddenly knelt in front of the white-haired elder, too ashamed to look at him .

The white-haired elder looked at Xia Yunchong with remorse . He shook his head and helped him up . He could see that Xia Yunchong’s undefeatable aura had vanished .

He couldn’t help but sigh inside . Cultivating the Undefeatable Dao was incredibly difficult . Not being defeated in a whole lifetime was almost impossible . Right now, the one who felt the worst about this had to be Xia Yunchong . He was powerless .

“Imperial father, you were…?” Xia Yunchong looked at this huge army that was burning with killing intent . They were the elites of the Grand Xia, and the majority of them were Kings .

“If you hadn’t come out alive, I would have personally mobilized the Grand Xia’s army and annihilated the Grand Han’s capital as revenge for you . ” Xia Yuyang’s voice was full of killing intent . He had seen a few clues and knew this was done by the Grand Han .

“It’s not so simple . We have to quickly return to the imperial palace . I need to give you a full report,” said Xia Yunchong hastily .

Seeing how serious Xia Yunchong was, and knowing his character, Xia Yuyang didn’t say another word . He directly activated a transportation formation, and they all arrived in the capital .

“What?! The Bloodkill Hall, ancient races, and Pill Tower all partic.i.p.ated?!”

Xia Yuyang was in a room at the palace with Long Chen, Xia Yunchong, Xia Yunfeng, and the white-haired elder . When Xia Yuyang heard the whole story, he was shocked and infuriated .

The white-haired elder’s expression was also cold . The four ancient nations were situated outside the cultivation world and didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the cultivation world’s struggles . These powers had truly gone too far .

But whether it was the ancient races or the Bloodkill Hall, the Grand Xia wasn’t able to provoke them . And there was no need to even mention the Pill Tower that was supported by Pill Valley .

However, for these three great powers to publicly violate the four nations’ treaty and support the Grand Han in annihilating the other three nations’ people was going too far .

“Long Chen, tidy up your affairs . I’ll send you away!” said the white-haired elder suddenly .

Xia Yunchong nodded along . “Long Chen, let my master send you away . My Grand Xia won’t be able to protect you this time . Leaving now is your best option . ”

Long Chen shook his head, relaxed . “There’s no need for you to worry about me . In truth, I was the one who implicated the Grand Xia this time-”

“Don’t spout nonsense . The Grand Han had clearly been plotting this for a long time . If it hadn’t been for you…” Xia Yunchong was infuriated to hear Long Chen try to take responsibility for this .

Long Chen waved his hand . “Don’t get so emotional . Let me finish . I don’t care how long the Grand Han was plotting this secretly . My arrival definitely caused them to carry out their plans in advance, so I was still a factor in this . For so many of the Grand Xia’s brave warriors to lose their lives, I feel guilty, and there is an inescapable responsibility that rests on me . ”

“Child, if it hadn’t been for you, this generation of my Grand Xia’s experts would have been annihilated . Don’t even mention the word guilt,” said Xia Yuyang .

He was speaking from the heart . Originally, he had already made his preparations for a battle to the death . But because of Long Chen, the Grand Xia’s flame of life was not yet blown out .

Xia Yunchong had even absorbed the dragon vein energy of the Grand Han, Grand Chu, and Grand Zhou from Han Wenjun . Now that he had returned, his dragon vein energy reconnected to the Grand Xia’s dragon vein, strengthening the Grand Xia’s karmic luck .

In the end, the Grand Xia had benefited because of Long Chen . In the future, the leader of the four nations would definitely be the Grand Xia .

As for the other three nations, they had no excuse to reclaim their dragon vein energy . The only other possibility was that the Grand Xia, Grand Chu, and Grand Zhou would devour the Grand Han, and the four ancient nations would become the three ancient nations .

However, the four nations wouldn’t do such a thing . This was also part of the four nations’ treaty . Because the four ancient nations were the only peaceful lands within the Central Plains, if the four nations chose to go to war, the Central Plains would no longer have any pure lands . The Central Plains’ powers would definitely interfere .

So even though such a huge scale war was essentially impossible, the Grand Han had done such an outrageous thing, and the three ancient nations had countless other ways to target them . Their decline was set in stone .

As for the Grand Xia, so much karmic luck had gathered there . They would flourish in the future . Long Chen’s contributions to the Grand Xia were immense, so Xia Yuyang told him to never say he felt guilty about this .

“Since uncle Xia wishes for me to not say it, I won’t . In any case, I’ll just say that this matter has irritated me extremely . In the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, I didn’t even have time to search for treasures . I was simply hunted like a dog . If I didn’t have such a hardy life, I’d have long since died . I, Long Chen, am not the kind of person to accept such a thing lying down . I have to give them their corresponding reprisal,” said Long Chen .

Hearing this, even Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder were shocked . They looked at him in disbelief, feeling like they had misheard .

Within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, Long Chen had killed seven rank eight Celestials . Li Wanji and Han Bijun had even been killed in one blow by him .

The Bloodkill Hall’s twin, the eagle, tiger, and elephant races’ experts, not one of them had managed to escape . They had heard that Long Chen had even used a pot to s.n.a.t.c.h away their Ancestral item .

After killing that many of their experts, after s.n.a.t.c.hing away their Ancestral item, he was the one who felt like he had lost out? Wasn’t he a bit too crazy?

Even people like Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder who had seen the world had never seen someone as domineering as that .

“Long Chen, when the ancient races, Bloodkill Hall, and Pill Tower join hands, this region is basically dominated by them . That’s especially true of the Pill Tower . They have numerous henchmen that will respond en to their call . The Grand Xia will soon be surrounded, and even if your Xuantian Dao Sect’s master came, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to save you,” said Xia Yuyang .

“The Pill Tower can be basically eliminated from any calculations . That old idiot Dan Teng, I can play him to death with his pitiful brains . As for the Bloodkill Hall, they only targets in the same realm . Within the same realm, those twin said that they are this region’s strongest . For now, there won’t be any stronger sent, as it’s impossible for them to send Jade Core after me . Then they would really lose all face . As for Foundation Forging, I can send them all to reincarnate and see their Killing G.o.d .

“So, the only power that can threaten me is the ancient races . The ancient race alliance is truly powerful . But I am just a Foundation Forging disciple, and they couldn’t possibly use their full force to attack me . If those three races asked for support from the entire alliance, they’d also lose face . And so at most, the opponents should be limited to the experts from those three races . Although each one of them has the power of a sect, I’m not afraid of them . That’s why I don’t need to leave . The Grand Xia also doesn’t need to care about them, nor is there any need to mobilize your army . Just leave it to me,” said Long Chen calmly .

Seeing that Long Chen could remain so calm in the face of the three powers’ threat, Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder were shocked . His a.n.a.lysis of the problem was spot on .

For him to be able to see a problem so clearly while under such a threat, it seemed like his sudden rise was no coincidence . But despite how confident he seemed, the two were still worried .

“Long Chen, think carefully . You are dancing on the tip of a blade like this,” warned Xia Yuyang .

If Long Chen left now, then with the white-haired elder’s power, it was extremely likely that he could be sent away without anyone else being the wiser . But the more time that pa.s.sed, the more dismal those odds became .

It could be imagined that the Pill Tower and those three races would immediately send people to lock down the Grand Xia, making sure to cast an inescapable net .

“I know . Don’t worry . ” Long Chen smiled .

In truth, Long Chen had his own calculations in his mind, and those calculations told him that leaving now was already too late . He was sure that after he had killed Dan Chu and s.n.a.t.c.hed the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, the Pill Tower had already started sealing the Grand Xia’s border . Not even a mosquito could fly out of those transportation formations .

Whether it was Dan Chu, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, or his own secrets, the Pill Tower had to take them back .

The thing that gave Long Chen the biggest headache was that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xuan Jizi . It seemed that the old fellow truly had skill . If he could predict which way he would leave, then no matter how powerful the white-haired elder was, he wouldn’t be able to protect him .

So it was impossible for him to leave . But he didn’t get that angry about this . He felt that as soon as he had started cultivating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, there had never been a pause in being hunted . He had long since grown accustomed .

The one thing he refused to allow was for him to implicate others as he was hunted down, especially not people like Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo who he treated as his own family .

Long Chen had to give them an explanation, or he’d feel bad inside . Seeing how Long Chen had already made his decision, Xia Yuyang didn’t try to force him to leave .

Xia Yunchong was called over by his master . From his tone, it seemed that they were going to get closer to Han Wenjun to see if Xia Yunchong could rediscover his Undefeatable Dao . This was why Xia Yunfeng had stopped Xia Yunchong from killing Han Wenjun in the ancient remnant .

Xia Yunfeng had been calm . Xia Yunchong’s Undefeatable Dao had been broken because he had knelt to Han Wenjun . He who caused the trouble should fix it . That was why he had kept Han Wenjun alive .

Long Chen also took his leave and went to the Wine G.o.d Palace . But he had only just walked out of the palace when he suddenly smiled coldly . Turning, he slapped a person across the face .


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